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Stories From the Convention Floor

Molly shares some of her more colorful convention experiences… in story form!

So YOU Want to Cosplay: An introduction

You know you want to wear a cape in public.

Get Schooled: Proper Comic Book Convention Etiquette

Molly’s got some advice on how to properly behave at a comic book convention.

The Top 10 Most Interesting Comic Book Pets

Molly likes animals. Molly likes animals in comic books! Here’s her top ten list of the most “interesting”.

Talk Nerdy To Me! – 04/27/10

Molly McIsaac answers your geeky relationship and sex questions.

The Top 10 Least Fashionable Comic Book Characters

Last week Molly conquered the top ten MOST fashionable superheroes, so it was only natural that the least fashionable should follow the week after.

The Top 10 Most Fashionable Comic Book Characters

Comic book fashion is a subject that Molly has spent a lot of time thinking about. Who are the ten most fashionable comic book characters?

Con Season Begins: Comic Book vs. Anime Conventions

Molly attends a decent amount of conventions – and when we say a “decent amount”, we mean she don’t really remember the last weekend that wasn’t spent sleepless with the smell of dirty socks permeating the air.