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Turning Japanese: A Starter Guide to [Historical] Manga

Molly is back with more manga recommendations. This time she delves into the realm of Historical manga.

Breaking Into The Comics Industry: A “Friendly” Guide

Molly offers a friendly neighborhood guide on the importance of networking in the comics industry.

Convention Report: Jornadas de Avilés 2010

Molly fills you in on the time she spent at Jornadas de Avilés 2010, a comics festival in Spain.

Easy “Closet” Cosplay

With NYCC on the way, Molly shares some suggestions for easy cosplay.

Comic Book Conventions: Spanish Style

Molly has somehow ended up at a European comics festival.

A Love Letter to Comics

Molly gets super mushy. Ewww gross, comics cooties.

Molly’s Best Comic Book Video Games

Comic Books + Video Games = AWESOME!!!

Gateway Comics For Girls Who Don’t Read Comics

Advice on the age old question: How do I get my girlfriend into comics? Written by a REAL GIRL.

Turning Japanese: A Starter Guide to (Robot) Manga

Who loves giant robots? WE love giant robots. Some manga recommendations to feed the need for mecha.

Turning Japanese: A Starter Guide to (Shoujo) Manga

Molly continues her manga guides with a journey into the girlier side of things.