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I said in my Incredible Hercules #129 review that an idea really can take you places. I don’t know who thought of this, or how they decided this could’ve been a great idea. There just is one thing to say to anyone who thought of this idea:

You have without a doubt, made the greatest comic I will ever see in my lifetime.

Okay….there is a lot of hyperbole to that and I acknowledge it. But the praise to give to this is so infinite that I don’t really know where to start. What I should state and I have been seeing it around the net since reading this. Is that a lot of people aren’t up for this series because some of the stories in this read too slow or were just recap pages at best. To counter with this I say: “Have you ever read a newspaper comic strip before?” Seriously, if you never read a comic strip in the paper before then I don’t know what to tell you. Of course stories aren’t going to be finished in 9 panels! This is a continuous story for tweleve weeks! It’s like an adventure comic where it’ll be an exciting conclusion to set up for next week. It’s the same idea for a regular comic book, it’s just broken down from twenty two pages to nine panels.

With that criticism aside, I can’t believe how much of this I enjoyed. I mean I was hyped up for this, but I didn’t think the result would be that good. The moment I unfolded the thing and saw what it looked like I felt that this was going to be a fun ride. Almost all fifteen stories in here were fantastic to read. But look at the writers you get in here. Where else will you get; Brian Azzarello, Dave Gibbons, John Arcudi, Kurt Busiek, Neil Giaman, Paul Pope, the Kuberts, and even Dan Didio in the same comic? (I should probably state newspaper from now on). Hell there’s a shocker, Dan Didio wrote a pretty fun Metal Men story in here. But there’s a ton of writers in here I have never heard of like Karl Kerschl, Kyle Baker, or Eddie Berganza; but I loved each story they did seperately!

The same goes for the artists involved with this. Not one single story in here looked the same. They all had their different styles and a lot of them just look great in this format. I’ll admit that some of them are going to be hard to get used to like Caldwell’s Wonder Woman or Pope’s Strange Adventures. But they weren’t difficult to understand it’s just styles of art I’ve never gotten used too. I will say that my favorite stories might be the Kamandi, Batman, and Green Lantern stories just for the art alone.

DC Comics have literally destroied the idea of weekly series because of Countdown and Trinity. For once they are going to hold back and only do twelve weeks of this. On one had I love it because it’s a fresh idea that won’t be overused. But on the other hand, I want this to be a continous thing every year. Maybe every year or two keep going on with this with new characters and creative teams? This could be like an anthology of sorts for many years if DC want’s to continue it. Putting my dreams aside, this was a really fun and entertaining comic. I had no idea I would have this much fun reading what was essentially a newspaper this week. But there ya go, DC did quite possibly the best idea in this current decade. I can’t wait for the exiciting continuation of all my favorite DC heroes.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. You read my mind!

    My only complaint… it is only 16 weeks long. Maybe if this is a hit, they’ll do it again with new creative teams.

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