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Dan Didio just invented the best thing to read while sitting on the hopper since MAD Magazine or the original newspaper: Wednesday Comics! 

Wednesday Comics is just perfect for that little basket full of reading material you find in people’s bathrooms from time to time.

It’s way more fun then the Sunday Funnies where you just flop through to Garfield and Family Circus and then you’re looking for something else to read already.  Wednesday Comics stay good the entire time you’re taking a dump.  You’ll want to read it again the next time you’re taking a crap too.!

Wednesday Comics is just crappy newspaper paper that will never be worth anything because there are a million of them out there.  No need to bag, board, and box it, just leave it in the bathroom so you always have your favorite DC characters with you.  Who cares if your little brother spills toothpaste on it?  Hell, you could even let your little brother read it when he’s going to the bathroom too.  Next thing you know, you’ll have more DC Comics fans in the house and then you can convince him into buying half your pull list for you next week.  See, Wednesday Comics are just perfect for everything.

I can’t wait until I’m done digesting those three bowls of Wheaties I had for breakfast so I can make another visit to my copy of Wednesday Comics.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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