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Oy vey, you know I think on a podcast recently, one of the big three stated that 52 was a freak accident. I can definitely say I agree and as of right now; not only is Trinity a failure, but even a bigger failure then Countdown.

Yes it’s four issues into a fifty-two issue series, but damn I got bored by this ‘plot by issue two. How the hell are we suppose to learn anything about the big DC three if they just fight and talk about vague dreams? It also hurts that DC decided to make this story only tweleve pages long and have another, confusing second story that so far has no impact on the main one.

DC promised us a ‘better look into the lives of the biggest names of DC’. Well call me stupid but how is fighting a big purple alien with your slow thinking JLA members a big inside look at Batman or Wonder Woman? I was hoping to see these three chat and talk, and give us a meaning on why these three are friends. Hell that’s why I loved the first issue, it had a great mix of the three talking to each other as friends; and had a pretty good Clayface fight for once.

But now it’s clear to me that DC has no idea how to write or run a weekly series. 52 was a success because it had incredible writers and great artists to work with. Trinity does not work because Busiek has always been a hit or miss (hell his recent Superman stories were terrible!) and Bagley is just not the right guy for the book. I love Bagley and he was awesome on Ultimate Spider-Man; but this just doesnt look right to me.

With one part of bad main story, one part confusing back ups, one part medicore art, and you got yourself a pretty piss poor book. Sorry DC, I’ll still pick up Batman and Green Lantern and the like. But call me when you can write a great weekly series again. Considered this title dropped.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average

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