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Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by GREG CAPULLO

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

“Green Lantern” #1 doesn’t take off in a new direction like the rest of DC’s New 52. Instead it picks up after the events of “The War of the Green Lanterns”. For me, that’s not a bad thing. Heading into the relaunch Hal Jordan had been stripped of his ring, the Corps is in shambles, and Sinestro is now a reluctant Green Lantern. In issue #1 Geoff Johns focuses on two fun and interesting stories, Sinestro’s struggles as a Green Lantern and Hal’s adjustment to being a regular guy back on earth. Both stories work nicely and are very well written and Johns manages to connect them together in a way that promises to be really entertaining. The book is well structured, there is some great dialogue, and I found myself completely engaged in this first issue. Many may say Johns is just delivering more of the same, but I found this new direction to be truly compelling.

And I can’t say enough about Doug Mahnke’s art. He is so good and is a perfect fit for a Green Lantern book. I love his realistic and detailed approach to his characters and environments. Equally good are the cool constructs and strong space scenes. Mahnke’s action sequences, especially one involving Hal Jordan, have an energetic and almost cinematic flare to them. David Baron’s colors perfectly compliment Mahnke’s pencils and the great Ivan Reis provides a simple but effective cover. This is a great looking issue.

This isn’t a book that some would call “new reader friendly”. But it doesn’t take much research to get caught up and it’s well worth it. I loved this first issue and the story possibilities for Johns are endless. Both Hal and Sinestro’s stories are a lot of fun and the ending really sets the course for the coming issues. Doug Mahnke’s art is brilliant and the overall look of this title is almost perfect. Those who are not fans of Green Lantern probably won’t be won over by this issue. But those of us who are seem to have some cool stuff ahead of us.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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