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Why did I ever Drop this book?
Okay I’m a Big DD fan, I’ve been since I was a Kid and saw “The Devil Flash” on the 90s Spiderman Cartoon. And I remember reading Romita Jr and Frank Miller’s DareDevil the Man without Fear Series when I was 6, and just falling in love with the Character. Since then, I’ve become a Bigger Green Lantern Fan, and well, I’ve kinda grown a little less fond of my Former favorite Hero. But then back in 2005 I read a book so great that it made me love this guy again, Brubaker’s Devil in Block D, but somewhere between Civil War and the Death of Cap I went on a Hiatus of sorts from Marvel. But when I read this book today, I began to think: Why did I ever drop this Book? Brubaker just knows how to write DareDevil and the Characters, and this wasn’t after I read it I knew this was a Great book, Brubaker’s greatness just smacked me in the face at page two and then I just knew this was my pick of the week.

The Writing gets a 5, if I could it’d get a 6. Brubaker is just the best.

As for the Art, well it’s DareDevil, but there have been better art in a DD book. It gets a 4.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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