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A decent filler issue between heavy hitters.  Plot developments, but not a lot of action, and nothing really shocking occuring.  And it still looks damn pretty.

Story: 4 - Very Good
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  1. It’s a filler issue yet you still give it such a high rating? I’m glad I dropped this book if it’s still coasting like it has been. I wasn’t impressed with the completely predictable return of the Kingpin. Loved Bru’s run when it started, though. I wonder how many more years this book, under the same creative team, could just coast and coast and coast and never do anything all that different or original, before the diehard fans wake up. I bet when the price goes up to $4 an issue people might not want to pay that for "filler". What’s the point of "filler" anyway? Why is it acceptable for something to be "filler"? How can "filler" ever be "very good"?

  2. I don’t think this was a filler issue at all.  Some serious stuff happened in this issue, particularly with Foggy and Matt.  Let’s not forget the return of the Owl and how that will change things up.  I thought this was such a solid issue.

  3. @Neb – I agree completely. Not a great issue, but not what I would call "filler".


  4. What I mean by filler: There were no huge plot points.  No major action scene.  Not any surprising character developments.  It was the characters continuing to deal with events from past issues, but not progressing from them.  I guess a better description would be static.  But it seems like something big will be happening next issue.

  5. @flapjaxx: "Filler", as most readers have charmingly taken to calling it, is the good stuff.  The stuff that builds character and makes you care about these people.

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