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Variant cover by CHRIS SPROUSE
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Batman fighting Cavemen…….Okay I’m game.

Grant Morrison starts his ‘epic’ mini-series on bringing back Bruce Wayne to the DCU. Or is he really going to do that? Somethings in this issue sorta makes me think this title might not have a happy ending. All I know right now is that this was a fun, crazy, and beautiful looking book. Other then giving me ideas for Halloween, what else did Morrison give me this week?

Again he gave me a crazy story with a ton of ideas floating around. Bruce dealing with his time in the land of caveman is a bit interesting. Although he is a bit cliche as well… cliche as you can get when you watch anything involving cavemen. The speech is off, they worship many gods, and for this story there is parallels to the old life of Bruce Wayne. From the obvious Robin sidekick to a slight reference of the Joker, this timeline isn’t too far off. Heck we even get more of the war between tribes we saw in Final Crisis.

The more I see Chris Sprouse’s work the more I fall in love with him. Every page of this is just so….so…gorgeous! It helps he’s got great colorists and inkers on his side (Guy Major and Karl Story). So many pages I could reference on why Sprouse is a great artist. Whether it’s Bruce dreaming of the Bat god, or him revealing himself as Batman, or even just little touches like seeing Anthro inside the cave. Trust me if there is one thing you should pick this series up for it’s the art.

It’s a good, crazy first start like any Grant Morrison comic. I can totally understand why people might get so angry or upset over this issue. If you’ve been reading Morrison comics as long as I have, you know that any first issue by Morrison is always confusing. Considering the special cameo we get in this issue, we’re going to see more importance the closer Bruce gets back to the 21st Century. To me….I think that cameo signals that bringing Bruce back to the DCU might be harder then it looks.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I’ve been a longtime reader of Morrison comics, and can’t wait to read this. Unfortanely I can’t have it before friday. But good review, makes me excited.

  2. I’m a little confused about a few things, but I somewhat enjoyed this new beginning for BW.  Good review.

  3. @robbydzwonar What are you confused about?

  4. It’s a personal thing, but I’m not a hug fan of city-based characters being plopped down in the middle of primative man times.  There’s just something super cheesy about the notion of a present day man among the natives.  And while I appluad the effort to put Bruce Wayne in new and interesting scenarious, I look forward to a time-jump to somewhere better in the next installment. 

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