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The story begins with Anthro’s people coming to check on
him. They find a space ship and begin to talk about other weird things that
have happened in this “Holy Place.” This is where Metron appeared to
Anthro and gave him fire, leading him to become the first hero of  (new?) Earth. 
I really liked the idea of seeing Anthro’s descendants. It made me care about
the Deer People right away. They mention the Blood tribe and you know shit is
going down later yet the attacks brutality still came as a surprise to me
(maybe its because I am a newbie?) I love how Bruce Wayne can be completely
disoriented yet never forgets his Heroic essence, without a second thought he
puts his life in danger to save the boy. The boy watches him fight in awe and
of course is inspired by his ultimate manhood. Whether Bruce knew this boy
would come save him or not, well Dick Grayson doesn’t even know that.

Bruce’s innate survival/heroic drive is something that comes from his Humanity.
That is what makes him such a fascinating Hero. He doesn’t just have powers and
is a good person who wants to help people. He was driven to be a Hero because
he suffered a tragedy. He had nothing more then what any one of us might have
(except for an awesome butler/caretaker). Family is the most obvious aspect of
Humanity and is the core of his existence. Morrison understands this very well,
that’s why Bruce is driven to fight because he understands a boy just lost his
Father. That is why I appreciate this story. The simplicity might not sit well
with some people, or how it took something so complicated to get to this
bizarre setting. To me it just makes sense.

Then we are introduced to the oldest Jerk in the book:
Vandal Savage! He promises to kill the Man of Bats in the morning, in order to
cement his reputation in the cannibalistic Blood Tribe. How many times has he
been in this situation? It’s classic. 
A boy takes the path to manhood and helps him escape. The inner-dialogue
here rings like a bell of all things Batman and what the name means to anyone,
whether you are familiar with the Comic or not. Batman knows he can’t be
everywhere, but being this superstitious “dark” character would prevent many
from even committing a crime.

Here is a single story that is totally out of place for our
favorite Vigilante. Yet it captures what is all too familiar about the
character.  He even leads a boy to
Manhood in a single issue, without saying anything and just asking him to do
one thing, jump. Maybe I am over analyzing but I love the themes of Family,
Leadership, coming of age, and the importance of Legacy.  Who would of thought you could get all
that from a Batman goes back in time gimmick…

As for the art, it was so crispy I think I tried to lick the page.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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