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There are two things about Amazing Spiderman that sours the face of most Spidey-fans when they hear them spoken aloud: One More Day, and Clone Saga.

I reached a point in this issue where I thought “Uh-oh, here comes another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad plot idea.  I’m pretty sure I puckered.  Now, nothing in this issue was actually bad.  In fact, I really enjoyed this annual, but there’s a premise coming that, were I to spoil it here, you may very well throw your hands up in disgust, and say “I am NOT reading that.”   But I won’t tell you, and you’ll, hopefully, read it, and you’ll cringe when it’s mentioned, but you’ll probably reach the same conclusion I have, which is “They have been really good about not fucking things up since Brand New Day started.  Instead of one writer, conceivably fucking up Spideyland, there’s a whole stable of very talented writers keeping each other in check.  This probably isn’t going to suck.


This probably isn’t going to suck.  And, more importantly, this issue is very good.   I was initially a little amused/perturbed by the Bahstin ack-sint portrayed in this issue, as I live here, and I never use the word “wicked” unless I’m yankin ya chain…I mean, unless I’m being ironic.  I don’t recall anyone recently writing Spidey characters having outrageous New York accents, and the book takes place in New York.  But, then on my way home, I walked through Kenmore Square, and heard no less that a bazillion tool boxes who talked exactly the way Bostoners are reputed to talk in this comic. 

The blue and red motif (like Spidey, like the Red Sox) was a solid break from the usual Marvel-style (I realize I mention that a lot in reviews, but it’s painfully prevalent right now), and made me less aware of some of the over-cross hatching in those panels.

So,. anyway, the story was wikked pissah, and y’shud all hahp in ya cahs, drive to the st’r, en read ‘t.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I’m sorry you lost me with the last sentence.

    Come again?

  2. I think it’s supposed to be a typed out Boston accent.

  3. ok

  4. I live in Rhode Island, about 45 min. from Boston and am guilty of saying "wicked". a wicked friggin’ lot. Very common round here

  5. I say it a wicked lot.

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