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Wow, it seemed like Amazing Spiderman was going strong there for a little while.  24/7 was a ton of fun, and American Son is nearly just as good.  Now was is this shit?

From what I’ve read in other reviews, the actions in Amazing Spiderman Annual #36 refer to an arc called The Clone Saga that happened a long time ago.  I never read it.  It happens before Brand New Day so I probably don’t even understand what happened in it, and from what older Spidey fans tell me, there was no point in the world to ever referring to it again.

That’s the thing though, maybe this Annual that came out before the end of American Son for some reason was actually meant to piss people off because the writers have something up their sleeves.  I sure hope that is the case here because ASM has been great lately and I was close to charging a year’s worth on the credit card at ($49). 

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Marvel is redoing the "clone saga" soon. Possible reasons 1. to fill in blanks for readers and 2. because the original wasn’t written well.

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