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  1. Excellent, Review.

    I’ll only say that Peter is supossed to miss connections and mope about his love life. I think that was one of the reasons he was rebooted.

    I am completley ignorant of Jessica Jones , but it was my understanding that her solo Bendis Book was MAX? Might it be that the the pyschological issues you wish to adress occured only in MAX continuuty? 

  2. @DaveCarr: There is no separate continuity for Alias.


    As for the review, it sounds like I continue to have zero reason to read Spider-Man.


  3. @DaveCarr   Yup, that would explain why I have no interest in the character of Peter Parker.  And like Diabhol said, there’s no change in continuity in the MAX books versus regular for Jessica; it’s basically a question of whether she can swear or be naked.

  4. Lol this is why I cannot read Alias in trade. I hear it’s like acid for books intertwining with it.

  5. @Mangaman  — I’m not sure what you mean, but I wouldn’t refuse to read a good book because it contradicted something in another one, that seems kind of silly.

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