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How does Mary Jane know that Peter is Spider-Man and when did that happen?  That’s what I’d like to know.  As far as I knew, both of their memories were erased about their connection to one another, and I also thought with said memory wipe that MJ no longer knew Peters secret identity, nor did anyone else until he freakin’ gave it up again to the FF and the New Avengers.

Pretty good issue.  I’m not sure how I feel about MJ being thrown back into the mix, but in ways it’s good to have her back.  There was definitely a level of tension missing with her absence.  I do miss American Son and Joe Kelly already, though.  I didn’t really care for the 600 issue and this one wasn’t really much better.  I think there’s a lot of minutia that goes on in ‘in-between’ issues that I have a low tolerance for and this book has tons of it.  But whatever.  I still love Spidey and unless things get much worse, I’ll still collect it.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I was just about to subscibe a month ago but I didn’t think #600 was too great either so I chose not to.

  2. Apparently MJ always knew he was Spider-man. It was back in the 1980’s Roger Stern Era of Spider-man (just after Secret Wars and the black costume but after he started hooking up with The Black cat). This was before the wedding so I guess it is still in continuity.

  3. I assume it has something to do with MJ’s side deal. I think once we learn what MJ whispered, everyone will be a lot happier. I know it’s not planned to be revealed for a while, which I think is an editoral mistake.

    A lot of fan’s seem angry of the lack of information. It’s not like LOST we’re it’s a fun mystery. It’s just a little annoying.

    Loved the issue though.

  4. Thanks for the info guys:)

  5. I’m still not convinced to pick up this issue… somebody? anyone….

  6. @mangaman if you collect and love spidey I would definitely get it, cause it has all the major elements needed for a true Spidey story.  If not, I would wait for the next big arc.

  7. Huh… after seeing the first few pages from a friend’s copy… I’m pulling it.

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