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May 2, 2012 – Daredevil #12

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Avg Rating: 4.7
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 37.8%
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Story by Mark Waid
Art by Chris Samnee
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Savvy readers will immediately notice that last week’s Pick of the Week was the previous issue of Daredevil. I made this pick and then realized that we’d just talked about it, but then, what can you do? The thing is, if I had to pick one single superhero comic book to read today, you’d be hard pressed to find a better book than Daredevil on the shelves. I really didn’t expect to make it Pick of the Week, and I would have probably preferred not to, but when a writer is on a streak as strong as the one Mark Waid is on, you just can’t deny it.

The thing is, I didn’t actually read the last Daredevil issue, so you’d think I’d have to play a little catch up with this issue, but you would be really very wrong. Issue #12 is a nice stand alone-ish story about Matt Murdock going on a date with a woman who believes he is Daredevil. The issue is funny, clever, sexy, and touching all at the same time. As Matt guides a blindfolded (“I want to experience the world as you see it”) Kirsten McDuffie through a carnival, he tells her the story of his earliest experiences with Foggy. I didn’t know what the issue was going to be about, and instead of zagging after the zig, it re-zigged, and I was pleased as punch. As I read through the issue, I realized that the common element in this run is that I want to spend time around Matt Murdock as written by Mark Waid. He’s an enjoyable and fully formed personality. He’s just about supremely capable, but at the same time, this lump of hubris is hanging out just around the corner, and you can’t quite tell if you want him to succeed or if you just want to see how he gets around the constant obstacles thrown his way. This book isn’t about the adventures of Daredevil, but rather the life and times of Matt Murdock, and it’s just wonderful.

One telling thing was that I tend to keep an eye out for parts that could be in our Best of the Week in Panels feature; just little moments that stand out, or examples of craft taken a step up, and I lost track, there were so many. There was the custom printed bra, the brief conversation with Spider-Man, the view of Foggy and Matt in their dorm room, and several more. There are nuggets of comic book joy packed into every corner of this issue, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Chris Samnee makes his debut on this issue, which only makes me love it all the more. There are scant few working artists who could step into the space vacated by Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin and not feel like it was a step down, but Chris Samnee is a perfect match. The guy is a cartoonist whose praises I’ve sung many times, but as I read this issue, and saw the wonderful warm humanity wrapped up with the snappy sense of humor and joie de vivre, it occurred to me how perfect of a match Samnee is. He’s one of the few guys in mainstream superhero comics who can draw humans being humans (outside of superheroics) and make it work on a page time and time again. It was also maybe the only time I’ve seen a comic book artist have to draw a stroke victim, and depict it on the page in a way that reads visually. Since Javier Rodriguez is still on colors, there’s a great sense of continuity between artists, even though they don’t necessarily look similar. The whole package has a sort of homegrown quality, where you can see the brush on the page, and the panels, though they might not actually be effortless, they certainly feel that way.

Also, speaking of clever/sexy/funny, how about that cover? Perfect.

As reviewers, we’re about to get to that hallowed ground where a book is so good, we no longer have anything to say about it that we haven’t said a dozen times before. Since Daredevil is apparently weekly now, it might happen even faster, but I’m still very glad that from the very first issue, there’s been a feeling of freshness and enthusiasm from this title, a place where you least expected to see those words prior to Waid’s #1 issue. The pivot was impressive, but perhaps even more impressive is that they’re sustaining. They’re getting better, and not falling into the traps of “great start! Now what?” that we’re so very familiar with. I feel like there’s plenty of story left to be told though, and I can only hope the momentum holds, and the creators keep having as much fun as they are obviously having.

Josh Flanagan
Never got to use Joie de Vivre before!


  1. A series this freaking good can be weekly all it wants.

  2. This is a first isn’t it? I know there have been back-to-back issues of a comic selected, but never in back-to-back weeks, correct?

    • I thought so to, so I was real curious and went back to check and there hasn’t been. The closest thing was Civil War as an event with Civil War: Frontline #1 picked one week, then Civil War #2 was picked another, and Civil War Tie-ins as a group (including Frontline #2) was picked.

      Pretty awesome on Daredevil being the first book to being able to pull this off.

    • Actually. I just noticed a week is missing on the page between Civil War and the tie-ins.

  3. This issue was amazing. It’s funny, because last week’s issue wasn’t even in the running for POTW for me (Ultimates all the way, baby), and while I rode the hype train for the first few issues of Waid’s Daredevil, it had started to lose its charm for me. Thankfully, this issue really pulled it out of the bag and re-ignited my love for Waid’s Daredevil. And that Samnee art sure didn’t hurt.

  4. Back to back. That’s fucking awesome.

  5. sexiest cover of the year

  6. Two weeks in a row? Waid’s Daredevil certainly deserves it. I loved this issue since the first panel (Thank You Chris Samnee!!). Plus, did any of you realize that we didn’t see Daredevil in his costume in this issue? That is also why It felt special: it was only about Matt and Foggy…and also Matt’s “blind date”. Amazing from beginning to end!

  7. There’s not another title out there more deserving of such praise – go Team DD!

  8. Wow two Weeks in,a row nice.

  9. They must be double-shipping the shit out of this or something. Was it delayed last month?

  10. Damn, I just realized…this is the same team doing the Rocketeer mini-series this summer.

  11. I cant think of any reason why this isn’t pick of the week all the time. Also watching professors get their asses handed to them on silver plates makes me jump for joy.

  12. I kept looking at the site for the pick… and then I realized I’d been looking at it for the past little bit. This book deserves all the praise it gets. I’m totally cool with the two in a row.

  13. Last week’s pick was completely undeserved. It was a middling story with nice art that no provided no closure to the crossover and did little to actually advance the plot. This week’s was a much better side story and a far more deserved pick. I still don’t think it was pick of the week, but I realize that you guys REALLY like Samnee which probably put it over the top.

  14. Want to take odds Ron does the hat trick next week?
    Unless its a terrible story- I am thinking he finds it irresistible.

  15. This is one of the best superhero books I’ve ever read.

  16. Great pick, it was my choice for Pick of the Week too.

    I loved this issue because it had virtually no Daredevil in it. Only one panel (that involves the hilarious Spider-Man exchange) and that’s it! That is almost unheard of in today’s mainstream comics.

    Also, I loved this because this is what Marvel comics SHOULD be. Instead of seeing Captain America and Cyclops beat the shit out of each other we should see more comics like this. This is a fun, beautifully drawn, and exciting comic to read every issue. I say if Mark Waid and these artists got involved in say, Amazing Spider-Man, the sales would skyrocket.

    • Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      Problem is not that many people CAN write Marvel comics this way. Most of them just deliver the punches on time every issue like the Domino’s pizza guy: reliable and predictable and mediocre.

    • I read plenty of comics that are fun, beautifully drawn and exciting every issue, because I don’t restrict myself to Marvel. That’s probably why I’m not really impressed with Daredevil.

  17. Josh is quite right that this issue, like so many in this run, is full of great panels but he missed my personal favourite, law student Matt’s call to action shot, the shadow of Daredevil behind him. A moment that captures exactly who he is and why those things make him a hero, when faced with injustice he just can’t turn away and instead the best of him comes forward. Great stuff.

  18. This week I agree – POTW for sure

    Last week should have been FF # 17

  19. I saved the image of this cover to my phone cause, well, do I need to explain? Its perfect. I loved issue #10, am digging the Omega Effect and haven’t #11 yet but didn’t pick this issue up as I was gonna get the 1st cpl HC’s or eventual omnibus, this series will no doubt be up for best ongoing of the year and from the few issue I’ve read, already feel its solidified. I read 1,2,3 and 10, then bought the 3 Omega Effect issues as I loved the art and Waid on em, I tend to jump around w titles lately and only have a select few I read consistently, when they lose they’re steam, they get dropped and I’ll come back if they get good again, as was the case with Secret Avengers. I might have to go back for this one, cause I’m impatient.

  20. Really great issue but in a week full of great comics I thought either Worlds’ Finest or Earth 2 should have gotten the nod simply for their great kickoffs. In a week without them, then totally DD.

  21. This really floored me last night when I finally got the chance to read it. I even had high expectations from it being PotW, and it was still a knockout.

  22. Dat cover! Can I get an amen!

    I seriously hate Marvel’s love of double shipping, especially since most of them are 3.99 books, but my god, I would have no problem buying DD weekly. And for a 2.99 book it’s well worth every penny.

  23. This was a very revealing issue.

    It’s hard to put my hands on exactly what I liked about it, but I’ve come to grips with that. Mark Waid’s ability to massage his words to erect an exciting story is second to none in comics today. Of course, the coupling of Waid’s story and Samnee’s art, creates the perfect marriage of well-paced storytelling that leaves the reader satisfied in the end and ready for another go.

    • “ability to massage his words to erect an exciting story”


    • LOL!! For real, I am still laughing!! @Kmanifesto – That whole comment sounded so pornographic right down to the satisfiing end!! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-HAHAHAHA-HAHAHAHA-HAHAHA-HAHA-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And now I think I am ready for another…..hehhehe…heheh….GO!!!!!! LOL!!!! This was the funniest comment I have read on IFanBoy yet, your are a very creative, kinky and imaginative person that is for sure GREAT COMMENT!!
      COY (Comment of the Year!) Still laughing and @WheelHands – Your response just made this that more enjoyable!!

      Thanks to you both!!


    • A+++ would buy again.

  24. Great pick. Can’t think of any other title that deserves two weeks in a row. This book is wonderful.

  25. I have not even read this yet and I get the feeling this is a hot one!!


  26. this book is great, even when there is no DD action!

  27. This was a fun issue and a really great series. Always good to have Samnee on a major title. I do think that labeling it a “Superhero” book is a bit of a disservice, only because you just can’t throw this in with the other event driven types of stuff from that genre. Seems like a really fun non-superhero, superhero book….if that makes sense?

  28. At first I wasn’t thinking this would be my pick of the week. I thought I would have given it to Earth 2….but damn it, Waid did it again. Such a great issue. Pick of the Week for sure.

  29. “But since the X-O Manowar guys are paying you to put their banner on your site, shouldn’t they get the POTW?” — An Idiot.

  30. Every time I read DD I gotta stop and yell “this book is fucking awesome” Scaring white people at Panera Bread!

  31. i bought this book today so i wouldn’t feel guilty for grabbing a whole bunch of free comics, and i’m glad i did. it’s a great book, but not my favorite i got today. i picked up “brickman #1” by lew stringer (intro by alan moore, guest art by dave gibbons, kevin o’neil, mike collins and mark farrmer) and it was the best thing i’ve read in a long time. also, it was free. probably doesn’t count as a potw though because it’s from 1986.

  32. Terrible story with grating writing. Fortunately Samnee’s art and the $2.99 price point keeps this issue from being a total loss. Waid probably should have sat in on a few estates and trusts classes before he wrote this issue or talked with a law student, or maybe done some research on law school.

    • It’s a fictional legal system. Just sayin’.

    • I’m not criticizing actual legal doctrine in the Marvel Universe or complaining that Daredevil’s mock trial should have been more real. I’m criticizing the feel of the classroom setting, especially for the subject chosen, the personality of the professor, especially for the subject chosen, and the interaction between the the law professor and law students. Law school and particular classes within law school are very unique settings. In comics the law can be whatever the writer decides but the inaccuracy of the setting should not take one out of the story. The setting and characters in this story are comparable to a story set during a High School football game where players are playing on a 50 yard field, with no lineman, no pads, talking about how much they deplore violence, and the announcer is commenting that 4 players on the team are going directly from High School to the pros.

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