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Special Edition – X-Men: Days of Future Past

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As the X-Men return to the past so to does iFanboy as co-founder Ron Richards returns to the show to talk X-Men: Days of Future Past with Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery!

Running Time: 00:46:35

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As a counterpoint, and bookend, listen to the iFanboy Special Edition Podcast on X-Men: The Last Stand!

“Time in a Bottle”
Jim Croce


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  1. Great to hear from Ron again.

  2. As much as I looked forward to the movie, it’s possible I was looking forward to this podcast more.

  3. Xavier lives!!!!!!!!



  4. I look forward to listening to the podcast. Man; I REALLY LOVED this movie! Sure, there were some plot holes, but they FIXED IT! YES! 🙂

  5. Ron!! I loved the movie and yada yada yada but I really can’t wait to listen to this!

  6. Was awesome for Ron to be back if only for a one off! I really dug this new X-Men film. May be my favorite of all the X-Men movies. Need to see it again to have a definitive answer. I am way into the retconning for sure. Seems to wipe out all of the continuity of all the previous films but mainly X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and even The Wolverine to some degree. Maybe we can even see Deadpool done right through the re-do!

  7. I was going to wait to see this but when I saw Ron was on I decided to go sooner so I could listen! Great movie and great discussion, you guys!

  8. So have we retconned Ron leaving? This just gets better and better.
    Loved this movie and I was really glad to see how quickly the podcast was up and then Ron!!! The cherry on top
    Thank guys, this added perfectly to the whole experience of watching this film. Thanks iGuys.

  9. Oh god no!!! The ‘iGuys’ thing was a typo, I just meant to say guys. Don’t judge me!!!

  10. Ah I have missed Ron’s fanboyish enthusiasm. Awesome show, fellas!

  11. Just left the movie, which I thought was great, and am glad I decided to go see it today because, to my delight, Ron’s back for the podcast! I think I’m looking forward to this pod more than I was for the movie. Can’t wait to listen!

  12. Wow, I did not expect to see Jean and Scott. What a great surprise! The Jim Croce Quicksilver scene was one of the best in any Marvel film–the whole audience was cracking up.

    The only complaint I’ll lodge was the FX in the post-credit scene. Visually unrealistic, both the worshipers and the pyramid construction. I also hate the cliche when its suggested that ancient achievements were done through some supernatural or extraterrestrial means. You guys were speculating what an Age of Apocalypse film might be about–did anyone notice the four horsemen in the distance of that scene? I actually missed it, but my wife and Dad were talking about it after the movie, and I was like “wait…there were four horsemen?!”

    Ron, it was nice to hear your take on the film. I remember you mentioned at some point you might want to come back for an annual all-media roundup. I hope you guys might be able to make that happen sometime. I think it’d be cool to hear Josh on the comics segment of the roundup and then have you take the mic for films and music. In any case, it seems like the Image gig is going well, and I couldn’t be happier for you.

  13. So, I personally enjoyed the movie, but I could not love it. I didn’t care enough about most of the characters. Particularly the characters of the future, which is disappointing.

    I am wondering, I think not only The Last Stand, but almost every single X-Men film has been retconned out by what has been suggested.

    • “I am wondering, I think not only The Last Stand, but almost every single X-Men film has been retconned out by what has been suggested.”

      Yes, it would imply that the entire timeline has been altered.

    • I enjoyed the movie enough, but again Bryan Singer is just not a particularly compelling storyteller (in particular the motivations in the last third of the film). Most of the characters were as flat as they were in First Class. I can overlook the plot holes and just go with it, so I had a good time, but at best his films are “all right”. Shockingly for me that last Wolverine movie is still the best “XMen” film so far. But here is my question…

      Was anything really retconned? Was it established what year it was that Wolverine just woke up one day and remembered this whole battle? And just because he remembered it, how does that undue anything? I just took it as now his storyline lines up with where we were earlier in the either the first or second X-Men film (after all, none of those films had Sentinels either). I guess I’m cloudy on why that would undue the third X movie? Then again, I’ve rarely gone back and re-watched a single one of these films before (Fox, Sony or Disney films), so maybe it makes more sense to other folks.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Wolverine’s graying hair, his futuristic alarm clock, and the fact that Kitty is teaching her own class positions that scene in the future. We can assume that it is essentially the same year from which he was sent back in time. This is the scenario Kitty laid out in the first act.

    • Yeah, I couldn’t recall the future alarm clock in the earlier films, and I hadn’t remembered if Kitty was teaching in the third film. But the timeline was fuzzy on how long it took the Sentinels to turn the future into “Bryan Singerland” (as Devin Faraci called it), so I wasn’t exactly sure if we were meant to believe Logan wakes up on that day he was erased from history like Marty McFly.

      But like Ron mentioned, the film really made me want to bust out my “12 Monkeys” DVD.

    • I retconned The Last Stand and Wolverine Origins almost from the moment I finished watching each of them, so I was glad to see it actually happen ‘for real’ in this flick.

  14. Did anyone notice the seamless levitation scenes here (pertaining to Magneto and Storm’s). You kinda expect a tug from wires watching these films but these were done perfectly. Anyway, glad to hear Ron’s voice again. He should make more guest appearances.

  15. Really liked this film.

    Solid acting, solid writing, solid, well, everything. Fastbender and McAvoy were amazing. They have a similar inter-personal dynamic as Stewart and McKellen. Dinkledge was superb.

    I really like the way the movie retconned most (all?) of the previous X-Men movies out of continuity. This is easily the best way to retcon a franchise while at the same time giving us a great movie and fixing everything that was wrong with the franchise. I practically jumped for joy when I saw Jean!

    Kitty was able to send Logan back because the plot demanded it and it made the process of time travel more interesting (especially when, like you guys said, she was wounded and worried about Bobby when he went to fight). Having said that, I think it would have been better to have Rogue do it. Then there would have been zero issue with where the power developed (she just absorbed some mutant’s power). The only reason they kept Kitty around was to give something to the grognards that would have complained about Logan being the hero rather than Kitty.

    two things I did not like: 1) The design of the sentinels. Very… Not 1973. 2) The darker shade of blue given to Mystique’s skin, I liked the less iridescent hue used in First Class.

    My bet is that the next movie will star the 80’s X-Factor team, except dumping Iceman (character would be too young) and adding in Xavier and Logan. The team fights Apocalypse but the first battle goes poorly and Angel is kidnapped and turned into Archangel. The loss of Angel is a big blow to the team and galvanizes them as a solid fighting force.

  16. i gotta say overall this movie was a disappointment

    really for more reason than any other for what could have been, i e this movie would have been great had matthew vaughn directed it.

    Overall I think the story couldn’t quite live up to the scope the film set, and objectively the direction could not either. If you look at any and every action scene in this film, you would find no creative staging or direction. Compare this to first class where every scene, be it an action one or not, is direction in an imaginative and impressive way.

  17. I enjoyed it loads, and agree, Jean’s hair was a bit to red, tacky and cheap-looking. Plus, the matching red dress – she’s apparently still mad.

    I laughed at how only Logan would remember, then Xavier immediately picks up on it – I guess Wolverine’s feelings were to strong not to leak … so Jean will know in about two minutes, too.

    And yes, Magneto in a hat is excellent, though the hearttrob award goes to Shawn Ashmore’s bearded Bobby – blimey!

    So is it just me who thought Apocalypse was a woman here?

    And yes, Quicksilver stole the show, it’s just a shame there wasn’t a line justifying him not joining everyone in Paris – why would you not want that guy around?

  18. Oh, and I liked that Storm’s death was pretty much as in X-Men #142.

  19. I went with 2 people who knew little to nothing about the previous X-men films and they loved it! The audience (as well as me ) were psyched up at the ending when Storm is shown at the school. Applause was heard when Jean and Scott made their cameos!
    Quicksilver had the BEST scene of the movie,where I stood with my mouth open and uttered “This is too cool!”
    Magneto was just BADASS!
    Colossus had some nice battle scenes,Warpath kept reminding me of Gerard Way
    and lest I forget ……..holy shit REBAR!!!!!

  20. First off it’s great to have Ron back for this! But yeah, I had such low expectations for this movie and I am shocked how much I enjoyed it and just how well they were able to pull the whole thing off. There were so many things I enjoyed in this movie but like a lot of people are saying the “Time in a Bottle” scene with Quicksilver was my favorite. I went to a late Sunday night showing so there were not very many people in the theater and I think all of them reacted with a clap or cheer at the end of that scene. All of the little things thrown in there were great too like the comment about Quicksilver’s mom and even the four horsemen in the background of the post credits scene. I’m going to have to check this one out again for sure, but I’ve got it up there with X2 as my favorite X-Men film I think.

  21. If they’ve retconned the Wolverine movies, what does this mean for his jacket?!?

  22. Just watched O Lucky Man (pretty sure Grant Morrison said it was is fav movie, but I can’t find the source), I think Evan Peters is our Malcolm McDowell. He’s got that perfect mix of innocence and rebellion.

  23. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Finally saw this movie with my wife yesterday and we both really enjoyed it. Tons of fun. I had one big question though.

    So, the movie ends with the future Wolverine’s consciousness jumping from 1973 to the “new present” of 2014. He walks around all unsteady, wanders into Charles Xavier’s office and Chuck just says, “Welcome back” when he realizes this is the Wolverine who changed the future in 1973. Awesome. Great. Everyone’s happy. Except the version of Wolverine who existed from 1973 to 2014. There obviously was a version of this guy who existed during this years. He joined the X-Men, taught history class, and had a whole different life than the version of Wolverine we’d been following the entire film. Now that our Wolverine is in his body, that guy is, what, gone? Dead? Overwritten by this new Wolverine’s consciousness? What if the Wolverine from 1973 to 2014 was a super great guy who was tons of fun to hang out with? After all, in this new continuity, Logan may not have been experimented on by Stryker, so his personality may be totally different. The movie ended with Wolverine killing an alternative version of himself. Seems like a dark note to end on.

    • In similar time travel stories like this the person eventually remembers all of the things that happened in the “new” timeline, so it is like they lived two separate lives. I’m going to assume that is what happens here.

  24. Just went to see this and absolutely loved it, pretty much agree with everything said on the podcast!

    I went with my mum to see this (she’s a big fan of the x-men movies) and during that last scene when we saw a red-headed woman I was super proud to hear her gasp and say pretty loudly “JEAN!”.

    Awesome movie

  25. Saw this a couple weeks ago and thought it was great.

  26. I realize we are far enough out from this people may not care, but I just heard this podcast and there was the question of what Mystique (as Stryker) pulling out Wolverine could mean… I think it serves to take him out of the fold of the first class team and sets him up to be a more-evil leaning version of himself through his association with Mystique. Then he is primed to be taken by Apocalypse as one of the 4 horseman (maybe along with Mystique?).

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