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Pick of the Week #426 – Afterlife with Archie #4

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Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Josh Flanagan gather together to discuss the week that was in comics books, including lots of number one issues! Plus, The Yellow King, Adele Nazeem, and no one wants to live with one of the iFanboys!

Total Running Time: 01:01:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:21 – Afterlife with Archie #4

Afterlife with Archie_4Comics:
00:10:51 – Starlight #1
00:16:16 – Moon Knight #1
00:21:26 – Veil #1
00:25:02 – Magneto #1
00:27:27 – Batman / Superman Annual #1
00:32:59 – Jupiter’s Legacy #4
00:35:56 – Adventures of Superman #45
00:37:15 – The Saviors #3
00:38:55 – Uncanny X-Men #18
00:41:53 – Velvet #4

Audience Question:
00:44:26 – Josh from Chicago, IL has some ideas about whom DC and Marvel should target with their projects outside of comics.

“Fortunate Son”
John Fogerty (with Foo Fighters)


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  1. As a dog lover, Afterlife with Archie was a very powerful issue. I have never been upset reading a comic book in the 30+ of reading comics as I was reading this. Rarely do comics evoke emotion. I never read Archie comics and I’m really surprised they would make a series like this. 5 stars.

  2. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Try “We3” by Morrison & Quitely. It has very unique page designs, a lot of violence, & a deep love for dogs.

  3. I need to give Afterlife with Archie a try since 2 of the 4 issues have been picks of the week. Moon Knight #1 I did enjoy and will be giving it a good 6 to 8 issues. Loved the concept that basically he has gotten brain damage from Konshu fucking with his head all this years. Did not get a chance to read much else this week, but have Quantum and Woody #0 (Goat) and Archer & Armstrong #18 to read. Love the podcast. It has become a Sunday staple for me.

  4. I just caught up with Afterlife with Archie. I have never read anything with Archie before and this series iks great. Love the throwback horror art.

    THis was good fuckin’ week for comics. I had a 4 way tie for the PotW between Forever Evil, Moon Knight, Clone, and Green Arrow. I was highly entertained by ForverEvil, and the reveal was awesome This was my first time reading anything related to Moon Knight, and wow he’s such an interesting and fascinating character! Warren Ellis’s writing was phenomenal and the art was awesome. Clone continues to be an awesome underrated series. Green Arrow is always great and that ending just shocked me.

    • Trade waiting Archie know I will love it when the collection comes out. Haven’t tried clone yet, I’ve heard good things though. Agree on the other books completely.

      Really enjoyed Starlight and agree with Conner on Veil,although I’m not sure it is getting another issue, have enough books as it is.

      Action comics and Swamp Thing continue to be stellar.

  5. I enjoyed the end discussion about the comic book mechanism of older heroes mentoring their junior heroes (as particularly exemplified in DC Comics). I’m a big believer in what Michael Chabon showed so wonderfully in Kavalier & Clay – that the mechanism at least partly sprang from the idea that American kids of the World War II era were forced to live indefinitely without their fathers (who were off at war), and that comic books were merely indulging their young readers with a kind of wish fulfillment. That seeing young Robin fight alongside Batman against crazy villains allowed kids to play out their fantasy of fighting alongside their own fathers against the real life bad guys threatening the world.

  6. I did read UXM #18 in guided view, and it was a real pain. Does anyone else not like Comixology’s new monitor-based reader? Are they just trying to push people to go exclusively tablet/phone?

    • Can you not turn guided view off? Or is the whole monitor-based experience bad? I’ve never tried reading comiXology that way, I always use my tablet.

  7. There should be a forum for this site.

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