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iFanboy #173 – San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Robert Kirkman

Show Notes

NOTE: Unfortunately, we had audio issues with this episode, but since talking to Robert is always so much fun, we didn’t want to scrap it, so please bear with the background noise throughout the episode — trust us, it’s worth it.

The Walking Dead Comes to AMC

With the ultra successful comic book, The Walking Dead, making the jump to television, Robert Kirkman tells us what the experience has been like developing, writing and producing the show as well as working with Frank Darabont and the other folks on the show and AMC.

The Walking Dead Hits Issue #75

Meanwhile, back in the comic book series, The Walking Dead #75 came out and confused a lot of people with its twist ending. Robert Kirkman reacts and sets the record straight about the aliens.

Robert Kirkman Launches Skybound

In addition to the Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman launched his comic book studio, Skybound, right before the San Diego Comic-Con began and gives us the scoop on what to expect from the imprint, including the first book, Witch Doctor.

And Then Things get Wacky with Robert Kirkman

With all the business discussed, things take a turn for the wacky as we discuss with Kirkman his work experience, Alan Moore, the comic book industry, and general insanity. This is a high point of the con for iFanboy, we hope you enjoy!


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  1. You guys are insane!!! I couldn’t stop laughing!!! Great interview!!!

  2. Robert Kirkman is awesome.

  3. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Robert Kirkman, happiest creator in comics, second only to Stan Lee.  Okay, maybe tied with Geoff Johns.  Love his interviews with you guys.

  4. Ah what a great fun show. I read Walking Dead in Trades, but I think I need to pick up the newest issue just for the stuff at the end. Hearing Kirkman talk about it had me rolling, the annoyed fans and everything. Great episode. 

  5. LMAO ive never laughed so hard at one of your videos.

  6. Drink it! Drink It!

  7. AWESONE episode guys! Sooo funny! Love Robert Kirkman and opening music is just hilarious. I haven’t read Walking Dead yet, because wasn’t sure that I would like it but hearing this interview and your numerous recommendation I definitely picking up Book 1. This year Walking Dead tv show, next year Invincible movie announcement!!! 😀

  8. Great interview.

  9. One of your prior interviews with Kirkman actually inspired me to read The Walking Dead, so thanks! The guy is just a bundle of fun.

  10. Kirkman makes a great interview. I am worried about the gore in the Walking Dead show, though. Gore doesn’t seem to bother me as much in comics as it does in TV and Movies. Hopefully the show is about the people and not the exploding zombie heads.

  11. This is awesome, Conor should get to talk to him to!

  12. @Suicidalkangarooz: Someone has to hold the camera…

  13. If Stan Lee had a foul mouth, then he would be Robert Kirkman

  14. "Where do you guys want to do this?"

    "I don’t know… is there, like, just a huge, really stomach-churning rotted corpse that could be smack dab in the middle of the frame for the entire interview, staring into the viewer’s soul with its gooey dead eyes?"

  15. Oldmanski.

  16. @conor   Who held the camera when all three of you were onscreen?

  17. @Suicidalkangarooz: Gordon the Intern.

  18. Sundays on AMC?

    I think True Blood should be over by then, but I hope TWD is never slotted at the same time as that show. 

  19. Even without TWD the AMC Sunday lineup is better than HBO’s True Blood+Entourage lineup.

  20. If you guys ever interview alan moore, you should give him a big bear hug.

  21. Great interview. 

  22. I for some reason can not view the video – Ever since I Installed CS5 videos don’t seem to want to stream for me

     Also firefox and my mac has stopped spell checking Ifanboy while I type… unrelated I am sure, but still odd

  23. You can direct download all sorts of formats here.

  24. Awesome cheers man!

  25. "This interview is over!"

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