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iFanboy #164 – Batman’s Batcave Trophies, Dash Shaw’s BodyWorld, and Peter Bagge’s Other Lives

Show Notes

We’ve strung together another Anthology episode, all about Batman’s trophy collection, the mad genius of Dash Shaw and his entirely unique Bodyworld graphic novel, and Other Lives, an OGN from indie royalty Peter Bagge.

Batman’s Batcave Trophies

James writes in to ask Conor what’s up with the giant penny and the dinosaur in the Batcave. And of course Conor has the answer.

Dash Shaw’s BodyWorld

Ron shows off the gorgeous and innovative (fold out maps!) collection of Dash Shaw’s BodyWorld. Collected and cleaned up from the series that originally ran on the web, Ron shows us what’s so special about the indie phenom that is Dash Shaw.

Peter Bagge’s Other Lives

Peter Bagge is an old school indie comic artist, and he’s back with a new graphic novel from Vertigo Comics. In Other Lives, Bagge, in his own inimitable style, delves into the lives, both apparent and hidden of his ensemble cast, and they discover secrets about themselves and those they love. If you’ve heard the name but Peter Bagge, but never checked him out, here’s the place to start.


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  1. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Giant Coin: Always thought it would have something to do with Two-Face.

    BodyWorld: Looks like a fun book. I just ordered it from Amazon.

    Other Lives: I appreciate Peter Bagge’s efforts, and understand why people like him, but it’s just not for me. I can’t get into his art at all.

    Credits: YES

  2. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Great ending. Made me laugh.

    And thanks for the discussion on BODYWORLD, Ron. I’m really looking forward to checking it out.

  3. I think there should just be an entire video show of you guys destroying comics that are awful. And I’d be okay if it was just ten minutes of destroying Fallen Sun.

  4. The style of Other Lives is pretty much the same type of style as every big-name comic book in my country, Norway.
    Oh, and what was that book you ripped to pieces at the end?

  5. This is definetely one my favorite episodes simply for the ending bit with Josh. It’s alright Josh, he can’t hurt you no more.

  6. Best ending ever

  7. Ah yes, the apocalypse has ended.  Thank you, Josh, for saving us from that monstrosity of a book 🙂

  8. If you slow down the video at the end, you can actually see the demons leaving the comic.

  9. Still glad I didn’t pick up that sentry book.

    Always wondered where that penny came from.

  10. For anyone who has further interest in the batcave I picked up a trade two weeks ago called Tales from the Batcave it collects all of the stories from the toys in the cave.  It also included maps of the Batcave through the years.  Great read if you can find it. 

  11. The penny thing is kind of disappointing.  I always assumed it had something to do with Harvey.  Oh well:(

  12. that sentry book is phenomenal. i picked it up solely to laugh at it and listen to the podcast over and over. 

  13. @vadamowens: Doesn’t Harvey usually throw a silver dollar?

  14. I’ve always wondered what was going on with the dinosaur and giant coin, thanks for clearing that up. and what was that comic josh was ripping up at the end?

  15. Was that comic  the Sentry comic LOL 

  16. Great show guys!  I feel like this was the kind of Episode I’ve been waiting for.  I love hearing about new indie comics coming out, as that is the kind of work that initially really got me into comics for good. 

    Also, general super-hero lore/information is always entertaining.

    Thanks for keeping it interesting!

  17. Conor, what does your shirt say?

  18. What do you think it says?

  19. It’s the second word I can’t make out

  20. @Epcomics: This.

  21. Haha, I’ve never seen that before.

  22. Ah come on Josh, you never read no Peter Bagge? Pick up the most recent issue of Hate Annual, its such a nice read. Also, read "Buddy does Seattle"

    Bagge’s art is so sweet, its so cartoonish. Big eyes and crazy angry faces, its so much fun to look at

  23. Haha, awesome ending! Great show as always guys. I have to admit I do prefer having you guys interact with one another but these are pretty sweet too.

  24. i might get that fuck yoga skateboard

  25. @Josh: LMFAO!!!! T

    @Simmons: Read it and gotta tell ya, it’s definetly a life in Seattle that hits a little too close to home. It’s one of those stories where you’d rather NOT put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist. =

    @Ron: A LOT of comics I know do maps. My favorite one was a map of Krynn from Dragonlance. It was so detailed it could fill your pants up with a #2.

  26. I read something that finally uses the giant penny. I forgot what it was.

  27. Josh should’ve also worn a sardonic shirt, in lieu of "fuck yoga" and "romance is boring".

  28. Yeah I always thought the penny was a Two-Face thing. Maybe that got retcon? Which is so important…..okay can’t finish that sentence with a straight face.

    For some reason I feel like Jenkins is crying somewhere. Don’t know why 🙂

  29. @TNC: Nope. The penny has never been a Two-Face thing. Two-Face doesn’t flip a penny.

  30. @conor: You know where I think a lot of us are thinking it’s him? Because of that fantastic episode of Batman the Animated Series. Where the kids are talking about different versions of Batman. The penny is a big key in the one story involving Two-Face.

  31. @TNC: Could be.

  32. Ron, I love your los camp! shirt. Is it on their website? If not, where did you get it? Probably at the show you went to. I missed them when they were in Minneapolis. Didn’t even know they were hitting the midwest on their tour.

  33. @TNC- I also thought it used to be a thing with two-face. But it was in the animated series like you said.

  34. @forest To me the type of coin was irrelevent.  It was just the fact that it was a coin.  I was pretty ignorant to Batman history, so it was an assumption…nothing more.  I saw a coin and thought Harvey.  But you’re right about the type of coin typically used by Harvey.

  35. I teared up at the end.

  36. I don’t really like the episodes where the team splits up, kinda boring.

  37. @noni: Then don’t watch?

  38. Easy Conor. I think noni’s comment was more of a complement to you guys than an insult. 

  39. bodyworld is great, also epic shirt ron

  40. @drocha–Thanks dude. And Connor, I just meant I like the chemistry when you guys sit together and argue/discuss/comemorate a certain topic.

  41. If I may ask, where is that Batcave two page spread from?

  42. @Devyn: It’s from the 1991 Who’s Who. It’s a three page fold out.

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