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iFanboy #128 – Grillin’ Meat, Talkin’ Comics!

Show Notes

It’s the third annual iFanboy Fourth of July grill and viewer e-mail celebration! You all wrote in wanting answers and here are the lucky few who made the cut:

  • Jeff wants to know what comic book merchandise iFanboy likes to buy.
  • Chris from Queens, NY asks the iFanboys to choose a famous book to cancel.
  • Duff wants to know if there is any benefit to reading single issues over trades.
  • Caleb from Fredericksburg, VA relates that artist Ethan Van Sciver thinks advanced solicitations are ruining comics.
  • Joe G. wonders if the 12 issue maxi-series could survive in today’s comic book market.
  • Ali C. from Long Island, NY asks the iFanboys to update their Top Five On-Going Series list.

Fire up the grill, slip on your “Kiss the Chef” apron, grab some comics, and join iFanboy as they attempt to successfully answer viewer mail while cooking loads of meat on the grill even as the temperature of the air slowly cooks them from the inside out.


Get Involved

Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

Please don't forget to leave your name and where you're writing from and each week, we'll pick the best e-mails to include on the podcast!


  1. Greatest show on wednesdays or tuesday nights when i’m up. Love the show, wish you could do a month of daily shows or mini.

    Just a month.

  2. Love the iFanboy approved sausage ad on the right.

  3. I would drop Spiderman if I had a choice.  Heck, skip the big ending story and just have a bullet end it now.  That whiney moron hasn’t shut up in years, and the movies have thoroughly pissed me off about him.

    Anyways, the show was great, and the argument over issues or singles is really an abstract personal thing that must be decided by the reader.  I’m just rambling here, so whatever, see you fanboys.

  4. You know what would be cool? If you guys would pick one from the users recommended recipe, and would grill it on the show. Just to mix it up a little bit. And of course something affordable (i.e. no kobe meat).

  5. Just finished the episode and heard that Ron recommended that already. Nonetheless, I’m still thinking that it would be a great idea, though.

  6. Great to see the grill again – one of my favorite episodes every year.

    As someone who didn’t follow his work until Flash : Rebirth, can someone tell me what it is about Van Scriver that makes people wince or refer to his "crazy" views?  I know that he’s more politically conservative than a lot of creators, but I doubt that’s enough to rile people up so much.

    I’m kind of surprised that Captain America didn’t make it on to anyone’s lists.  It’s still a book you guys bring up every month as something that’s consistently good – just not a book that blows your minds every issue.  By picking a handful of books I don’t buy, you’ve just increased my pull list yet again!

  7. like tony soprano when i saw all the meat i passed out

  8. Now I am walking around my house looking for meat to cook, you know what? No meat…curse you ifanboy.

  9. Grilling corn WITHOUT the husk?! Not since the selection of Spider-Man: The Short Halloween has there been such an internet-breaking controversy!

    Great show guys, and thanks for answering my question! 

  10. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Man oh man.  I really wish I had a Flash pint glass.  I assume that eBay may be the only place to pick one of those up anymore, eh?

    Thanks for talking about my e-mail, guys!

  11. Isn’t Superman’s World Of New Krypton a 12 issue Maxi Series?  I am pretty sure that one will make it.

    What is everybody’s TOP 5 Ongoing Series?  I think I would’ve said, 1/Amazing Spiderman, 2/Batman & Robin, 3/ Streets Of Gotham, 4/Dark Avengers, and finally the fifth one would probably have to be The Boys even though I’m not caught up to the issues yet but I’m close.

    alright, so I want everybody to post you TOP 5s if you wanna

  12. With the price of comics on the rise, I’ve had to drop Amazing Spider-Man.

    I thought that, after collecting Spider-Man titles since the mid-90s I’d go through withdrawls. But I haven’t. Yes, the book is the best it’s been since I’ve been reading, but the quality can’t over compensate the economic drain. There’s no rancor on my part, I still enjoy Spider-Man, but I like him in smaller doses, showing up as a guest star or on the Avengers these days.

    On a show note… I’ve always loved these BBQ specials. And now I can’t wait for this Saturday!

    Thanks for the show,


  13. @robbydzwonar: You’re totally right — I keep forgetting that WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON is a maxi-series and not an on-going.

  14. All my top five are on hiatus or being cancelled!

  15. My favourite bit were the raw chicken jokes.

  16. great stuff!

  17. Your fourth of July grilling episode is one of the podcasts I really look forward too.  I loved the review of your current top five comics and comparing them to last years books.

     I also appreciated Josh’s tips for cooking ribs.  I’ll have to try the "stacking" technic sometime.

     Question:  What beer (I assume it was beer) were Ron and Conor drinking?



  18. We are drinking Corona.

  19. Should not have watched that before lunch. Mmmm, ribs.

  20. Nom Nom Nom… Fail… Nom Nom Nom

    Anywho. What I’d like them to do to get rid of this Issue Cover Problem. Is have the Artist Draw Fake Covers, and then when the Issue Comes out, you get the Real Cover. I remember they did something like this back with FOE in GLC, when DC Put out a Mongul Cover, and it ended up being a Kryb Cover instead. I’d also like to get rid of the DC Nation Page altogether. I don’t like seeing next months issue and what’s gonna happen or them asking: "What will happen to Superman in the Next Issue?" and frankly, DD is just Annoying in the DC Nation, and this has nothing to do with me think he’s satan, it’s just him being annoying and wanting his face to become a fist magnet.

  21. We’re just gonna not threaten people, figuratively or otherwise from here on out.  Clear?

  22. It seems like the more you do this Grill show, the longer the credits are of you guys eating.

    Maybe next time we’ll just skip the BBQ and see you eating and answering questions? Sure it’s bad table manners, but it wouldnt be boring.

  23. What’s in the herb butter?

  24. Justice and Trials of Shazam were both maxi series. Also props for a well framed video shoot

  25. Yeah, seriously, what’s in the herb butter? 

  26. McFarlane is writing Spawn solo, not just co-writing or plotting, and also inking the book. He’s very much involved directly.

  27. And he’s made it very clear that he cares greatly for the title. To say he lacks the commitment to keep it going seems a bit unfair.

  28. In regards to the covers issue:

    I like being able to look ahead to help decide when I should be starting or dropping a book.  I’m on a budget, so I have to be pretty selective with my choices.  When I see an upcoming mini series I really want, I often have to choose an ongoing to drop, unless of course another miniseries is ending around the same time.  If I see a book I’ve been reading is going to be dragged into a big crossover, it might get dropped in advance.  I don’t need to see covers or know everything that’s going to happen in the issues, but it’s nice to know if a character I’m obsessed with is appearing in someone else’s book or things like that.

    It’s all about financial planning for me.

  29. Butter, salt, pepper, fresh garlic, basil, and parsley.

  30. You guys want to cater my BBQ this weekend?

  31. @J4K3: Is McFarlane writing SPAWN a new thing? Because there’s a co-writer listed on every issue with him. He is co-inking the book, which is what I thought originally.

  32. I’m in Awe with the iFanboy’s Prefered Sausage Ad.

    I agree with the Finacial Planning aspect of looking ahead a few months, but I love just walking in a Comic shop on a monday or friday or something with 5 bucks and buying a comic or two out of a box of old comics or just getting a Random issue of Daredevil and hope that’ll keep my DareDevil fix stable, and it’s not really like seeing a comic cover months in advance stops this, but some artist and writers choose to bypass this stuff and make irrelevant covers that mean nothing to anything in the story, and when I go to by a comic based on the cover, and get an issue of DD with kingpin on the cover only to find out that he’s not in the comic at all, it irratates me. We don’t need to see the covers really until we see the issue infront of us really. I mean, if you love a book you’ll buy it, if you think it’s okay then you’re more likely to drop it despite if Gambit shows up in two issues.

  33. Oh my god, you guys are killing me!  I had to pause the show just to post.  First, you put the lid down so the air doesn’t escape.  Didn’t you guys notice Conor complaining that the food was taking too long?  The lid is there for a reason.  It circulates the hot air as it permeates the food and cooks it evenly.  There’s no reason to have the grill at any higher than medium heat.  It keeps the moisture thus not drying out the food.  Second, corn can burn, so that’s why you put it on the shelf so that it doesn’t make it too crusty.  Third, my best results with baby backs have been applying your rub and then putting in the oven at 250 for 3-5 hours…longer the better.  Let it cool in the fridge, then put them on the grill and apply the bbq.  In that order dammit!!!  Trust me, it makes it better.  I worked as a grill cook in a restaurant for several years and I’m tried and true.  Cool idea for a show guys:)

  34. @vadaowens: The food cooked just fine, it was delicious.

  35. Oh come on man.  I’m just trying to be helpful.  We’ve established that I’m not everybody’s favorite when I’m being rude or attacking, so I’m trying to change the candor of my posts.  There wasn’t any mean intent in that post at all.  I’m just saying, that those things help.  Dear god you guys are testy sometimes!!!

    Also, you have a hot spot on the top right part of your grill.  I’ve found it helps once you’ve found your hot spot to then take the stuff at the bottom of the grill and rotate it to said hot spot.  Less threat of things being burnt.

    Seriously though, if you guys would rather me not post then tell me.  If what I say bothers you so much, then maybe I shouldn’t be on here.

  36. I got rid of my post. It’s not you. It’s me.

    The was open because we were filming. I am, in fact, a master griller.

  37. Thanks Josh, that means a lot.  Well good Conor.  I’m going to 3 BBQ’s this weekend and I will be stuck on the grill for all of them.  I love cooking though seriously.  It makes me feel more useful to my girlfriend.  I’m always teased by my friends for having a mangina.

  38. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Are your friends from a 50s sitcom? Cooking is cool. 

  39. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    In trying to come up with a top 5 I’ve realized most of my favorite books these days are minis or maxi-series. My easy answer is that I’d go with the Superman Family of books (aside from Superman itself) and the Hellboy related titles. 

  40. lol

  41. I still can’t answer the Top 5 question.

    The saddest thing in my life right now is that I don’t have anywhere to keep a grill at my apartment. 

  42. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @josh: All I have is a George Foreman.  I’ve watched your BBQ shows and have gotten jealous.  It’s just not the same.

    On another note, I liked the discussion about writers who work better in single issues than others.  Where would you place Geoff Johns?  Would you say he’s a guy who’s writing for the trade in mind or just the single issue?

  43. I tried a foreman grill. It was awful. Not enough heat to really "grill" anything, and in the meantime, it squeezes out all the moisture, so it’s neither crusty nor juicy.  Yum!

    I have a grill pan that I do OK with, but it’s a hell of a mess.

    Johns does great issues with an eye on the larger picture, but I don’t think he does particularly strong single issues every time. It depends on the book with him.

  44. God, a top five?  Invincible, Irredeemable, Scalped, Sword, and Echo 

  45. My old foreman grill didn’t have a on/off switch, so when you go to turn it off you gotta pull the plug which is not good at all to do, so I had to hook the grill up to a power strip then switch that on and off instead. Have they upgraded that grill to at least included a on/off button?

  46. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    For good examples of Johns’ single issues, I think about Justice Society. Especially those great spotlights on Citizen Steel and Liberty Belle/Hourman. I think he does the episode and the serial pretty well.  

  47. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @Paul: True.  I’ve read relatively little of Johns’ current JUSTICE SOCIETY run (but I do own all the trades of JSA), but I could see him doing good single issue character focus issues.  He did some great ones back when doing THE FLASH for the Rouges.  His Captain Cold single issue was the first stuff by him I’d ever read and it made me a life-long fan.  FLASH: REBIRTH feels like a whole story cut up into 1/6 chunks.  But that’s just me.

    @cromulent:  That’s exactly like mine.  I’m assuming they did eventually change this, but I have no proof.

  48. @vadamowens – If I had to guess (and I don’t) I would say that the lid was kept open for filming purposes.

  49. To enter the cover versus solicitations debate…

    As someone who buys issues once a month — and to answer the question of a few weeks ago, I don’t buy somewhere in the range of 97 comics in one sitting — I rely on the solicitation materials to select what comics to add to my pull list.

    My personal method is to judge the comics by their covers alone, I don’t read the actual material content outside of the creators involved. I used to, and found myself getting frustrated, thinking, "Haven’t I read this already?" That and I tend to read comics per family (Superman titles, Batman titles, et cetera) then the occassion Vertigo, Wildstorm book.

    It’s not a perfect system. I wish I could go back to picking up comics on a weekly basis. But since I’m a state employee, I’m only paid once a month. So I treat the comic reading as just another bill.

    TANGENT: I too love "Avengers Forever." What a great read.


  50. I don’t know what’s more disturbing…that you guys filmed yourselves eating, drinking and talking for those last minutes or that I watched you eating, drinking and talking!! O.o

     And yes, your grill skills are questionable, also, I think that last letter from ‘Ali’ was not a girl, like Allie, like I think you guys thought.  Ali is also a very male, Arabic name.  Pronounced more like, Ali, like boxer Muhammad Ali.  But it can also be a first name.  😉

  51. The first ever ifanboy thing I ever saw was last years grilling show.  The secand was the So Sad sand man show.  Ya, so its been about a year wacthing you mugs.  And after being layed off twice, being perpetetually broke, and getting a flot tire on the highway which caused a pritty big car wreck, waching the show is one of the few things fun about that time.  Thanks guys.

  52. I can assure you I am a girl. Ali is short for Alison. 

  53. @WonderAli, there are so few of us girls here, that they must be surprised haha!!

     Love your show guys, I get something good every time I watch. My only complaint was the choice in beer. I don’t drink a lot of beer but when I drink, the last thing I want is a Corona. Ew. 

    I prefer a nice cool Guiness. Or a smooth Yueng Ling if I can find it! Not BarbeQue beers commonly but my ideal drinks definitely, regardless of what I’m eating at the time!  

    I love to get cute little things with superheroes on them. My vice? T Shirts. If it’s got an emblem, or a phrase or something of the like I will buy it. I have more fandom T Shirts then I have actual shirts to wear in public!!!!! It’s hard to resist that baseball T shirt with the hulk ripping through a building or that jim lee Catwoman in her sexy glory!!!

     How about you guys? T Shirts? Meh or no?  

  54. @stuclach I think that’s already been covered there buddy

  55. @StardustDreamer: If I’m at a bar and they have Guinness and it looks like they know how to pur it, I’ll get that almost every time. I do like Corona, though. I acquired that taste from my brief time living in Los Angeles.


    As for t-shirts, I only own four straight up emblem t-shirts: Batman, Robin, Superman, and Green Lantern. But I lamost never wear them. I tend to go for the subtler ones, like the super hero related designs on threadless. I have a ton of those.

  56. @conor – Have you tried the Guinness 250 yet? It’s heaven on earth in a bottle or the tap.

  57. I haven’t. But now I want to, badly.

  58. @J4K3: I just looked and you’re right, as of this week’s issue McFarlane is the sole writer on SPAWN. That’s interesting, but I’d only pick it up again if he went back to drawing.

  59. @conor what do you mean by threadless?  I’m not familiar with that.  If you could provide a link or something so I could see one, I would appreciate it.

  60. We should totally do a ifanbase top 5 ongoing thread, where every member is allowed to vote and the top 5 books the ones who get the most votes. 

  61. @Josh – Perhaps G.I. Joe Origins for your top 5?  You seem to have enjoyed it.  You also generally score "Guardians of the Galaxy" pretty well.

  62. Corona without a lime?  Sacrilege.

  63.  @stuclach – for me to say something is in my Top 5 favorite books, it changes from week to week, and currently things are in transition.  Some are really good, but they’ve just started.  Some are ending.  I don’t know.  I’m not in love with anything at the moment. To early to say for Batman and Robin for example, or even Detective. I suck at that game.  Let’s put it that way.

    @superscribe – I tried to tell them.

  64. @connor haha, yes, pouring it right is a big deal! I just don’t like Coronas, maybe cause my family is spanish and that’s all they ever have.

    @superscribe with or without a lime!

    @Noto I feel like I’m not a true Guiness drinker but what is Guiness 250? *runs to google*

  65. Sorry for double post, I should clarify, puerto rican. =/ 

  66. I see a Tiki mug on a shelf.  🙂


     the Tiki 

  67. After watching the episode (and being a HUGE grillmaster), I agree with josh… stop messing with the meat!  put it on and walk away.  Don’t futz.  The beauty of grilling is in the prep work NOT the grill time.  


    Josh, anytime you want to exchange grill recipes you got my e-mail.  (I got a kick ass elotes/Texas Corn recipe)


    the Tiki 

  68. Nah, prep is boring, it’s all about futzing around with the meat onthe grill. So satisfying. What’s the fun in just putting meat on a grill and then walking away?

  69. Corona is a fine warm weather beer.

    Stouts do not always go well with being outdoors in the heat.

    If you haven’t, I recommend you try Pacifico (with lemon–if you do such things).

    To make it comic related, my favorite series that I currently buy in trade or issues:

    The Walking Dead

    Jonah Hex

    New Avengers


    Captain America

  70. Pacifico is a fine warm weather beer as well. I’ll sometimes get that to mix it up. Or Lone Star, if I can find it.

  71. I like to go the Belgian route with my beer (Hell, Belgium regards beer as THEIR wine).  Blue Moon is the perfect Summer beer.  😉


     the Tiki 

  72. Blue Moon is also a great summer beer. Hmm… I need to figure a way to pitch a beer and comics show to the guys.

  73. Great show-I always like the grilling episodes.

  74. Great show guys! you make me wish i had a "water cooler" to talk about this episode!

  75. Hey guys!  Watched the show while I was at my drawing board.

    Irredeemable is just outside of the top 5, right?

    Summit Pale Ale–that’s a great summer beer!


  76. @conor Beer + Comics = AWESOME!!! Blue Moon is an awesome anytime beer, haha! =) 

  77. I did give Irredeemable #4 a 5 this week.  I think it was a slow starter, which isn’t a bad thing, by any means.

  78. I just have to give a little plug for issue #5–which is 99 cents, by the way.

    Mark was looking for a way to recap what has happened before in the opening. I don’t know if I held up my end of the bargain, but I told him it was the best ( and certainly creepiest) beginning of any comic I had ever drawn.

    Enjoy the Fourth! 

  79. Conor said:   Blue Moon is also a great summer beer. Hmm… I need to figure a way to pitch a beer and comics show to the guys.

    That show is called 11 o’clock comics.  😉
    the Tiki 
  80. Since Conor is ignoring me, what is a threadless t-shirt, anyone?  Bueller?  That doesn’t even seem possible.

  81. Pale Ales definitely work in summer heat.

    Just passed Irredemable to a new reader and they are into it. That book has some hooks.

    Yeah, but 11 O’Clock comics rambles on like one of them annoying drunks.

    Also, just picked up Chew but could only find issue #2. Going to hold off until I can get that reprint.

  82. Josh was definitely cranky in this episode. Maybe someone should give him some "happy" herb  butter. Food looks great in this episode. The stacking method works perfectly. I’ve found with wings on the grill, putting each side over high for a few minutes, then putting them on the cooler side of the grill for some indirect heat and closing the lid for a few minutes. Always come out great. Why wasn’t Walking Dead on your list Josh? Have a good 4th everyone.


  83. you do realise that advert at the start of the video nearly caused me to have heart failure. I haven’t slept in four or five days, and I get a fright like that…I’m still shaking.

    I totally understand why Walking Dead wasn’t on Josh’s list. It’s really hard to explain, but Invincible hasn’t lost any of it’s fun, whereas I think Walking Dead before #50 is better than after #50. It’s still a fucking phenominal book though.

  84. Top 5: Scalped; Walking Dead; Green Lantern; Locke And Key; Four Eyes.

    Quite unhappy that Remender hasn’t put out the 3 or so issues of Fear Agent that he promised to put out, before the book would go on hiatus. This book would go on my list, but it hasn’t come out in forever, and the last arc didn’t even finish. As a result I refuse to buy the Punisher book.

  85. The site that had the 1992 interview with McFarlane is no longer in existence. Anyone have that interview saved? Apparently it’s conducted by Gary Groth. Sounds hilarious.

  86. @vadamaowens – threadless

  87. Threadless is a online tshirt store where people can submit designs. Threadless.com

    This is my favorite show of the year. Love the BarBque shows!

    Also Corona without lime is crazy. I can’t drink it unless there are limes. I am a Shinerbock man myself but that is a beer that is mainly native to Texas. You can find it in other states sometimes but rarely. Also Lone Star is the best cheap beer ever. Again, one you can only really find in Texas. Im going to miss those two things when I move.

  88. @josh  lol, you prick.  That was awesome.  Where’d you get the google thing from?

  89. In my defense, I googled threadless t-shirts.  Still laughing.

  90. @TimmyWood: Lone Star is served at a bunch of places in New York City.

  91. nevermind.  I googled the google thing

  92. @Conor Awesome. That assures me a bit (thats where I am moving)

  93. I relish every chance I get to use "Let Me Google That For You"  Thank YOU.

  94. Yeah, I’m definitely gonna have to use that in the future.

  95. OMG…how many calories in this show!

  96. Not enough.

  97. Gah I live 5 minutes from the city and am always there! Actually, I should be moving back to the city soon! =) But when I do I will loose my back yard and the local park to barbeque in! =( 

  98. What is this "calorie" you speak of?  Is it a Manga title?


    the Tiki 

  99. If you didnt eat over 2,500 calories for this show then you fail as men!

  100. Just finished watching the episode and it was cool.

    I’m no cook, but those chicken wings looked mighty tasty.

    On to my comments.  I usually get single issues because most times I can’t wait til a six-issue run finishes and gets collected. I am a comic book addict and I need that fix every Wednesday. It’s a vice I keep telling myself to get over.

    I have this writer friend and Josh completely reminded me of him in this episode. The cranky old man bickering, the grammar correction, and the forgetfulness. Of course my friend probably has thirty-odd years on Josh, but it was spot on.

    I agree that this is a transitional year for comics and a lot of great series are getting new starts like Daredevil, Capt. America, and JSA. I’d still put Batman & Robin on my list just based on the two issues that came out and Morrison & Quitely’s track record so far.  And, the Bat-verse right now is getting really interesting with Bruse out of the picture for the time being. Same with the Super-books.

    Good one for the Fourth of July weekend. Have fun guys! 

  101. Oh, and you’re sponsored by sausage now?

  102. It was hot!

  103. Dudes, Lone Star is served at Hill Country up in Gramercy/Flatiron. Texas meat capital of New York City.

  104. Hated Hill Country.  Expensive, and not very good.

    Just sayin’.

  105. Thanks Josh, sorry Ali!  🙁

     My bad, I guess you ARE a girl.  🙂

  106. My 5 favorite must-read on-goings:

    1. New Avengers

    2. Invincible

    3. Green Lantern

    4. Nova

    5. The Walking Dead


  107. always love the grilling show. used it as a base for my own July 4 bash. Good eats were had all around.

  108. @ Josh & Conor – Great save at the end of the show!  You guys had me worried you were all going to forget Green Lantern in your Top 5.  lol

     My 5:  Green Lantern, Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, Invincible Iron Man, & GL Corps

     I’m also liking the Batman titles of the new paradigm, but I agree with Josh – they’re too new to be included.

  109. The sausage ad is nothing. The church of scientology ad was the real surprise.


  110. Both the Final Crisis and the Secret invaision trades are 30 bucks.  Also, where are you grilling?

  111. Going with the tradition of watching those old episode on 4th of July

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