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iFanboy #124 – The Audience Demands It: Deadpool, Locke & Key, and Secret Six

Show Notes

There are all sorts of comic books out there, and while Ron Richards, Josh Flanagab, and Conor Kilpatrick read a lot of them, there are always series that slip through the cracks. They asked the iFanbase to tell them which books they’ve missed, and the iFanbase responded with a lot of titles. These are the top three vote-getters.

Ron starts off with his take on Marvel’s Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool. Plenty of readers have reacted well to Daniel Way’s mix of humor action, and self-aware antics. What will Ron think?

Conor was assigned the fan favorite horror story from IDW, Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft. Writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez crafted a tale that’s got reader creeped out all over. Did it work the same spell on Conor?

Finally, Josh pulled the most requested book, Gail Simone and Nicola Scott’s Secret Six. Now an ongoing after some much beloved mini-series, fans have fallen in love with this group of villains working together. Did the audience have it right that the blend of comedy, romance, and hijinks will win Josh over?


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  1. I feel like Mark Millar would write a good deadpool

  2. *sighs*

    I never thought my life could be

    Anything but catastrophe

    But suddenly I begin to see

    A bit of good luck for me

    Cause Ron Richard read Deadpool

    Richards isnt now stubborn as a mule

    Cause Ron Richards read Deadpool

    *starts to jig*

  3. *stops jig in midair*

    Oh……he didnt enjoy it all that much…..

    *scratches head* Well, I guess there’s nothing to do now…

  4. The Shield managed to string Josh along for quite a while….


    Yes, I did just compare Secret Six to The Shield 

  5. Deadpool – Ron was much kinder than I would have been.  Daniel Way is straight-up awful, and Pool-O-Vision makes me rage.  I love Deadpool, but this is not my Deadpool.

    Locke and Key – Actually never heard of it.  Doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, though.

    Secret Six – One of my favorite books, so… I don’t know.  It really does sound kind of silly when you explain it, but I think it’s one of the best DC books.  The only better ones are the Green Lantern titles.  But issue 9, I think, is the best of the series.


    I guess you guys wouldn’t have liked Incredible Hercules (my vote) either, because I like it because it has the same jokiness as Secret Six.

  6. Huzzah for Locke and Key, I was so excited to see that this made the list. This book needed a boost in readership and hopefully this episode helps with that. The second arc which Conor did not read is shaping up to be better than the first. Go pick up the first trade and check it out!

    @Gabe- The Shield doesn’t string anyone on; The Shield owns you.

  7. Mmmm… sweet delicious fanboy chum.

  8. Deadpool and Secret Six hold no appeal to me whatsoever, and these reviews did nothing to change that. I was planning on picking up the Lock and Key HC tomorrow, so great timing on that one.

  9. I was looking for another book to order along with the second Walt Simonson Thor trade and I think I’ll make it Locke and Key. It seems interesting and out of the norm for things that I read so it may expand my horizons. Plus, I’m a sucker for bookmark ribbons.

  10. Yay!  Conor liked Locke & Key.  It really is an incredible use of the comic book media.  Perfect blend of words and art; storytelling at it’s finest.  Easily one of my top books and I hope you enjoy the whole story too, Josh!  I’m enjoying the second arc more, BTW.

    Sad about Secret Six, but I really felt as if it wouldn’t be a book that either of the iFanboys would get into.  Not in a negative way, just felt it wasn’t your cup of tea.  S’alll good though.  Also, I always took the Batman/Catman standoff to be sort of funny.  Like Catman really thought he was on par with Batman and Bats is just thinking "yeah right, I’ll let you keep thinking that buddy."

    In case it gets a little heated later on in the comments, I’ll say this now: I’m glad you guys did this.  You gave the books we recommended an honest shot and that’s all that we asked.  Thanks.

  11. I wasnt reading Secret Six either though I kept hearing it was awesome and I picked up issue #8 which I felt was too jokey and didnt care for the art but I did pick up #9 which I thought was fucking awesome, really reminded me why Bane is such a badass

    Also about Catman, I actually remember a Alan Grant/Norm Breyfogle issue where Catman and Batman fought, it was awesome

  12. Deadpool can also teleport. He did have cancer and the cure did that to his face. He usually from what I saw just fetches stuff. I think the regenerative thing came because he got cancer, so the thing that deformed his face and the reason he wears a mask, is the thing that kept him alive if I remember correctly.

    As for the appeal – read Deadpool Classic TP #1. It’s not just the bombastic jokes. His deformed face scares people so he can’t get friends/girlfriends because of it (and he wants to) and when he was a regular and healthy merc he had a girlfriend and that went to shit. I guess him talking to himself evolved because of that, and his attitude I guess is a big Fuck You to the world that won’t accept him because of what happened to him.

    According to Deadpool Classic TP #1 he puts on that persona to deal with the world – otherwise (it seems) he would’ve been in a corner crying his eyes out or blowing his brains out. 

  13. glad you liked locke and key. the hard cover is a sexy edition if you people are interested you should by that over the soft cover. i read the first three issues of deadpool and i agree they were funny but i think the only reason the book is still going is to capitalize on the movie. as for secret six i haven’t read it yet but i’m not a die hard dc fan at the moment but i’m getting there.

  14. Locke & Key sounds good – I’ll pick that up.

  15. YAY Ron read Deadpool!!! I’m going now to read the Joe Kelly stuff. Thanks Ron!

  16. A question about Deadpool that I’ve had for some time- is he an attempt to mock Slade Wilson from DC?  Similar names, similar costumes, both are assassins/mercs. 

  17. If you read comics, Locke & Key is you cup of tea. Unless you are one of the cape-fetish asshole, in that case, fuck you. I went in after I read all the people voting for it in the original thread. Wow!



    Rob liefeld is a copyright infiringing, chesticle drawing mastermind. He created Deadpool because he wanted to use Deathstroke.

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Looooooooooooove Locke and Key.  

    Glad we don’t have to hear about Deadpool anymore.   

  19. Secret Six is to me the best book DC proper is putting out– not counting the Vertigo books, which would bring Scalped into that discussion.

    Strangely, Secret Six is pretty much the only book about "bad guys" I’ve ever enjoyed– Dark Avengers is getting painful for me to read. For that matter, much of "Dark Reign" has turned me off as well.

    I read the first few issues of Deadpool, but quickly grew tired of the schtick and dropped the book,

    I read the first story arc of Locke & Key, and enjoyed it, but didn’t come back for the second. While I recognize the high quality of that book, it’s just not a genre that really interests me.

  20. These shows are always good because people either walk away really happy or soul crushingly disappointed.

  21. @BC: I don’t know whether it was conscious or subconscious, but there is something there:


    But far be it from me to call Deadpool lazy, derivative, and creatively bankrupt. Again.

  22. Well Ron didnt like Deadpool so much. But that’s okay! Seriously, I am happy either way he felt about this series. Would it been awesome if he loved it and he read it along with us? Sure…..but at least he gave it a try, and I’m happy with that. Although I do find it very, very hard to believe he couldnt find the first 3 issues. They have been reprinted either once or twice now, so whatever LCS he went to to find them obviously isnt up to date on these things. All that aside, thank you for at least trying it out Ron.

    Lock and Key sounds good; although I have been hearing this for well over a year now. Guess I should jump along on the bandwagon huh?

    Man it was funny to listen to the Secret Six portion of this. Again if josh didnt overall enjoy it then that’s fine….I just dont know why he couldnt just say it outfront that he didnt like it that much. Instead we got like 12mins of him stretching to say what was good and bad about it. Come to think of it his bad points were really all subjective in nature. Same goes for Deadpool really. Anything you could like about both titles are all subjective so it should be up to you guys to see if you like Deadpool or Secret Six. Not just one opinion.

    I’m just sad now though…..now that ron has read Deadpool I got little purpose here anymore….*sighs and walks away*

    *runs back in with full Incredible Herc gear on*

    But that doesnt mean I cant find another comic for someone else to read!! Conor, looking at you buddy!! Life is good 🙂

  23. I’m actually developing a theory about Deadpool which is, "the more people you know who think Deadpool is funny, the funnier you think Deadpool is."  A lot of the humor is memetic, repetition-based humor, ie, being able to repeat a small piece of a joke and have everybody else get it.  I say this b/c I know the version of Deadpool I like (from Nicieza’s ‘Cable & Deadpool’ which supposedly owes a lot to Joe Kelly’s Deadpool, though I haven’t read that yet) is definitely a not-for-everybody thing — but everyone I’ve tried to turn on to it has loved it.  And the answer could just be, "Caroline, your friends are weird." But I also think it has to do with "Caroline, your friends are your friends, and you LIKE being able to say ‘chimichanga’ to each other, or to assert that Cable’s middle name is Priscilla, and get a laugh."  Like the way a lot of SNL sketches get their humor from repetition of a key phrase (and I think we can all agree some of these work better than others).  So I think this is part of the explanation for why there’s such a divide over the character.

    That said, I still don’t want to read a Daniel Way book. 

  24. wheres the goon? 🙁

    im very upset now

  25. @Ohcaroline: Well luckily for you, the Joe Kelly stuff is FINALLY being released into trades! So far, only the first 8 issues and first annual have been released like this, but its a great start. It’s still a pain in the ass to track down the rest of the Kelly and Simone stuff, but its so worth it.

  26. @philipgraves068: THE GOON came in fourth by six votes.

  27. @comicbookchris  That’s the ‘Deadpool Classic Vol. 2," right?  I’m on it.  (It looked like volume 1 was pretty Liefeld and thus skippable.). 

  28. so close! their has to be 7 readers out their that didnt bother voting for it! damn you 7 other readers!


    deadpool is good in small doses! hes not really a compelling read

  29. When I saw this episode, I was afraid to check out this thread for fear it would be nothing but a bitchfest, but to my surprise it’s been rather tame.  Let’s hope it stays that way. 

    I think it’s time I got off my ass and read Locke & Keye.  I’ve been avoiding it because I’m not really a horror fan.  But I can enjoy horror when it’s done right.

  30. *Locke & Key

  31. @TNC-I don’t see it as the guys "stretching it out" at all.  To me it shows that they actually took the time to really make an honest attempt to give the books a fair shot and to give non-readers of the series enough info to see if maybe they would like to check it out..  If it was just a quick "I didn’t like it" followed by 10 minutes of reasons for why, that wouldn’t be a constructive show at all. 

    Hell, even if the iFanboys *didn’t* like any of the books, it’s totally sweet it if more of the iFanbase pick up a series. Good ol’ Chlop is giving Locke & Key a sho, that counts for a win in my book.

  32. @ohcaroline – vol. 1 is skippable but it has its merits. It develops Deadpool to more than a superficial merc – they show why he is the way he is. If other comics explore that side of him, maybe get them instead. Also there’s a nice plotline of him being chased by someone that’s about to die, because he wants his regenerative ability, and Weasel is always good! Also the last issue is nice – I loved the merc employment office. 

  33. Not to make an argument or anything, because I did not read the comics first introducing Bane, but, according to Batman Knightfall by Dennis O’Neil, Bane could only survive the venom because of his strength and determination to begin with.  So, his strength will be less without the venom, but he can still take out any idiot who crosses his path short of a super hero, that would be over exaggerating his natural strength. 

  34. these show are great ideas. you should do more

  35. The users’ vault show?

  36. ya! we decide what they read.

    we should have a users vault show twice a year.


  37. Glad that Connor & Josh enjoyed Locke & Key.

  38. Good show guys.  I appreciate the candor you used approaching these books.  At times all 3 of you have come across as elitist pricks.  You understood the appeal and gave opinions without insulting readers.  That’s awesome in my book. 

    Locke and Key is exceptional!  I read and collect Deadpool for that silly witty humor side of me, but I don’t bring it up in conversation.  Secret Six? I agree with Josh.  I don’t see it surviving, even though I find it mildly amusing. 

  39. your picks should have been


    locke and key

    and something else that isnt secret six, deadpool, hulk or incredible herculeas

    but great show nevertheless

  40. @philipgraves068: Don’t complain to us, complain to the voters.

  41. @ohcaroline: Deadpool Classic Vol. 1 has four components: New Mutants #98 (Deadpool’s first appearance, super Liefeld heavy), Deadpool: The Circle Chase (A continuation of Liefeld’s story from X-Force, but Fabian Nicienza writes it), Deadpool: Sins Of The Past (Written by Mark Waid, really the first time Deadpool was a breakout character instead of a soul-less Liefeld creation), and the first Joe Kelly issue. So I would get Vol. 1 as well, its only half Liefeld inspired stuff, but the other half is really great.

  42. "Elitist prick" or "informed, thoughtful readers with well-formed opinions"


    (Why do people think it’s OK to say really insulting things to us?)

  43. @ Jimski: It’s not that Deadpool is lazy, derivative, and creatively bankrupt. It’s Rob Liefeld that’s lazy, derivative, and creatively bankrupt. IMO, Deadpool has had significant grown since he escaped the clutches of Liefeld.

  44. I’m glad you guys did this, and don’t mean this to sound like a continuation of the give Secret Six a chance campaign, but I just wanted to mention that it surprised me to hear that Josh didn’t go for the humor as I think it’s exactly the same as what one gets in Guardians of the Galaxy, which is also a book about a group of nobodies that would sound ridiculous if one were to go over the characters/events (though admittedly, Starlord’s suit is a lot better than Catman’s). I would say the one-liner in every panel thing happens there as well. I recognize that there’s something to the idea that SS is about villains and that that could be what makes the difference, but I just wanted to throw the comparison out there.

    Anyway, kudos on the effort; it’s appreciated.

  45. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    They’re also written by two different writers with different sensibilities. 

  46. @Josh.  the tone of your response alone should differentiate between the two.  I don’t attempt to insult at all.  I simply desire to state that, occasionally, you guys come across as the ‘authorities’ on floppy’s.  If I’m mistaken and have taken you the wrong way then I sincerely apologize. 

  47. @MrBeebs37 – I see what you’re saying, but humor is extremely subjective, and the slight variance in styles, either how words are placed, or the tone of the jokes can affect me in drastically different ways.  If I were comparing styles of comics, I wouldn’t ever put Gail Simone and Abnett and Lanning in the same category.  They’re different writers.

    To be honest, I am a bit of a comedy snob.  If there’s anything I’ve studied by whole life, it’s what makes things funny, and I have very specific tastes to that effect.  It should also be noted that the things that I find very funny are not usually the things that become very popular with most mainstream audiences.

  48. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @vadamowens – Hosts speaking with authority?   Sounds like they’re doing their job. The guys run a comics commentary site and podcasts. It’d be kind of odd if they started every sentence with, "Well gosh, folks, I could be wrong but I sort of think–" One of the first rules of persuasive writing  is to speak with authority. The guys have been reading comics for a long time, which gives them credibility. But they also support their arguments. They’re also genuinely nice guys. It’s honestly frustrating to see them get treated like punching bags on a weekly basis.  

  49. Using the word "prick" does not a collegial discussion make.

    I believe at this point, we’ve also earned the right to have some faith in the legitimacy of our opinions.  There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as we’re not being personally insulting to differing opinions, which can also be valid.

  50. Man I feel like I could have scripted the response to these books from the three of you.

    I saw the readers suggestions and thought to myself "Uh oh, those Deadpool and Secret Six fans aren’t going to be happy if those books win"

    heh heh.

    I don’t even remember what I voted for, if I did, but all three of you would have loved it. 😉

  51. "as long as we’re not being personally insulting to differing opinions, which can also be valid"  There we go:)  

  52. Confusing could be avoided with the use of emoticons, you elitist pricks 😉

  53. That’s true.

    Example: drakedangerz is a cock.



  54. I’m not going to pick this podcast apart because I quite enjoyed it.  Enjoyed it quite a lot, actually.  I cannot believe that there is a show about comics that I can watch every week.  You kids don’t know how good you have it.

    Looking forward to next episode!


  55. @conor

    im not complaining to you! im complaining to the voters, as you can see in my earlier comments i said ‘damn you voters’

  56. @PaulMontgomery: Yes, Secret Six and Guardians of the Galaxy are written by different writers but Josh specifically commented on his dislike of certain types of jokes (every panel having a one liner being the example that springs immediately to mind) not just certain types of jokes as written by Gail Simone.


    In the same way that movies like Royal Tenenbaums and The Squid & the Whale are by different creators but similar enough in sensibility/tone to warrant a comparison, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to point out the similarities between SS and Guardians.

  57. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, Wes Anderson did produce Squid & the Whale and Noah Baumbach is his writing partner on a few films.  😛  

    No, I see where you’re coming from. It’s a subjective thing. I don’t want to speak for Josh, but having read a couple issues of both series, I think GotG is the exception to the rule, where Secret Six is consistent with the rule. I’m more surprised that I like GotG than I am about not so much liking Secret Six. Which really just speaks to GotG as a book that transcends. If that makes sense.   

  58. I HATED the Squid and Whale and LOVED The Royal Tennenbaums.

  59. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Even Jeff Daniels!? You philistine!  

    See what I did there?   

  60. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    (The Royal Tenenbaums *IS* better.)

  61. JOSH HATED SECRET SIX!!! (heading to washroomg to play the Cure and drown in tub)

    I love the Secret Six but was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be your cup of tea, I’ve listened to enough shows to know that Simone’s style is not your thing. The art, story and quality are meaningless if it doesn’t appeal to your own personal aesthetic, which is why it’s good to have 3 people discussing the books, between the 3 of you most peoples tastes are covered in one aspect or another.

    Locke and Key though I think are excellent and am very glad you guys gave it a try. One of my favorite books, I never really considered it a horror though. Deadpool I didn’t like either, I always though it was a one trick pony, no development to the character means Deadpool always starts and ends in the same place, no fun for me.

    Well Josh hates fun, so we should have seen the results. (me being facetious)

  62. Great show, I may try Locke and Key.

  63. Locke and Key sounds like a must have! Normally I’d try and find the back issues, but that trade collection that Conor had looked like it would be a nice addition to my bookshelf after I’m done. Plus, it has that ribbon too! It would feel like I’m reading real literature with that ribbon!

  64. @josh: Thank you! That’s what I have been thinking about Drakedangerz for a year now 🙂

    Is it weird that I dont mind the ‘meh’ that Ron felt for Deadpool? Or am I finally growing a…..what’s that word? Oh yeah: Sensibility.

    (BTW: Do get Deadpool Classics vol. 1-2 cause if Way doesnt catch your interests….then Joe Kelly certainly will make you love Deadpool)

  65. I’ll say one thing about Deadpool.  I really liked the art in the book.  It’s good looking, and I don’t think Way takes enough advantage of the artist, since there were a lot of talking head panels.

  66. RE:  Secret Six.  I’m glad you gave it a shot, Josh, though I wish you had enjoyed it more.  I knew nothing of the background of the team other than Bane broke Batman’s back and Deadshot is the DC Bullseye.  I think this is one of the best book DC is publishing that doesn’t have Geoff Johns’s name on it.  And though I have thoroughly enjoyed the run, I think Simone is just now (with #9 and #10) hitting her stride with these characters.  This isn’t my "Josh is wrong," or "You should give it another shot," rant; I’m just expressing my opinion and hoping that more people will read this book so it doesn’t end up going the way of Captain Britain.

  67. @josh: Paco Medina is a very good artist; much more credit should be given to him. It’s the right fit for this current volume; as it’s all cartoony.

    But there is a lot more action in this then I guess whoever edit the pages shown for the vid. It doesnt help Ron picked out issues #4-5 which actually had more talking then action in it. But the stuff before and after those issues have a lot more action in them.

  68. @Josh and @Paul, right there with you on The Squid & the Whale & The Royal Tenenbaums.

  69. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – Didn’t Ron mention a few times in his review that there was a lot of action and gunplay in the issues he read? It didn’t sound like he was asking for more of that element.  

  70. @Paul: Well josh was stating it looked just like talking for the most part instead of action.

  71. Yes, I was looking at 4-8 for the most part.

  72. dont just look, read also  🙂   <–emoticon

  73. @Ron: Dead on the recap pages at the end. Not something Daniel Way really thinks of when doing this comic. Actually, do the writers of the comic have to come up with recap pages? Never knew if that was the writer or Marvel in general that does the recap.

    But if Deadpool recap doesnt spark your interesting:

    Then INCREDIBLE HERCULES recap pages will definitely entertain you. It’s funny, witty, and more importantly; gives you the info you need to know when going into an issue. That’s right, INCREDIBLE HERCULES has great recap pages.

    ….If I’m gonna start whoring out INCREDIBLE HERCULES, I might as well do it now 🙂

  74. Bottle Rocket’s still my favorite WA film.  I’ve enjoyed everything but Darjeeling.  It was a little splotchy.  Soundtrack was great as usual.  Looking forward to ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’.  Always loved Dahl growing up.

  75. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Josh – Did you get to finish Locke and Key since the recording of this episode? I was really impressed with it and plan to steal some tricks from it in the future.   

    Maybe I should do more horror comics coverage. I might be the only writer on staff who would actually call himself a horror fan. Beyond Hellboy and Hellblazer, I mean. I could be wrong though.  

  76. I did finish it, and I was very impressed.  As I said in there, it was very skilled comic booking. That’s what impressed me most.  The storytelling and pacing was top notch.

  77. I can’t believe the iFanbase voted Deadpool in instead of The Goon. But there’s a silver lining: 

    A possible full episode of the Goon and nothing but.


    Incredible Hercules is pretty good stuff as well. Best use of Wonder Man ever. 

  78. @miyamotofreak: I wasn’t surprised by the top three vote getters at all. In fact the night before we launched the voting, I correctly predicted all three.

  79. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Around the iFanboy offices we call Conor "The Calculator" or "Abacus Finch."  

  80. @Paul: The Calculator is his "villain" name.

  81. I totally agree with everything Josh said about Secret Six. I read the first arc and while it just didn’t grab me at all. I might keep my eye on the title to see where things go but i’m not gonna be a regular reader.

  82. I loved Villians united. It was the best Infinte Crisis Tie in for me. But by god, when I read Six Degrees of Devestation it just broke my heart. Everything I loved about VA was ruined in that Mini, Gail Simone pissed me off so much, I wanted to throw her in a Fridge. VA was just so great, and like Josh said, Secret Six just didn’t take itself so seriously. But by far for me the biggest problem I had with this book was just how much they overplayed the Lesbianism. Now as a Guy I love me some Lesbians. But when it comes to characters, and story, when you overplay it that much, you no longer get Love or even Lust, you get a form of unrealistic … something. I can’t even find a word for it. If Young Avengers was the best use of Homosexuality in Comics, then it’s complete polar opposite on that feild is Secret Six.

  83. i haven’t read any of these.

    i think i might like deadpool if i can get into the humour of the character. im not sure.

    locke and key looks interesting. ill definetly recomend it to my horror fan friends. again i probably wont run out and get it, but it looks good. ill probably buy it out on a whim one day.

    i reckon you can definetly do a group of villains well. like show there human side that you really relate to, but then have them do something horrific that makes you see the difference between them and you. like… sopranos or something. But despite the "get out of hell free" card which looks pretty cool, i think ill pass on the secret six.

    are Josh and Conor reading savage dragon?

  84. @GreenLantern2814  I haven’t read the book, but what do you mean by "overplayed"?  What did you dislike about the story? Also, can you really get mad at somebody for ‘ruining’ something they created in the first place?  (I mean, obviously you CAN but I’m not sure it makes sense.)

  85. Go Locke & Key!

  86. @s30: I am reading SAVAGE DRAGON.  Josh is not.  I really don’t think he’d like it.

  87. I don’t think he, er, I would either.

  88. @josh: Take some advice, dont read Savage Dragon.

  89. He’ll probably read it now…

  90. @Ron, Josh, and Conor – Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to interact with our favorite show.  I enjoyed the episode a great deal (despite the fact that my suggestion didn’t make the cut).  I am going to pick up Locke & Key and give it a chance.  I will continue to ignore Deadpool completely.  I will also continue to flip through and then put back Secret Six (I bought the Batman vs. Catman issue and thought it was very weak).

    @Paul – Abacus Finch.  Awesome.



  91. @chlop: Oh that’s right, josh does everything the opposite as I say….

  92. Nice show guys.  Glad to hear your thoughts on the three books.  Locke & Key has always sounded interesting to me, but I’ve been a right bastard by not doing anything about it.  The other two are not really in my wheel house, though I appreicate what they offer their readers.

    Even though the votings all done and the sweat is wiped from your brows, I really do think you guys should take a peek at Atomic Robo.  It’s such a fun comic book, and I’d think that all if not most of your trio would really enjoy it. 

  93. I really hope you guys do another show like this again sometime.  Don’t let the negative nellies in Sector 2 turn you off of doing another one.  My vote would definitely go for R.E.B.E.L.S., unless you guys already read that, in which case… carry on. 😉  Plus, that title just started out, so it would be great to do a show about it once they get a few more issues in the can, but before it gets cancelled, as I fear sales are low and DC certainly doesn’t rush to put out a trade anymore.  But still, great show, I think that rather than shitting on you guys for not liking those books, people should be happy that you do listen to your fans and will give books a shot.  Not all of them can be Checkmates.

  94. Now all we need is a show about smaller publishers – like Ape Comics and we can die peacefully.

  95. @chlop: Thats a great idea. I’m surprised we havent seen a smaller publishers show yet.

  96. They had a show on Oni. Oni is much smaller than you would think.

  97. I’m with Ron, I enjoy deadpool when it comes to a crossovers but an entire series is a bit much.  And how can we shout at Josh, it’s not his fault comics are going through a slump.

  98. We also did a Top Shelf show.  There are others like that on the horizon, but it takes a lot of reading to make sure it’s not just a commercial for the publisher.  I haven’t read enough of Ape that i loved to justify a show.  Same with most other publishers.  At most, they’ll have one or two titles that are really good.  And we don’t want to do a show about a bunch of books that are "OK".

  99. What about Red 5 comics and their flagship Atomic Robo?  🙂

    Just sayin’…. 

  100. I really enjoyed Locke and Key, but I didn’t totally understand the ending. Did anyone else have that issue?

  101. DON’T READ Incredible Hercules Ifanboys.  It is AWFUL!  If you didn’t like Secret Six or Deadpool, NO WAY you will like Incredible Herc.  Spare everyone the embarassment and save your $12 for some other awesome book.

  102. @KickAss: incorrect!

  103. @Jimski~ Agreed!

  104. @jimski: Second!



  105. Deadpool is not a mutant, it has been said many times that he is not a mutant. He was givein regeneration powers by weapon X to cure his cancer.

  106. Incredible Hercules is very solid. And it’s humor isn’t as in your face as SS and DP. 

  107. Josh would have liked Helstorm: Son of Satan a lot more, whether he knows it or not. SoS has a shirt on and isn’t on fire for most of it if that helps.

  108. To be honest, I’m not sure I trust any of you.

  109. @josh: You shouldnt.

    Guess who slashed your tires? *points to self using knife*

  110. @Josh– When I recommend a book to someone, it’s not only because I think it’s good and enjoyed it, but also because I honestly feel the recipient will like it based on their taste. For what it’s worth.

  111. @conor – That’s awesome. Are you enjoying it?

  112. It was really more of a joke.

  113. @josh: Oh you were joking…..then I guess slashing your tires was a bit of a rushed conclusion on my part

  114. I, as well, apologize, for I rashly poured sugar into your gas tank.

    So hurray! Our idiotic opinions and recommendations matter!

  115. @Nate.  Which issue are you asking about?

  116. @ vadamowens,

     I’m at work so I can’t grab the book (I read it awhile ago) but in the last issue, the last few pages I didn’t really understand what happend. I’ll look when I get home.

  117. @ohcaroline

     @GreenLantern2814  I haven’t read the book, but what do you mean by "overplayed"?  What did you dislike about the story? Also, can you really get mad at somebody for ‘ruining’ something they created in the first place?  (I mean, obviously you CAN but I’m not sure it makes sense.)

    I mean overplayed by that they look like lesbians out of a Porn Flick, not lesbians that love each other like they did in VU. The story is just shit. I dislike that Gail made VU so good, but she made this book so shitty and kinda Tongue in Cheek, instead of doing what she did in VU. And you can ruin something you make, ask George Lucas, and if I hear anyone say he didn’t ruin StarWars I will show them Clone Wars. Hell, I’ll show them Empire Strikes back.

  118. Even I didn’t think it was that bad.

  119. I don’t think Josh likes comics…


     (Wait, we’re still using emoticons to show sarcasm right?) 

  120. I have a feeling I shouldn’t pursue this line of questioning any further.

  121. @ Josh–I thought that might be the case, but when you started it with "to be honest", that kind of threw me lol.


    @ TNC– you do realize that Josh is a city boy, and the odds of him even having a car are about 50/50 right?

  122. I live in Queens. I’ve got a car.  I lived in LA for 8 years.  The car is like an appendage.

    @ohcaroline – Good call.

  123. @Neb- I love me some Atomic Robo comics. I have the shirt to prove it, too.

  124. Just caught this via Tivo and pleased Conor liked Locke & Key.  As beautiful as the HC is, the floppies are just as masterfully crafted.  As with any IDW book, when you get the singles, it just feels, looks and almost reads better than anything else by default.

    I also like the idea of a small publisher show.  IDW, Boom!, Avatar… I read many more indies than big boy books, so this would be welcomed.

  125. Read Deadpool!

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