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iFanboy #123 – The Vault! Runaways Vol. 1, Dan Dare Omnibus, & Alan’s War

Show Notes

This week, iFanboy goes into the vault to to check out three of their favorite books!

First up is Runaways Vol. 1, Brain K. Vaughan’s hit series from Marvel Comics. What happens when a bunch of teenagers find out that their parents are an evil super team that runs Los Angeles with an iron fist? Well, let’s just say that the angst level goes off the charts.

Next is Dan Dare Omnibus. Dynamite Entertainment rescued this series from the smoldering remnants of Virgin Comics, and the iFanboys couldn’t be happier. A Garth Ennis war story set in space and in a future where the British Empire once again reigns supreme captured all three of the iFanboys’ hearts when it originally came out.

Finally, there is Alan’s War from French artist Emmanuel Guibert. It’s the true story of Alan Cope’s experiences during World War II, the kind of which are rarely captured in most heroic tales of battle.


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  1. Awesome, something to keep me occupied while I’m up with a stomach ache. The vault shows are my favorite.

  2. Love the vault shows!  More great books to check out…

    And the COUS ref made me laugh.  Thats the first thing I thought of when I saw the show title.   

  3. Its not the size, but how you use it.

    Fun show.

  4. I will definitely be picking up the Dan Dare Omnibus when the soft cover is released in July.

  5. I have always thought of Dan Dare as the British version of Flash Gordon. 

    Great show!

  6. HOLY GOD!

    Ron’s Wearin’ The Blue Lantern Tee.

    Ron you are my Favorite iFanboy now.

  7. Will there be a DC Trinity episode?  I’d be interested, just wondering.  Didn’t get to read it.

  8. Also who says "Holy God!" at the end of the videos?  And who is skateboarding?  Sounds like it could be Ron saying "Holy God!"  Though it doesn’t sound exactly like his voice on the podcast.

  9. @KickAss: I don’t know who it is but I do know it’s not Ron saying "Ohmygod!"  It’s Kevin Rose skateboarding.

  10. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Trinity episode.  I don’t think any of us made it through.  Like me, I read the first 2 issues. That was enough.

  11. I gave Trinity three issues. It… was not made with me in mind.

  12. I though Moore’s runaways was done.  Is the wheadon runaways any good? 

  13. Also, look at the kirby devil dino onmi.  The omnibus logo dosn’t even fit on the spine.

  14. @Gabe: Yep, Moore’s run just ended.

  15. @ gabe; wheadons run was awful

  16. @Gabe – from the several issues I read so far, it’s mediocre and it’s just not those characters. The art is good but not like the first vol. which suited it the most. The jokes fall flat, and the dialogue seems weird – sometimes it seems to have nothing to do with the art… They’re pushed even more into the Marvel universe which isn’t a good thing – them being in their own little corner with shovel yielding robbers etc. was good. Also it seems to center more on the plot which is a travel back through time, and less on the runaways’ personalities and interactions.

    They’re just different people and I just regard them as characters from another Earth. I still have some issues to read to finish vol. 2 but I’m in no hurry.

  17. When-ever I hear Trinity I still think:


    Rather than that weekly Piece of Shit. But truthfully, I only call it that cause I just hate Busiek.(Ruined Aquaman, and caused him to become a Zombie.)

  18. Vaughn’s first run on Runaways was 18 issues. His second run was 24 issues. Whedon had the next six in that volume.  I love those runs. Just amazing comic books. They’re what got me started collecting.

  19. I always thought Dan Dare was a campy style scifi story and had no interest.  Glad to hear its a war story, I’m ordering it from instocktrades asap.  great show guys

  20. To see "hate Busiek" hurts my soul.

  21. @josh: Then your not gonna like the title for my autobiography:

    ‘My first twenty years: Laughter, heartache, and the hatred of Kurt Busiek’

    Good show. Again in the same veins of Young Avengers, it just seems like Marvel has taken the piss (thank you Gordan Ramsay) with the characters. Throwing them into bad tie-in miniseries and I have heard nothing but medicore to bad things out the ongoing title. Alan’s War and Dan Dare sound like good books though, I remember the craze for this book when it came out in issues. Strange that it’s an Ennis book I havent tried yet.

  22. Whedon’s run on Runaways I thought was great.  I read it in one sitting, and think that people who read the 6 issues over 1 year were too tough on it.  It was excellent, but people were sick of the lateness.  The story of the girl who was left behind, that was as excellent a story as Astonishing X-Men, only shorter and without Cassaday.

    Moore’s run has not been great, though Takeshi Miyazawa’s art on the last 3 issues looked excellent.  I hope Vaughan returns to the comic someday, or at least gets the movie made.  It has potential to be as good as Iron Man, Spider-Man, or Incredible Hulk.

  23. @GL2184 "Ruined"?  Reaaaaaally?  We’re doing that now? C’mon, we’re the ifanbase for pete’s sake.


    You’ve changed, man.   It used to be about the music.

    Whatever.  Great show, guys.  I hear Ron talk about living in Ca sometimes and I was wondering, do you guys just do a crap load of these around the holidays or NYCC?  

  24. That’s the second part of the female genitals I have learned about from watching this show.

    Good episode!

  25. Will I find you guys on the backs of these trades as well?  I got my "I Kill Giants" TP in this week and found a quote from Ron on the back.  With the quote on the Proof TP as well, it makes me wonder where else you guys are gonna appear on my books… hmm.  

     Should I only look for books with your stamp of approval like some sort of comics version FDA thing?   

  26. @ Josh

    I won’t give him the satisfaction of spelling his Name right(I assume I spelled it wrong)

    But when you Kill Artur Curry and replace him with a Teeny Bopper, well, I don’t care how many awesome Avengers stuff you’ve done or if you helped with however many crossover books, you don’t mess with A.C.!

    Also, Iron Lantern Is Unforgivable. Shoulda been Hal Murdock. Daredevil MAN WITHOUT FEAR!

  27. @GL2814

    Or possibly Greendevil ? Darelantern ?

  28. Something like that. But hey, he’s the writer, he should think of it.

  29. All the runs on Runaways were way better than Moore’s last run in my opinion. Nothing really happened there.

  30. I loved Runaways as well. always thought BKV’s run was the best but i am reading whendon’s and find that he has returned the series to a more character based story which is what i like. I am surprised that no one commented on "Alan’s War". I Picked it up from my libray just to see what it was and i was pleasantly surprised by it. it is a great story about one man’s life and it is just so magnificently done. great book, i would recomend it to anyone.

  31. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @Josh: Overall, I must say that I really enjoyed "Alan’s War."  My only problem I had with it was that after Alan returned to the United States after the war, I began to lose interest in the story.  Maybe it was because the title was simply "Alan’s War" and there was a lot more post-war material than I was expecting.  Perhaps I would have been better prepared for that material had it been in a separate volume, such as the possible sequel – "Alan’s Youth" – mentioned at the end.  I know that this is a true story of an interesting guy’s life and that true life rarely fits into the parameters of fictional storytelling.  Still, if Guibert had chosen to end this particular volume a few chapters earlier, I feel it would have been a bit stronger.

    Was your or anyone else feel this way as well?  As I said, I did enjoy the story and thank you for putting it on my radar.  Maybe I was a bit too impatient near the end.

  32. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Er, I guess the question should be "did you or anyone else feel this way as well?"  Not whatever it was that I said originally.

  33. I understand what you’re saying, but I guess it didn’t bother me.  Cope was such a singularly unique dude that I was just enjoying his journeys, as they were so different than mine. Dealing with things like his gay friends in a much less tolerant time, and his reactions to General Sherman were pretty enthralling to me.

  34. It could also be said that the use of "War" in the title was not as literal as you might think it was.

  35. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    True, I did find parts of his post-war story interesting, especially those incidents you mentioned.  Overall though, I felt it went on a bit too long.

    Good point about the title.  That’s a great book discussion conversation starter.  I’ll fight the urge to bog the forum down by a lengthy reply.  🙂

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