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iFanboy #118 – The Vault! Ron’s Christmas Gifts for Josh and Conor

Show Notes

This week, iFanboy goes into the vault to take a look at two books that Ron bought the other guys for Christmas and… another random book. Apparently, Ron didn’t get the memo. It was on Christmas themed-paper!

First up is Nova, Vol. 1: Annihilation from Marvel Comics. Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning showcase their own patented style of throwbacky but modern comics in this mammoth hard cover that contains the first year of the book that redefined Richard Ryder.

Next is Superman: Red Son from DC Comics. What if a slight tilt in the Earth’s rotation meant that instead of landing in the heartland of rural Kansas, Baby Superman’s spaceship fell to Earth in the cold, unforgiving Soviet Union of the late 1930s? Things wouldn’t be to good for America, comrade.

Finally, there is Young Avengers. The hardcover that collects the entire series from writer Allan Heinberg (Grey’s Anatomy) and artist Jim Cheung hits on every Avengers-loving level. This is the book that caused Ron to first bellow the now infamous “Damn you, Heinberg!”


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  1. Cool, I got a couple hours to kill…

  2. Ah Superman: Red Son. Greatest Superman story ever in my opinion. Fantastic art, I mean really, I think this has better art then Gary Frank to be quite honest. It’s just a fabulous Elseworld’s tale, it’s also probably the best Elseworld’s tale too (ironic since it was the last one for that DC line). It’s funny cause there is a huge error on the final page of that story, but Millar entertained me so much….I didnt ever notice the error until over a year after I read it for the first time.

    Nova is a very good series; if it wasnt for Green Lantern then it would be the best cosmic comic out today. Now I do love the stories in the first 12 issues….but man the best story for this comic, in my opinion, is the Galactus/Silver Surfer arc that comes right after what this HC collects. Some of the best art you’ll ever see in a comic. Plus, it had without question, my favorite cover for 2008. Look up the cover for Nova #13 and you’ll see what I mean when it was the best cover of 2008.

    Finally the Young Avengers……eh….well it’s obviously not fair to critique a set of characters from a bad mini but…..after I read SI: Young Avengers/Runaways I said to myself ‘Why should I care about a bunch of characters that not even a writer can keep interest in? I do want to read this HC though that you showed in this podcast. I mean anything with Jim Cheung as artist is worth a big price like this book has. But you know it says something where Marvel decides to retry this team again: but completely change the team roster and throw it in with Dark Reign…..Boy life does suck sometimes doesnt it?

    Great podcast guys

  3. So, does this mean we will have a Josh or Conor xmas vault show?  


    Also, the ending of Red Son was first thought of by Grant Morrison.  Suck it Ron! 

  4. Who is that on Josh’s shirt? Why do I have such an affinity for eyepatch wearing character (Jesse Custer, Big Boss from Metal Gear, Nick Fury, etc) in spite of generally disliking pirates? Why do I hope to have my rhetorical question anwered?

    Awesome show & awesome end; it’s like both Ron and Josh ran out of snappy outro lines and went, "Uuuh, fuck it! *salute*"

  5. @Capt: Van Gogh.


    I wouldn’t call Red Son the greatest Superman story, but it comes pretty close. It’s the exact opposite of every other "significant" Superman story, as it requires little to no prior knowledge of  the mythos.

    Also, aren’t Stature and Vision in the current Mighty Avengers?

  7. All these years.

    All these years and nobody told me Kang was in Young Avengers.

  8. This was a very enjoyable episode.  I like it when you guys just shoot the shit.  It is how I imagine my life would be if I lived in a town with at least 1 other comic book fan.

    Keep up the good work.  (Damn Ron can pick a Christmas present!)

  9. @Labor – That is why i was so taken aback by it’s sheer "marvel-ness". Run, don’t walk!

  10. Kang was hot.  What the hell happened?

    Nova has been on my list to check out for a while.  Maybe next month I’ll buy.  Fun show, keep the witty banter flowing!

  11. Avengers Forever and Superman Red Son are great books!

  12. I’m alway a fan of the vault shows.  

  13. it’s chrismas in April!

  14. The new Young Avengers: Dark Reign does have the original team in it. According to Cornell, they’re kind of taking the place of the Avengers in the first arc of YA. The original YA are trying to get the new Dark Young Avengers to quit or something like that. At least we know they’ll be there.

  15. @Anson: So your saying…..Paul Cornell is stealing Geoff John’s idea in Rouges Revenge?

    That bastard! 🙂

  16. @TNC. Yeah it’s a total ripoff of the exact same story, obviously, except for the fact that one set of characters is villains while the other is hereos and there’s the age difference, the government connections in the Dark Reign tie in, and both will deal with legacies in different ways, but other than that they’re completely the same thing.

  17. @Anson: ……..That bastard….:)

  18. @Anson: Okay so it’s obviously not 100% the same thing. But the way you first described it did.

    I tell you what that Thor kid in the series….looks a lot like Jim Cheung’s take on ‘The Beyonder’

  19. If you guys haven’t talked about Arkham Asylum Living Hell, you should, it’s my favorite Batman Book.

  20. Red Son is right up there with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

  21. @jimski: Even with ‘Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens’?

  22. @GreenLantern2814

    Arkham Asylum is my favorite Batman Book also.

    Conor did a mini on it:


  23. @AmirCat

    I thought they did something with Arkham Asylum, It’s hard not to it’s such a great book.

  24. But the Book I mean is The Dan Slott one. (

     (I hit enter Too Soon)

  25. I never realized how badly the original writers of Nova ripped off Green Lanter’s origins!

  26. DnA’s Legion of Super Heroes run was great also.  I know you all are hesitant try the book out but there have been some great Legion runs (Shooter, Mike Grell, Cockrum, Giffen, Giffen again, DnA, etc).

    Its a great book that has had some of the earliest/greatest fan backing in modern comics history.

    Just sayin’……

  27. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Wow.  I dropped out of reading "Elseworlds" in 1994 after DC made every annual from that year do one.  Some of them weren’t so good and I assumed that was par for the course.  I also tried that Batman/Dracula story from that time period and wasn’t feeling it.  I finally picked up "Red Son" recently after watching this video and man, I was sure missing something.  This book is top notch.  Thanks for putting it on my radar.

    Maybe I should go back and reread some of those 1994 annuals.  Or was my first reaction to those stories right?

  28. This is my second time watching this. I dunno if I just wasn’t paying attention or something, but after watching this again, I want all of these books!!!

  29. Ron is so thoughtful. great books, i have to check out that Nova book

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