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Pick of the Week #314 – Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes #2

Show Notes

With Ron Richards away, iFanboy.com editor Paul Montgomery steps in just in time for Josh Flanagan to reveal a dark secret, Conor Kilpatrick’s plan to put comics out on a reliable monthly schedule. Plus: reel-to-reel editing and… STDs? Oh, yeah– and comics!

Total Running Time: 00:56:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:54 – Everyone agrees that Conor’s choice for Pick of the Week, Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes #2, is excellent.

00:09:52 – Paul and Conor get into it over Action Comics #4.
00:14:04 – Things are coming together in Animal Man #4 and Swamp Thing #4.
00:18:07 – Reed Gunther #6 wraps up a fantastic all-ages bear-ridin’ cowboy comic.
00:20:41 – Josh had a bunch of issues with Stormwatch #4.
00:25:00 – Irredeemable #32 revealed a big origin, but was it exciting?
00:27:18 – And I’ll form… the head! Voltron #1.
00:30:10 – Josh says that with The Last of the Greats #3 the series gets better and better.
00:31:24 – Venom #10 threw Josh for a loop, art-wise, but he enjoyed it.

User Reviews:
00:32:33 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:33:21 – kingdomofevan loved Cold War #3.
00:34:42 – closetsquirrel hated The Defenders #1.

00:36:44 – Jordan from Windsor, Canada has noticed a pattern in his New 52 DC comics.

00:39:17 – Jeff from Indianapolis, IN asks about Marvel’s double shipping policy.
00:42:41 – Les from Orlando, FL wants to know about comic book turned prose writers.
00:45:42 – Chuck from North Carolina asks about beloved comic book treasures.

00:50:30 – Andrew Kerrigan has won a $50 gift certificate from Art.com!

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  1. I think we all can agree the best ‘Planet of the Apes’ product is the musical:

    “Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off!’


  2. Wow, the last two mins was….interesting.

  3. I’m with Josh and Conor regarding Stormwatch. I enjoy it when I read it, but then over the next month my interest wanes to the point where I consider dropping it altogether, but I ultimately buy it and enjoy it, and thus the cycle repeats.

    I’m thinking Paul Jenkins will help me break that cycle. Are we thinking he’ll become the new regular writer?

  4. Thanks for the P.S.A on buying books you hate.

    I’m pretty sure comics are not expensive enough when the buying community still continues that practice.

    • Yeah, I think it goes to show how many readers are still stuck in the collectors “gotta have them all” mentality. I know someone recently posted that they were only buying Black Panther because they didn’t want to break their Daredevil numbering. To me, that’s a wholly irrational reason to buy a book. If they really buy comics because of the numbers, then hey – whatever floats your boat. But when it’s “buy and bitch” month in and month out, i just don’t get it.

  5. Hey guys does anyone know why when I try to view my profile/pull list it simply says invalid user? should I just cancel my account? Sorry for bringing this comment to this board but I have sent an email to the customer service and main contact and have gotten no reply 🙁

  6. You guys were joking about Paul Jenkins on StormWatch right?

    • No sadly he will be writing a 2 issue-arc, so yea, I’m fairly concerned about who will be the next replacement. When it comes to official replacements, DC seems to be playing it fairly smart with Keith Giffen coming to Superman and Ann Nocenti coming to Green Arrow.

    • that’s… not a good thing

  7. No Book of the Month? Will it be on next week’s podcast?

  8. Glad you like our Duvel, Conor 😉

  9. Re, the cut to the back up: G-Mo is harkening back to Action Comics of yore. This device was part of the motif.

  10. In regards to closetsquirrel’s review – why pick one of your iFanboy members reviews to read and then mocking laugh your way through it? Seems a bit rude

    • “mockingly” i meant

    • You assume that the laughter was mocking.

    • That review was a mess. I assume the word “meh” sums up average yet he rated it poor.

      Also the reviewer is going to continue to buy multiple issues of a book they don’t like.

      That deserves to be mocked as much as the reviewer mocked the book.

      I believe the review is picked by one guy and not put before the Trinity for approval; therefore, they don’t all need to accept the review as a quality review.

    • and Conor you assume that we listeners don’t pick up on the snide comments that are sometimes made during the reading of your website members reviews.

      Josh’s “two shits” comment about my own Daredevil #6 review is a light barb at my expense, and then his proclamation of whether or not we read same book and having Ron explain what I meant just shows that there is an apathy present on the “user review” portion of the podcast.

      when I started writing my reviews for iFanboy this year I found it fun and loved reading what other fans thought of the book. I was stoked to see that one of my reviews was picked (as I’m sure Closetsquirrel was) but after listening to the podcast I just felt like not writing any more reviews. Why bother? is what I felt (and I’m sure is what Closetsquirrel feels as well)

      We are not all exquisite reviewers, thanks for pointing that out.

    • @ghostmann: If we were apathetic about the segment we wouldn’t do it. Believe me, no one is forcing us to include user reviews. So Josh didn’t understand your point and Ron had to explain it. It happens. Especially during a live read. You assume a lot about the motivations behind what we say and do.

      Are snide comments made during user reviews? Sure, sometimes. Just like we make sometimes snide comments about what each other on the show say. That’s the show. It’s what we do. Everyone gets made fun of at one point or another. It’s all in good fun.

    • Please don’t consider getting rid of the user review segment of the podcast.

      That would suck.

    • No reviews from ghostmann? That would suck even more…they are foul mouthed jewels…keep ’em coming!!

  11. Right on Paul!
    Heart Shaped Box and Horns are fantastic books.

  12. Whoa, I won the giveaway?!

    Cool, thanks guys! No Shark Submarine for me, but the “On a Marché sur la Lune” print looks amazing.

  13. One of your listeners asked if you could recommend a novel from a comic book writer? Peter David wrote, “The Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast” that ties into the Marvel continuity which happens to be an excellent read.

  14. I know i’m late, crazy week. great show guys. thanks

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