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Pick of the Week #160 – Robin #180

Show Notes

Streamed live during recording, Conor picks a personal favorite that made him happy in a sea of mediocre books. Chuck Austen may want to avoid this one.

Running Time: 00:59:30

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – Conor makes do with Robin #180 as the Pick of the Week. Too bad we’ve only got the one story left.

00:09:45 – The Amazing Spider-Man #578 featured the return of Marcos Martin. Oh yeah, and there’s Mark Waid.
00:12:14 – The team is split on Pax Romana #4.
00:16:44 – Scalped #23 gets more people to the bar. In the book, not real life.
00:18:48 – Andy Diggle takes over with Thunderbolts #126. Josh FOR. Ron AGAINST. Conor ABSTAINS.

The Bell:
00:25:00 – The bell returns to take its gruesome control over reviews of…

  • Supergirl #35
  • Dynamo 5 #18
  • The X-Files #1
  • Punisher: War Journal #25
  • Ex Machina #39
  • Fantastic Four #561
  • Hellblazer #249
  • The Flash #246
  • Ghost Rider #29
  • Firebreather #3
  • X-Factor #37
  • Rann-Thanagar: Holy War #7


User Reviews:
00:30:02 – Brikhed is down with Josh, because Invincible #55 was all around awesome.
00:31:55 – Coltrane68 liked X-Men #504, and so did Ron, who still disagreed.

00:35:55 – Russ from Brooklyn, NY wants to know about Trinity.
00:38:28 – Kevin is curious about storage. Of comics. Obviously.
00:42:14 – Alan wants to know which superhero has it the roughest.

00:48:45 – Dan is curious about our guilty pleasure comics.
00:51:04 – Seven wonders which of the two universes is the most dangerous to live in.

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  1. Yes! The bell has returned!

    No! The podcast is not loading on my itunes! Error!?

  2. No. Steve Jobs is a podcast racist.




  4. Seriously though, the itunes wont let me download it and the link on the main page wont work either….Help!

  5. They’re teasing us.

  6. Very interested in hearing this guys… Packing all my comics…. 3 rooms worth.

  7. There was something causing the flash player to load very slowly.  It took like 5 minutes to kick in earlier.  Don’t think it’s on our side, but it also seems to be working fine.

    iTunes downloaded just fine for us, so perhaps that’s something on your end.

  8. iTunes not working for me either, but the link at the top is, so that’s a-okay.

  9. Holy crap, it’s Youth of Today.  I didn’t see that one coming. 

  10. Yeah, there was something a little funky with my download too. I usually listen while I’m downloading, but this time the audio would skip around. It’s really tedious to describe, but it was like instead of downloading the whole audio in sequential order, it was like it picked 4-5 different "markers" in the audio and was downloading a bit from each location until it had the whole thing. Anyway, I got it all, but just wanted to let you know that I too experienced something different, which is fine.

    Also, it’s pretty late for this but I wanted to let you know: I few weeks ago I REALLY appreciated you guys NOT talking about the US elections on the POTW podcast. Nothing against politics in general, but it was really, really nice to have a podcast that didn’t feel the need to mention it during the environment of mass media saturation/propaganda.

  11. Everything should be working now.  Let us know if it’s not.

  12. Doesn’t stream in Firefox or Safari.

  13. Itunes works now, yay.

  14. It works in Firefox if you download the quicktime.

  15. My vinyl copy is skipping.


  16. @JumpingJupter – Streaming’s working fine for me in Firefox.

  17. I’m surprised that the bell came out on such a mediocre week.

    Still awesome though! 🙂

  18. I wanted you guys to expaned on the Supergirl issue. I mean seriously, it was a filler issue and in no did it expand the NK story.

    *drink to that sentence cause it’s the 16th time I’ve stated it :)*

    I’m more generally pissed at Thunderbolts then happy because it spoiled the entire SI story. Listen, I know that there wasnt going to be a huge status quo changing moment in the event….but I would’ve loved to be surprised if there was. If what this issue of Thunderbolts stated is what will happen in SI #8, then we must all find Bendis and have a nice long chat with him.


  19. Black Flag now Youth of Today, awesome music choices. Hopefully next week we’ll get some Judge or Floorpunch if you decide to stick with the edge bands. 

    About comics, the last two parts of New Krypton have been disappointing. Surprised to hear Josh enjoyed this week’s issue of Supergirl.  

  20. hahaha, judge on ifanboy.


  21. Everything streams fine now.

  22. JUDGE Really can’t be that far off..  🙂

  23. Bruce Wayne: Fucked Up Regardless


    Sequel to the smash hit Batman: RIP.

  24. "Don’t worry ’bout it, just read it".

    Words of wisdom.

  25. As Friends Rust would be a cool opening.

  26. Great show guys!  A few comments.  I’ll number then because it makes it easier and I love numbers.

    1. I was bornin the 80s and I know The Shocker, in all his quilted glory.  He is the only Shocker I recognize.

    2. Its interesting to here two different statements about the new Thunderbolts issue.  Another site I frequent, which shall remain nameless, was quite adamant that the ending of SI was not at all spoiled in Thunderbolts.  Maybe they didn’t consider the fact that the heroes win a spolier?  I didn’t check it out, but still its interesting to hear that you guys are the complete 180 of that.

    3.  Pot shots at the little fat kid?  Boo guys…boo 😛

    4.  Agree with Ron that you don’t need to know much about X-men history to know what Fraction was doing.  Maybe if you wanted to be able to point out all the hot chicks in Scott’s mind?

    5.  I think that what Dan might have meant was what books you might enjoy that don’t get a whole lot of praise, but you love anyways.  Regardless, I agreed with your answer to his question.  For me though, its Silver Age comics.  Not really a guilty pleasure, because they are good stuff and a blast to read, but I laugh so hard when I read it.  The silliness, the awesome art, Magneto smacking Toad every two panels, I can’t get enough of it.

    And I might get hate for it, but did not enjoy the opening music.  Sorry, just didn’t do it for me.  Play some Foghat!!


  27. hey thanks for answering my e-mail guys!  I guess you got to have a heavy dose of pathos to be a super-hero.  The X-men all do have tragic soap opera-y lives don’t they.  The Young and the Mutated.

  28. You know, I may be in a small minority, but I’ve been picking up ‘Thunderbolts’ since Ellis started writing it after ‘Civil War’ and I think it’s been one of the most interesting and consistent books out there.  Not only Ellis’s arcs, but the one-shots and tie-ins by Christos Gage, the SI series, and now Diggle’s first issue all work together really well.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any experience with the older incarnation of the title, but it’s always completely worked for me.  I do agree it wouldn’t have hurt anything to hold it back until SI was over, though :-/.

    As far as ‘Uncanny X-Men,’ I said something similar to a friend as what Ron said — if there’s stuff in the story that doesn’t look familiar, it’s not because you haven’t read enough X-Men.  This book still feels like the first act of a movie, and I think there’s time for things to be explained.  (I do laugh every time I see a reference to "Cyclops’ dead ex-wife, Madelyne Pryor," though — because how often do you have to SPECIFY which of a guy’s dead-ex-wives might be out to get him?)

  29. I enjoy the bell concept, but why do you guys have to ring the fuggin thing three or four times? It was so ear piercing I shut the episode off.

  30. ding ding ding

  31. If you have been around when the first streamed mini test episode was made, you would have known that the tasers didn’t work.

  32. Your assessment of Scalped was a little unfair Conor.  Sure, Dino ended up at the bar, but it was far from just a plot device to justify a story.  I thought it was a great study of a tragic character that Aaron obviously loves writing about

  33. East Chicago is Lake Michigan

  34. So it’s like Sub Diego except colder.  Sounds nice.

  35. I love the bell, but not hit repeatedly.  I seriously feel sorry for anyone listening to this with earbuds.  Ow!  I want a beer with drinkability and a podcast with listenability.

    Surprised FF wasn’t pick of the week…I thought it was easily the best of the Millar/Hitch run…Conor talked about not wanting to give the PotW to a first issue, wanted a book with payoff, FF had this in spades. 

    I admit a pathetic geek pleasure hearing how people store, order, or don’t their comic collection.

  36. getting a podcast with the bell is like having an extra candy bar fall from the machine. a delicious, ear-splitting candy bar.

  37. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t DC make an ELSEWORLDS book back in the 90’s where they had a "What if Batman’s parents weren’t killed" story?

     I kind of remember it happening, but I don’t remember what happened.

  38. I’ve got Josh’s back on the first War Machine mini by Austen.  Good stuff.

  39. The podcast sounded fine on my earbuds.  Maybe I irreparably damaged my hearing before this.


  40. Really?  People are bitching about the sound of the bell?  Yeesh.

  41. I didn’t like the sound at exactly 14:04.  It was fine before this specific second and afterwards.

  42. Don’t worry – it’s audio. If it won’t attract new listeners and it will alienate old listeners, it will be retconned.


  43. Don’t ever let the bell end!



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