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Pick of the Week #158 – Final Crisis: Resist

Show Notes

It was a bit of a dry week, and Conor Kilpatrick had a hard time with that, but luckily Josh Flanagan didn’t as he found a bit of gold in DC event of the year, Final Crisis.

Running Time: 01:01:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:40 – Josh was reminded of the greatness of Rucka, Trautmann and Checkmate with Final Crisis: Resist.

00:12:25 – Ron and the iFanboy community all agreed that Gigantic #1, the latest from Rick Remender, is kickass.
00:17:15 – Power Girl is bringing us down in Justice Society of America #20.
00:19:48 – Conor didn’t hate Ultimatum #1 from Jeph Loeb and David Finch.
00:24:13 – Back to Brooklyn #2 was a strong follow up to the first issue.
00:26:26 – Joe Kelly’s writing and Chris Bachalo’s art makes for an excellent The Amazing Spider-Man #576.
00:28:16 – House of Mystery #7 is continually enjoyable for Josh, especially with David Petersen on art.
00:30:11 – Josh noticed a NEW Sandman book by P. Craig Russell!  It’s the comic adaptation of The Dream Hunters, and if you like Sandman you have to get this.
00:32:12 – Guerillas #2 from Image Comics took a turn, but in a great way and Josh is loving it.

Book of the Month:
00:35:50 – Conor talks about his Book of the Month, Sentences: The Life of M.F. Grimm by Percy Carey.

00:45:00 – Chris from Binghamton, NY wants to know what heroes or villains do we think each other are like?
00:47:27 – Jason wants to know what makes the trade paperback reading experience different than reading issues?

00:52:57 – Ian wants to know why there’s no love for Thor or The Eternals?

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  1. "iFanboy Pock of the Week" – nice.

    another great show.

  2. And for the people that want violent monkies, there’s a movie with Ron Perlman (he’s in everything):

    Primal Force (1999) which is a great movie!



  3. Ron= Dazzler or whatever her Brit Pop/Indy incarnation is in a Marvel mutiiverse.

    Josh is more of an Ollie Queen than a Hawkeye (see beard and crusading for the little guy/book)

    Conor is  Bucky. Not afraid to get his hands dirty in the pursuit of justice. He’s seen a lot, perservers and contnues fighting. Also, capable of romancing the Black Widow.

    Paul = Rip Hunter. See New Frontier special. Can find order in choas and distill the most essentai qualities of a thing in a way which makes lesser minds envy him as much as thry admire him. C

    Jimaki- M.O..D.O.K. Master of hyperbole and scheming. Can amuse enrage and inspire with frightenting aplomb

    Mike -Jimmy Olson – Always hot on the trail of a new discovery. Fits seamelsy into a larger framework, withot realizing his own impact. Brings a fresh perspective, tempered with an ageless veteran qualty.

    Sonis – Combines the sallacious hook of Action’s Cat Grant with an entrepenuring spirit and integrety of Sally Floyd.

    Chris: Guy Gardner- Suupplies tthe community with spirits, but he can certainly hold his own in any comic discussion or when called on to rise to the occasion. Freelane entrepnuer.

    Paul Dini: Mighty Mouse – the perfect balance of whismy and substance. If we were to go mainstream, I’d say Alan Scott as he is portrayed in Vito Delisante’s issue of Superman- the inspiration for many

  4. Excellent show, guys.

  5. Very funny episode — you guys should totally insult each other more often.

  6. Apes…not monkeys…apes!!

    Good show though guys.  The fact that you could make an entertaining show with such a so-so week of comics is very impressive.  But why didn’t you talk about Invincible Iron-Man?  Or Secret Six?!?!?!  Boo for that.

  7. We don’t read either of those books.

  8. great show, good pick of the week. do you all really hate each other?

  9. Yes.  Deeply.

  10. My next email question is going to be, "How ugly is your mama?  Don’t answer for yourself.  You have to say how ugly you think the OTHER fanboys’ mama is."

    It’ll be a great time.

  11. Ultimatium = Final Nail in the Coffin for Loeb

  12. If Gigantic were a movie, what would it be rated? PG, A, R? How would you rate Remender’s work in general?

  13. A soft R.  

  14. Oh, I just realized that you guys read my emai! Yeah, it’s probably best that you didn’t read it in it’s entirety. It’s a little insane and embarassing. I’ll post it on the forum maybe… heh.

  15. Ah screw it, I’ll embarass myself.

    #1: I hear you guys often saying "this’ll read better in trade". I was thinking about this myself. What makes the trade reading experience different? Personally I tend to read a full trade or most of it in one sitting. I make myself a cup a of tea, or I grab a beer and I relax on a good chair and read for a few hours. Recently, upon your recommendation I have been buying Batman: No Man’s Land. I loved Vol. 1 but the second Vol. didn’t do it for me. I wasn’t sure why until I realized that Vol. 1 consists of two large arcs by two writers and three artists, whereas Vol. 2 has many shorter arcs – even a one-off – by 5 writers and 7 artists. It seems that trades are better suited for longer arcs by fewer creators. But at the same time, had I bought No Man’ Land in single issues I could just read them all together as a trade. "I feel like reading Bob Gale’s first arc of NML today". "I think I’ll pick up Lisa Klink’s one-off tonight". But in the same breath I can do exactly that with trades also! So what the hell makes trades a different reading experience! The not having to wait? But you have to wait until the single issues are out to buy the trade… Gah! The no-ads thing? Just skip ’em in the pamphlets. The Spine? Could it be the spine? Can’t be that simple. And you can’t even open trades the whole way like a regular comic.

    Now, you may think I’m overthinking it. And you might be right. I want to save money but I don’t want to wait 75 years to read about my favorite characters. Am I single issue guy or a trade guy? I feel like I have to be one or the other. Or that if I’m both I should have some sort of system trade/single issue.
    I don’t even know what my question is anymore! Help! I’m driving myself crazy with this! "

    What’s your system?

    Oh, and:

    Josh = Madman
    Conor = Rorshach
    Ron = Blue Beetle

  16. conner your reading spiderman marry jane right. read power pack its a good time.

  17. I’m not reading SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE.

  18. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Thanks for sharing the Voicemail reminder about The Eternals from Ian. When I saw the preview of Eternals in Secret Invasion, I was intrigued. I loved seeing drawings from big events past like The Infinity Gauntlet and the Holocaust on Genosha, but fuck my ass if the words and story weren’t completely unintelligible (for me, at least). Since that time, I’d forgotten to give the series a chance.

  19. Maybe Kevrum was remembering one of the video shows were one of the ifanboy crew stated they read the first volume of Spider-man Loves Mary Jane.  Or was that in one of the articles?  I can’t remember specifically

  20. @drakedangerz – I read the original series but I don’t read the current volume.

  21. gents, just read Proof #1 and 2 on my iPod Touch via iVerse Media…WOW…how cool.


    Thanks for the recommendation.


    I hope all the major publishers start to use this medium.  I’d buy a bunch of books this way.

  22. Yeah, I got it on my phone too.  VERY cool.

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