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Pick of the Week #250 – Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #2 (Part Two)

Show Notes

If you missed Part One you can find it here.

iFanboy celebrates its 250th episode with a quadruple-sized all-e-mail spectacular! We asked you the iFanbase to send us e-mails on any topic you wanted and boy did you deliver! We had so much fun answering so many e-mails and drinking way too much booze that we had to break the show up into two parts!

Running Time: 01:54:00

00:00:55 – Martin from Melbourne, Australia is studying abroad and needs some pull list advice.
00:03:19 – Scott G. (jgg0610) asks if anyone other than Josh, Ron and Conor have ever chosen the Pick of the Week.
00:04:06 – Josh W. wants to know who Gordon the Intern is.
00:04:34 – P.S. E. (PozrDu) asks about iFanboy’s favorite running gags and memes.
00:09:09 – Michael O. has had some bad comic convention experiences with creators.
00:11:45 – Chris wants to know if certain creators should only work at certain companies.
00:14:59 – Patrick B. from Winchester, KY (PaleRiderOfDoom) thinks certain creators are wasting their talents.
00:18:15 – Edward G. (theVision) asks who will prevail: digital or motion comics?
00:18:59 – Eric from NY (Aelfinn) asks who would win in a thumb wrestling match: Jim or Gordon the Intern?
00:19:23 – Henrik from Stockholm, Sweden wants to know why new characters don’t premiere in their own books anymore.
00:22:35 – Mike G. from Canada might be done with comics.
00:26:00 – John G. asks if there are any American Indian characters not covered in fringe.
00:27:06 – Jenn D. from Portland, OR wants to know about the Sandman TV show and Mad Men.
00:29:36 – Eric H. wants to know if there are any good runs on characters the iFanboys dislike.
00:30:36 – David W. wants to know if the format of the Pick of the Week Podcast will ever change.
00:36:40 – Vincent from Westchester wants to know why the comic book stigma still exists.
00:39:52 – Jeff from Texas (RoiVampire) asks about super hero running gags.
00:41:04 – Matteo A. from Milwaukee, WI thinks he may be evil according to the iFanboy standard.
00:42:14 – Dave G. (thehorseman) wants to know how to build a comic book community outside the internet.
00:43:52 – Matt B. from the UK (Templar17) asks a desert island question.
00:48:47 – excalipoor wants to know which Scott Pilgrim style swords the iFanboys would earn and about Scott Pilgrim‘s box office.
00:50:57 – Brockett V. from Chicago, IL wants embarrassing iFanboy stories!
00:53:26 – Bryan S. wants to know why he bought so many Dreamwave Productions books in 1999.
00:53:46 – Anthony K. wants to know if the iFanboys don’t like any popular comics, what the iFanboys think of Brian Michael Bendis’ creator owned books and then he gets personal.
00:58:20 – Joe from The Bronx asks about NYCC, reading trades hurting low selling books, and ink stained fingers.
01:01:54 – Juan Bon Jovi asks Ron an uncomfortable question.
01:03:21 – Jackie T. from Queens, NY wants to know about the iFanboys’ top ten (and beyond) and James Robinson’s Wildcats.
01:04:26 – Scott Cole from Allentown, PA asks about weird Amazon purchases.
01:06:12 – Ryan S. (Swifty) wants to know about the video show open.
01:07:31 – Zak H. (Zak71296) asks about hard comic book items to track down.
01:08:53 – Zack M. asks about favorite non-Marvel and DC characters.
01:10:38 – Dave C. puts Undercover Boss into comics, asks about comic book execs, and which city needs a comic con.
01:12:38 – Chris is all about comic book binding.
01:13:42 – Peter from Montreal, Canada asks Conor about booze.
01:16:18 – Jim proposes a shag, marry, kill scenario or three.
01:17:55 – Martie G. (Boomergirl) asks who would write and draw the iFanboy biographies.
01:20:18 – Russ wants to know what the deal is with The Hulk.
01:21:16 – Doug (Zombox) wants to know about displaying original art.
01:24:37 – Chris from Albuquerque, NM asks about the term “creator”, finding trades, and how the iFanboys see themselves.
01:29:42 – Jan M. from the Philippines (Xeno) wants to know about favorite comic book series and issues, the top Vertigo titles, and which series should have reached 250 issues.
01:32:47 – D.J. from Fremont, CA asks about the future of Elseworlds and alcohol to drink while reading comics.
01:33:24 – Stevie from Scotland wants to know about Star Wars comics.
01:34:40 – Sean from Thornton, CO and pymslap ask about Thomas Jane.
01:41:20 – Mosher wants to know how the iFanboys became friends. (And why people seem to hate “Knightfall.”)

Thanks everyone who sent in a question!

“Back and To the Left”
Texas is the Reason



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  1. awesome


  2. Tell me Conor gets drunker!

  3. It appears so…

  4. Part One was a feast for the ears.  Now it’s time for dessert… and after-dinner drinks, natch.

    Congratulations on 250 episodes, all!

  5. I’m was waiting for Conor to finish the episode like Jason Mewes on the Clerks commentary: passed out drunk on the ground but once in a while pointing out continuity errors.  Loved the Knightfall fight, Conor and Ron should drink more often during shows.

  6. Hey so i looked a little bit, but you mentioned a show about relationships with wives and girlfriends…what is this referring too?

  7. @ludusmaximus: This show.

  8. Thanks Conor! I know it wouldn’t be responsible, but I could listen to you talk while drinking/drunk for a long time.

  9. For the record, Freak Angels is brilliant and they put out 6 pages per week. Really worth the time. Generally I won’t read every week and instead catch up once a month, that way I get a full issue’s worth once a month.


    Congrats on 250th. 

  10. That Tom Jane moment in the Emerald City Con show was so perfect I swore up and down it was planned

  11. what was that scene w/ robert de niro in good fellas you guys were talking about?

  12. At the end, when Karen goes to visit Jimmy, and he tells her there are some dresses in the back, and she gets freaked out and leaves without going in the room.

  13. .It split into two parts like Kill Bill. The whole show is fun. Conor sounded so drunk. I finally get a chance to hear how you guys all met. Having friendships that last for more than a decade is not easy. Now that I understand the whole Thomas Jane thing, I really hope I can meet him when I’m at the con. Sux that he will never be at NYCC.

  14. That was awesome. I owe you a beer Conor.

  15. Comor should always do the podcast drunk….. AMAZING!!!

  16. Hey hey hey hey……hey….

    Hit-Monkey is not shit. It is pure gold. How can anyone say anything monkey related is shit? Other then the act of the monkey throwing its shit. 

  17. Congratulations on 250 and thanks for a great show.  I love when Ron and Conor argue about something and Josh can’t believe the show is derailed by minutiae.

  18. I was expecting Astro City, Vol. 1 (Life in the Big City) to end up on that island Templar17 asked about, since I especially remember hearing about Josh actively going after back issues.

    Then again I might be projecting here, since that’s what I would bring.

  19. That was the best show ever. I just final listening to part two. It just got funnier and funnier as you guys got tire and drunker.Was just a off and on listen but now lifetime member. And Josh your f@#king voices was the best.

  20. Great explanation for Mike G at the 22:35 mark, I gave up on comics many times in the past, but with podcasts, especially ifanboy, and it’s a gate way into learning about new, different and scarce comic material across all genres. An reader can find material, I think approach it like finding a good book. If any one gets burned out or feel at a loss with their current books, check one of the old video podcasts. It’s unbiased as far as being a third party uninfluenced by any company. My fellow members have been great at hyping and providing info on all the comics listed on the site. 

    When Walking dead was announced I bragged about it to a couple of friends, whom have not collected comics since they were in their teens, it was the Frank Darabont name which attracted them, but their overall perception was comics are super heroes running around in tights.

    Great podcast guys!! 

  21. This was excellent! I have not been so entertained since I saw the A-Team movie. Great show, amazing site.

    Keep up the good work.

  22. @iFanboy crew: thanks for the advice, I don’t know if im quite ready to drop all my superhero books, i still feel a bit invested in some of the characters i’ve been following for so long, i just feel that im starting to notice the constant recycling of story ideas in superhero comics (character dies, comes back, fights villain, etc). I’d just like a few more fresh ideas and i think i’m going to try to branch out more in the indy rhealm. at the moment most of the indy stuff i read is in trade but i’ll give the monthy issues a shot.

    @Josh: That’s some great advice about re-reading some of my old faves. I haven’t revisited stuff in a long time but i think rereading books like Preacher and Y The Last Man might reinvigorate a bit of my excitement in the medium. It’ll remind me why i was excited for these book in the first place.

    Thanks for answering my question, congrats on 250 and I’ll be there for episode 500! You guys are the best!

  23. Congrats on 250! Great show. Thanks for answering my questions (I’m Joe from the Bronx BTW).

    I do have to clarify one thing, though — the ink coming off on my fingers only comes from the covers, not the pages. I guess I’m just an oily guy. I pretty much only read comics lying down, holding them with both hands. Apparently, I’m the only person this happens to. Just another reason to switch to trades and HCs.

    Hope I get a chance to meet you guys at NYCC!

    Best wishes for the next 250!


  24. DORITOS!!!???


  25. Patrick B. from Winchester, Ky…yeah…that’s me.  Sorry for the awkward grammar.  I don’t neccessarily believe the question I was posing, just asking.  Thank you guys for all you do.  Here is to 250 more!

  26. You just knew where things were going with how early in part one that Conor popped open the 2nd bottle of champagne. 😉 Good on him for that two. He was hilarious. Just wish Ron would’ve drank more than a high school girl, and that maybe Josh would’ve joined the fun. Nothing lamer than when one guy is having a fun and being entertaining, and the other guys are playing captain buzz kill and constantly rolling their eyes. I get that somebody had to be able to drive the podcast without crashing it. So the father of the bunch gets a pass. But Ron really should’ve had more fun with it.

    I had a question that I wanted to email in. But didn’t get it in on time. If you guys read this, what is the story behind "We got Dodson!"? And why is it that it is impossible for Ron to pass up on this long running gag any time he hears Terry Dodson’s name?

  27. Ah ha! I’d entirely forgotten about that. Thanks Conor.

  28. @j206

    Eh, I don’t get why people who drink don’t like it when someone doesn’t drink with them if they have a reason not to.

    Actually it’s something that really peeves me. It’s not like Josh was any less funny.  

  29. It’s not that they weren’t drinking or drunk. It was that they were constantly getting annoyed/condemning Conor’s awesome drunkeness. Ron especially. Anytime Conor would cross the line of what he felt was proper, you could just hear the condemnation in his voice. For example, at the end when Conor kept referencing his ex-gf. That’s just a buzz kill.

    It has nothing to do with people not drinking. Drink, don’t drink. Whatever. Life is grand. It’s just that people who are drinking/having fun don’t mix well with people who aren’t. This is nothing new. And not something special to this specific podcast episode. In general, if you have people hanging out with one another and some are drinking and some aren’t, it makes for a very awkward mix. And I can speak on this from both sides. If you are drunk and having fun, the couple people who aren’t are a total buzz kill. And likewise, there is nothing more annoying than being stone cold sober around a bunch of drunk people yucking it up. It’s a simple fact of life.

    I’m not saying the podcast sucked. It was great and hilarious. Just would’ve enjoyed it more if if that awkward tension between Conor and Ron wasn’t there for much of the time. Please podcast guys, do not take this as a complaint. Nothing more than an observation from a more than satisfied customer.

  30. I’ve had custom binding done for never-to-be-reprinted comics like Micronauts and Miracleman and I have to say I love the results.  My Miracleman hardcover might just be my favorite thing on my bookshelf.

    Miracleman Omnibus: http://twitpic.com/2cw0uo 

  31. made me laugh: "whatever the fuck sober people do.." 😀

  32. That line was classic.

  33. OK, it’s official: Conor should do every show drunk. That was seriously the funniest episode ever.

  34. Pure awesomeness.

    Part 2 was even better than part 1.

    And I liked the dynamics. I was worried about Conor going too crazy with the personal girlfriend information (and I don’t know shit about anything) and I think Ron was just trying to coach him down from an unnecessary diatribe, which is what friends do: they look out for their drunk friends.

    Loved drunk Conor telling Josh to tone down the aggressiveness at the end. That was an unexpected turn.

    Drunks are unselfish by nature. They want everyone to enjoy themselves as much as they do. That is why they push people to drink.

    It comes from a good place.

  35. i totally have the same proble with Hellboy books leaving finger smudges.

  36. Amazing show! My life is now better for having it in it. Congrats!

  37. I know when Ron gets annoyed like I know anything, and if you’re thinking he was annoyed at Conor, you have misread the situation. I think you were looking for something, and you found it.

  38. @Scorpion: What are you looking for?

  39. A hardcover copy of From Hell.

    But I’m not sure if that is what you mean.

  40. That would be really great to find it if was what you were looking for.

  41. I didn’t know your comment was directed at me, Josh. I never said that Ron was annoyed.

    Thought you were talking to j206 who I think stated it more than once that Ron was annoyed with Conor . . .

    I said Ron was just trying to talk a drunk away from saying too much and revealing too much personal information.

    I am actually looking for a hardcover copy of From Hell . . . they got to be reprinting it soon, I’d think.

  42. It wasn’t.

  43. For someone who uses twitter so much, Josh is not so good with the @ replies here. 🙂

  44. Usually I don’t need it. It was his second comment that threw me off.

  45. @Conor – suck it.

  46. @ Josh: comments like that actually violate the iFanboy Terms of Service.


  48. hahahha

  49. @Josh: If V for Vendetta taught me anything it’s that The people should not be afraid of their Government, The Government should be afraid of it’s people.

  50. I laugh everytime Ron laughs, seriously that high pitched sound sends me over the edge every single time – but this episode had the first low pitched drunk hiccup/inhale sounding laugh that I had to reply a few times

  51. I thought it was pretty funny that you said Betty Draper is like Emma Frost considering she is Emma Frost in the new X-Men movie.  Thats great casting

  52. The whole Knightfall debacle was the highlight of the show for me. Heard Conor use Wizard in his defense was priceless.

  53. I laughed a LOT listening to this. Conor was sloppy and argumentative and I loved it! Totally made the podcast. Ron’s laugh is infectious. Glad Josh opted to be the "designated driver". I suggest releasing the outtakes!

    And now I want to go to a big con and party with Tom Jane! And you guys too of course.

  54. DAMN YOU IFANBOY! Got my name wrong, no "H" hahahaha

  55. Skaar is a new character who got his own book and he was freaking awesome!!

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