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Pick of the Week #149 – The Roberts #1

Show Notes

True crime and grisly murder take over this week’s show!

Running Time: 01:06:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:22 – Ron was freaked out by The Roberts #1.

00:17:50 – Conor and Ron were also freaked out by the ending of Detective Comics #848.
00:20:03 – Ron is in giddy love with Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #2.
00:23:09 – Is Green Lantern #34 the penultimate chapter of the greatest Hal Jordan story ever?
00:28:47 – Noble Causes #36 allowed for cross-promotion.
00:31:00 – In Savage Dragon #137, Erik Larsen dips his toe back into politics.
00:33:02 – Ron and Josh found The End League #4 perplexing, but the second half art was fantastic!
00:36:26 – Josh dug that Fables #75 brought the main story to a surprising close.
00:38:40 – Marvel Apes #1. So that happened.

User Reviews:
00:40:35 – WilliamKScurryJr is loving The Amazing Spider-Man #570, even Anti-Venom.
00:42:43 – Mart found Secret Six #1 surprising, in a good way.

Book of The Month:
00:44:45 – Josh selects A Treasury of XXth Century Murder: The Lindbergh Child.

00:54:00 – Dave from Denver, CO has a comic book scene query.
00:57:18 – Erica needs Polaris explained to her.

“… And We Exhale And Roll Our Eyes In Unison”
Los Campesinos!



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  1. I had Marvel Apes in my hand, i was on the way to the register, thank god i turned back.

  2. I checked in with a friend, who is possibly the biggest Polaris fan in the world, and she tells me that Lorna definitely *is* Magneto’s daughter, that blood tests were done, but that this was revealed during Chuck Austen’s run on Uncanny X-men, so it’s perfectly understandable if Ron blocked that out of his mind.

  3. goddamn you guys made a good case for The Roberts

  4. i agree with Ron for POTW for The Roberts. it was an awesome book i loved it so much. i got my girlfriend to read it and she loved it. also i agree with ron for Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane…im totally digging this series so much!! i love MJ also Ron

  5. @ohcaroline – Wikipedia says otherwise. If your friend knows something different she should update the entry.

    "She has a long-held suspicion that Magneto is her biological father, but this has yet to be conclusively confirmed."

  6. ROFL at your Wil Arnett impression Josh. i love arrested development…are there really gonna be hot cops?

  7. I definitely remember them saying she was his daughter during the Austen run.    

  8. Thank you Geoff Johns for making me never have to acknowladge Emerald Dawn as a History.

  9. @2814: It’s best not to think about….

    Conor you were freaked over the end of Dectective this week? I looked at that page and was like ‘That’s a cool way to take someone out of the picture’…but it didnt freak me out.

  10. @Conor  Lord, it may have been reversed by now, for all I know.  Marvel keeps going back and forth — though she was treated as Magneto’s daughter in ‘House of M,’ so I think current signs point to yes.  Though I hear Magneto gets another new origin, next month, so who knows?  

  11. if you check the Marvel Wiki which they have on their website, it list Magneto as her father

  12. Yeah I totally blocked that out and I really am not going to believe it until they do something with it – but I think she works better by not being related to him – actually reverse that, I think that Magneto, Quicksliver and Scarlet Witch work better without being related to her…

  13. Re: 5.99$

    Actually, there is a logic behind not buying one issue at 6$ but buying 2 at 3$. It’s about cash flow. If I get paid in two week but a 6$ issue comes out this week I won’t buy it. If a 3$ issue comes out I can afford it. It’s about cash flow.

  14. @JumpingJupiter – So you only buy one comic book a week or at any given time?

  15. No, I buy according to cash flow. I have a certain amount budgeted each week of the month. I buy as many books as that budget permits. I buy the titles I regularly get and occasionally when cash fllow is better I buy somthing else (The Roberts would be in that "something else" category). If what I have left over is 4$, I can’t afford The Roberts but I could if it were released in standard format at 3$.

    Just the way I budget things. Same reason why I find monthlies can be a good way to finance comic purchases. Even if trades are cheaper in the long run, to buy the trades I want I would have to part with a larger chunk of money, less frequently but cash flow does not allow it. That large chunk of money never exists, it flows into other things, a beer here a candy bar there a movie rental a phone bill, car breaks down. But the way I manage my cash flow assures that I get my comics I want every week. Even if the car breaks down and I have to spend a huge chunk of dough, I can still afford my little weekly chunk of dough.

    I’m not saying that’s the way everyone should do it. Just that it works for me probably because I don’t buy as many comics as most people.

    I buy trades also, but only on the weeks I’m not getting any  single issues.

    Cash flow.

  16. @JumpingJupiter – And you only ever buy one something else?

  17. Depends how much money’s left over.

  18. Sorry for asking, but why does everyone hate hush?

  19. Dunno about everyone. I hate him cos he debuted as The Next Big Thing in a storyline that was nothing but a flaccid excuse to fit in as many bat-villains as possible. He has no unique schtick, he’s just the Crime Doctor in Unknown Soldier drag.

  20. The he in "He Loves You" is Kly’bn, the Skrull god that Herc fought and Snowbird killed in The Incredible Hercules #120. Just thought you like to know.

  21. That’s not as funny as Geoff Johns being "he", is it?

  22. @ron: ‘In what world would I fucking pick Marvel Apes!?’

    Um….you picked Uncanny X-Men a couple of weeks ago. I call that into why I was worried if you were gonna pick that horrible idea as the pick.

  23. @ Champ, if only it had been "Uncanny X-Apes"……

  24. @Cam: ooo he would’ve definitely pick it then. You’ll see, one of those issues will be X-Men heavy and Ron will pick it up. and he will love it! It’s sorta weird we know what the trinity loves and hates isnt it?

  25. @Thenextchampion   I don’t see what Uncanny X-men has in common with Marvel Apes, besides both being published by Marvel.

  26. So, haven’t heard the episode yet, but I did watch the pick mini.  The Roberts sure reminds me of Bubba-Ho-Tep, except taken seriously and, you know, not about Elvis.

  27. @ohcaroline: Shhh…..(wispers) you didnt hear it from me but……ron likes to pick medicore X-men books sometimes….look at the track record on their podcast…again you didnt hear it from me. 🙂

    oh wait…

  28. Oh yes! Los Campesinos! Fantastic choice of music. Go see them live, it’s the most fun gig you’ll go to in years! 🙂

  29. So, I think the STL has a pretty good comic community.  I mean, we have the Star Clipper, Jimski, Kwok, myself and others (even though most of us may not have met but damnit, we support our local stores).  Go, go, STL comic scene!

  30. I’m suprised the Archie Superheroes didn’t come up in the pod cast(Or at least not in the parts I heard, need to read a few books) cause that was one of the big highlights for this week, mainly cause well, there weren’t many books that came out, kind of a dry week.

  31. @GreenLantern2814 – You can see our pull lists, none of us bought it.

  32. Wow, I may have to read that Lindbergh book, if it’s really as good as your description makes it sound.  True crime is one of those things that both fascinates and horrifies me – the recent Zodiac movie is the only film I’ve ever seen that left me feeling legitimately afraid in the aftermath, but I was rapt when I was watching it.  The Roberts might be a little TOO scary for me, but something factual like this book of the month might be right up my alley.

  33. What’s with the picking on Ron deal? He’s a cool dude. Picking on people is not classy.

    And I didn’t know the archie heroes were out? I’ll have to take a look.

  34. @TheNextChampion    (a) Marvel Apes is not an X-men book and (b) mocking people because they like X-men is getting old.  Obviously, it’s not your franchise, you’ve expressed that, but plenty of intelligent people, including Ron, like the series.

  35. I am a proud DC Fan and despise most anything that Marvel Puts out, but I enjoy X-Men(When Wolverine isn’t just going aroud hitting people) alot, it’s quite possibly my Favorite Marvel Book out right now.

  36. This was a great POTW.  I like that it introduced me to a book I wouldn’t have known about otherwise and exposed me to some more creators to follow now.  This is the kind of comic appreciation/market knowledge that makes me enjoy listeing to your podcasts so much.

  37. Glad I’m not alone in my hatred of Hush.

  38. @everyone: Geez it’s called a joke, lighten up 😛

  39. "Geez it’s called a joke, lighten up"

    I suppose that’s as good an excuse as any 😛

  40. Okay, you just got me to seek out The Roberts in issue form. I’ll be making a special order from my shop this week.

    I was glad to hear about the ‘Tec love even though Hush is kinda lame. This is changing I think. Dini is the master of origin stories. The flashback sequences have been great and are slowly adding substance to this villain. What can be said about Dustin’s art? The guy is having a big coming out party on this title. DC knows this. His work on ‘Tec is about to be HC’d this winter.

  41. Why is he even called Hush? It’s not a name to inspire fear. Did Jeph Loeb just want to wink to the Buffy brigade?

  42. Josh, please stop doing impressions of Gob.

  43. Never!

  44. @Josh I love the Gob impressions. Next I want to hear Gob talking to Michael Lark. I think that would be comedic gold.

  45. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    <i>The sticker shock of $5.99.</i>

    oh! That’s classic. This economy has capsized everyone’s sanity & sense of worth. All I know is this podcast is a fantastic value. Again, gentlemen, thank you!

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