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Pick of the Week #299 – Wolverine #14

Show Notes

Well folks, this one went a bit off the rails, especially at the end. But that just means that it’s more fun podcast listenin’ for you. The episode before our 300th, Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards find new things to enjoy about their comics, mainly… the clowns and debating photo realism. In addition to the clowns, we’ve got information about our 300th episode extravaganza.

Running Time: 01:06:54

Pick of the Week:
00:02:03 – Conor was surprised to be picking Wolverine #14 as the pick, but then Jason Aaron delivered a shocking ending.

00:10:53 – Batman: Gates of Gotham #5 completes the disappointment of Josh and Conor.
00:12:22 – Conor and Ron dug The Ultimates #1, while Josh struggled with the art of Esad Ribic and the term “photo realistic”.
00:20:25 – Meanwhile, FF #8 brings back the awesome including color coordinated costumes.
00:24:45 – It might be nostalgia, but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 was a blast.
00:27:57 – Josh continues to marvel at how good Northlanders is, and Northlanders #43 was no exception.
00:31:50 – Unfortunately Conor was disappointed by DC Retroactive: Justice League of America – The 90s
00:34:15 – …while Ron LOVED DC Retroactive: Green Lantern – The 90s
00:36:31 – …and Josh LOVED Captain America and Bucky #621. There be clowns!
00:39:34 – Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #13 was a random last issue that confused Conor.
00:40:38 – American Vampire #18 took a turn that Conor and Josh weren’t anticipating.

User Reviews:
00:42:26 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:44:15 – XManRyan continued to enjoy Uncanny X-Force #13.
00:45:35 – AmirCat reminds us that we missed the boat with Xombi #6.

00:47:08 – Adam has an important question about merchandise for fish tanks.
00:50:20 – Daryl from Arizona is worried about the closing of Atomic Comics and what it all means.
00:52:46 – Mike G. wants to know what we thought of Earth X.

Voice Mail:
00:55:00 – Dave from Washington D.C. is a bit burnt out on comics.

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“I Hope That Something Better Comes Along”
Matt Nathanson


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  1. Great show as always guys.

    For me, this was a pretty weak week of comics. Thank goodness for Scott Snyder and American Vampire. I also rather liked the Retroactive issues but the reprint in Justice League was a weird choice and the main story in Green Lantern was no where near as good as the reprint.

    It’s also interesting that you guys brought up two of the three modern comics writers who, though I totally recognize their talent, fail to connect with me. Nothing from Robert Kirkman this week, but, for all your raving, you still can’t get me to pick up Northlanders and this is the issue that I’m done with Hickman’s FF. I have liked Brian Wood’s work in The New York 4 and Local but I have never enjoyed anything else he’s done. And with Hickman, it’s just reached the point that I realized that his work on Fantastic Four just doesn’t work for me, despite the fact that all the ingredients suggest that I really should.

    I’m surprised to see that there was no discussion about the Flashpoint minis, this week because Kid Flash Lost, at least, seemed like a somewhat “important” issue and, art aside, it was actually not half bad either.

  2. looking through the notes, this sounds like a great show. tomorrow will be a fun podcasting day. =)

  3. Downloaded and ready to listen. Huge week of books for me. I think I got 14 this week. Anxious to hear the discussions.

    And ya know, 300th episode next week. That’s pretty impressive!

  4. So, by DC’s logic, is next week’s podcast going to be #1?

  5. At my work there was a ‘Car and Driver’ magazine and I was bored so I flipped threw it.

    Turns out it was the greatest issue ever because they dedicated 2-3 pages of how and why Clown Cars worked! Including a review of which cars are better to be suited for clowns or not. God I need to steal that issue or something and show it to you guys.

  6. Do you guys think we should start reviewing comics on a story arc basis instead of individual issues?


  7. I do agree that the latest Wolverine issue is a cracking issue and the gut punch reveal allows you to see the four preceeding issues in a slightly new light.

    I disagree that it suddenly makes the other four issue good. I still think that this arc was a disapointment compared to the previous arcs.

    Scott Synder showed you can do that kind of story in Detective comics while still making each issue exciting and nail the ending.

  8. omg… I laughed! laughed my ass off on the sudden sybian mention. Spittle flying everywhere and coming from Ron, or anyone I guess, made it more hilarious (last comment is not a negative).

  9. In regards to us all missing the boat on Xombi: Will someone smarter than me please respond to this post: https://ifanboy.com/comics/xombi-6/#comment-335990 ? Thank you.

  10. Also: I don’t know if this is too off topic, but have you guys thought about postin’ a blurb about you’re video and audio podcasts in the general news section of the main site (And the POTW write up for that matter)? I tend to miss them when the random spots they inhabit on the main page are just updated without any sort of big flashy article in the main area. I have no idea what the technical terms are, but hopefully you understand.

  11. I know you guys were joking, but… please don’t do a sybian episode.

  12. Great episode as always. My only question is for Josh. If the Ultimates concept is not for you then why were you the one to review it? I do not care for reality shows so I wouldnt write a review of the new season of Survivor.
    Not meant with any malice, just curious as to the editorial choice.

  13. clowns on sybians, all i’m sayin…

  14. @Ron: Finally and Thank You! For mentioning Mark Waid and FF. I don’t know why people overlook his run and state that Hickman’s is not the best, but the only good depiction of the FF in a long, long time.

    Mark Waid made Doom into a skin-armored sorcerer! He sent the boy to Hell! Reed Richards ruled Latvaria! He broke the fourth wall to bring Ben back from the dead!

  15. This was a really fun show. Lots of LOL moments.

    Thanks for getting me through Mondays.

    As far as photorealism..i think the term gets thrown around alot. I think the only artist working close to true photorealism is Alex Ross. His work strives to create actual people wearing costumes whereas most comic artists try to exaggerate and abbreviate reality.

    Most “realist” artists tend to come from that Neal Adams/JIm Lee school of high detail fully rendered, slightly exaggerated anatomy school or realism.

  16. Customer wise Comics and pet store people don’t cross.Employee wise I work at a pet shop where a fourth of the employees collect or read comics regularly we have a box of trades under the desk in the office.Also don’t stick anything in your fish tank without making sure its non-toxic

  17. I love the improved audio player. Thanks.

  18. When Ron popped the sybian joke I lost it. Had to pull the car over. Hilarious.

  19. I’m listening to a song from a certain soundtrack (revealing film below to make point) and it got me thinking.

    The idea of Wolverine learning about the people trying to get revenge on him seems a bit like Oldboy. In the film the guy has to go through a lot of people to get to the answer, like in the comic. There’s a HUGE secret reveal at the end of the film just like in this comic. Finally, the reveal changes the entire dynamic of the movie just like Wolverine.

    It’s not 100% accurate of Oldboy but you can see the relationships between the two.

  20. OK, with Matt Nathanson, you guys are really tugging on my heartstrings. Great choice.

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