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Pick of the Week #181 – Invincible #61

Show Notes

It’s the first heatwave of 2009 and if you’re a longtime listener, you know what that means — the iFanboys start to lose their minds! Especially Josh Flanagan.

Running Time: 00:55:08

Pick of the Week:
00:01:17 – In a week with a lot to like, but not a lot to love, Josh liked Invincible #61 at his Pick of the Week.

00:09:25 – Was Detective Comics #853 worth the wait?
00:14:41 – Did Viking #1 live up to the hype?
00:19:20 – The mystical mumbo jumbo in The New Avengers #52 was actually really interesting.
00:21:18 – Josh and Conor gave Thor #601 a try and it didn’t go so well.
00:27:42 – Kick-Ass #6 kicked everyone’s ass.
00:29:14 – You’ll find in your briefing packet that Guardians of the Galaxy #13 was awesome.
00:31:21 – If you’re looking for demon truckers drawn by Tony Moore, then Ghost Rider #34 is for you.
00:32:33 – Some big truths are finally revealed in Scalped #28.
00:33:40 – It was date night in Dynamo 5 #21, and you know Ron was happy about that.

User Reviews:
00:35:23 – elcapitanqwerty is all about Supergirl #40.
00:36:50 – JoeCom is not all about Skrull Kill Krew #1.

00:38:51 – Ben G. asks about the Annihilation event.
00:40:11 – Kendall from Texas wants to know where the fun comics are.

00:42:08 – Jeff from Texas wants to know where to buy original art.
00:45:28 – Dave from Denver, CO wonders why comics couldn’t be printed on cheaper paper.

“The End of the Asterisk”
Los Campesinos!



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  1. You guys totally used that music in a podcast before.

  2. @miyamotofreak: It happens sometimes.

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Thanks for the Thor review, guys. I understand why you don’t like it and it makes perfect sense. I think my enjoyment of it has a lot to do with it being my first time reading Thor. I just recently got the Simonson stuff and I’m excited to experience the character and world as Josh fell in love with it. But with nothing to compare it to initially, I’ve been having a lot of fun with the JMS stuff. It’s a case where I can see all the flaws you mentioned, but for me they weren’t weighted the same way.  

    Josh, I know you only read the one issue, but did Conan The Cimmerian scratch the same itch as Simonson’s Conan did? 

  4. why was there no review of ex machina?

    its been the first non special issue in ages and i was looking forward towards the review


  5. Yeah, you guys definitely lost listeners with the Thor and Detective Comics talk. I’m with paper on Detective Comics. I’d say it was in my top 5 Batman stories. And the difference with Chuck Austen writing the exact same thing is, Chuck Austen would never ever write the exact same thing.

    I still haven’t read Thor ($4) so no opinion on that yet.

    As for the iFanboy staff calendar, I would pay as long as it had four things:

    Conor in a full on Batman costume

    Ron and his 25 issues of Darkhawk (or a screen of the RDJ-Ron at comic-con thing)

    Josh mean mugging JMS 

    Gordon and the booth babes! 

  6. OK, I’m still in the middle of listening to the podcast but I really could not disagree with all of you more about Detective Comics. I don’t think it was the pick of the week – I think it’s the pick of the year so far.

    I completely disagree with the idea that if it had Chuck Austen’s name on the cover we’d all be giving it a kicking because, you know, what there is no way in hell Chuck Austen could have written it. This was a Neil gaiman comic in the way that none of his other superhero stuff that I’ve read is. This was clearly written by the guy who wrote Sandman and it was just as elegently handled as the best of that series – which is really saying a lot coming from me, believe me. 

    This two parter wasn’t a plot-driven story at all so it’s hardly fair to criticise it for that. This was a metatextual piece and clearly an exploration of both the character and the modern day myth that is Batman. I though Gaiman captured the essence of who Batman is better than anyone I’ve seen in a very, very long time and believe it or not, I actually thought the sentimentality worked perfectly in this context. Batman at his core is a wounded child so once his story was finished (and yeah, you’re right about it not actually having at all to do with RIP or Final Crisis) and his life was wrapping up, it’s fitting that they referenced that. 

    On the other hand, I think you guys are missing the pathos here, which is even more in evidence than any sentimentality. The point is that those early years before the death of his parents was the only time when he was really happy and really at peace. The rest of his life was dedicated to a losing battle with no redemption at the end  – not only does Bruce not believe in heaven, if you take the last page on a more literal rather than subtextual level, he’s stuck reliving this brutal life over and over again.

    I would agree about the art, which is clearly stupendous but I really think all three of you are overlooking a story that is beautifully crafted and about as emotionally resonant a Batman comic – hell, a superhero comic – as I’ve ever read. Admittedly, both of those last statements are very subjective and I don’t expect to change your mind about it but I did want to throw in my two cents and throw in (yet another) look at why it worked so well for some of us.

    Never mind Flash: Rebirth #1 (sorry guys, and Josh particularly, I couldn’t resist referencing that review that I disagree with almost as strongly as the case in hand), to me this is an example of comic book storytelling at its absolute best.  

  7. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Call bullshit if you want, but I didn’t really see the Goodnight Moon stuff in Detective as sappy or sentimental. It’s sort of creepy in the same vein as a little kid reciting Bloody Mary or another nursery rhyme in a horror movie. It’s dissonance. He’s reading an innocent children’s story about going to bed in the context of dying. In all honesty, I thought it was an effing badass metaphor. And I generally dislike when Gaiman gets all metaphysical. So, if anything, I’d be rooting against him.   

  8. @PaulMontgomery: Yeah, I think you’re definitely onto something there. It was childlike but not in a sappy or silly way at all.

  9. I also want to mention I’m not a fan of Gaiman either and I also thought it was probably Pick of the Year.

  10. Yeah I just heard the review for Detective and basically….what llash said^

    But if I can add: I hate Neil Gaiman. I rarely like his work and I think a lot of his comics and prose work is all hype. Plus I gave the previous issue a low score and negative review. So it’s not like I was a fan of the previous issue. But Gaiman just won me over on the whole metaphysical aspects of Batman. That Batman didnt believe in an afterlife; and how Gaiman pretty much summed up what he feels death is like. Also, what Paul said above for the Goodnight Moon analogies in this. Very creepy when you think about it. Replace Goodnight with Goodbye (which Bruce did in a couple of panels) and realize that he is dying…it makes the metaphor work all the more.

    I want to stress josh that:

    A) I dont care if Thor wasnt POTW

    B) I dont care if you hate JMS or Thor in general

    It’s your opinion to hate JMS and I totally understand why your childhood has defined what Thor should be……But what I dont like, is your balantly saying at any moment you dont like this. Seriously, how many weeks have it been that this discussion of Thor has come up? Not from the fans, but of your own free will. What really annoyed me was the podcast with the Eisner discussions. Especially when you balantly said the judges have a bias for the man.

    We get it, you dont like JMS….so why are you wasting our time with a book that you clearly didnt like before? With a writer you clearly dont like? Economically; you wasted $4 on a title. Again I want to stress that it’s your perogitive to hate on this book and writer…..but if I hear on an article or podcast one more time and bashing in our skulls for your distaste of the man….I think I am literally going to scream…

  11. Hey, TNC, you wanted to know what you’re 10% was? That’s your 10%.

  12. @ILash: Hey, I made DETECTIVE my Pick of the Week, keep me out of your rantings!

  13. @miyamoto: Yay!!!!!

    (plays ‘We are the Champions’)

  14. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It wasn’t a rant. He gave it a fair review. Totally rational, and I think a lot of people were curious, stemming from the Audience Demands thread. This was a good summation, and as someone who enjoys the title, I appreciated hearing what he had to say.  

  15. @Paul: And as I said, DETECTIVE was my Pick of the Week, so direct your attention to the other two mooks, not me.

  16. @Conor: Yeah, I noticed that but you still sounded quite underwhelmed by it, which I was pretty shocked by actually. If any of you guys were going to love the hell out of this, I actually assumed it would be you. And, as you admitted, you made it POTW for the art, not so much the story.

  17. @Ilash: I liked the story quite a bit. I liked the art more.  These two issues were a tour de force for Kubert.

  18. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Conor – Where was this? I didn’t direct anything at you. 

  19. @conor:

    *takes out a chart*

    This is an emotional chart. Your emotion for Detective was here…..sounding like ‘Disappointed that the Mr. Softy truck passed by my neighborhood’

    Where you should be here…..inbetween ‘Oh my god it’s a boy!’ and ‘oooooo!!! I found a dollar under the couch!’ 🙂

  20. @Paul: It was a general "you". I’m getting the "all three of you panned DETECTIVE" vibe, which is only really true of Ron. Josh gave it 4 stars, and I gave it 5 and made it my POW.

    So… yeah.

  21. @TheNextChampion:


    That’s the much wittier way of saying what I was trying to get at.

  22. @Conor.

    Sure, you guys gave it high scores but you still sounded pretty underwhelmed to me regardless. 

    Of course, I freely admit that I was blown away by what Gaiman and Kubert did that anything less than a rave review is going to seem to me like a panning.

  23. @ILash: Thus is the varying beauty of humanity.

  24. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Conor – I was only commenting specifically on the Goodnight Moon thing. I know it was just Ron and Josh talking about that point, but by not @ing them directly I didn’t mean to rope you into that as well. Wasn’t assuming you agreed with them. I think a lot of user reviews actually had the same negative reaction to the ending, so I was just making a general comment. 

    So, for the record, I didn’t think you panned it. I don’t even mind that Ron and Josh didn’t fall head over heels for it either. Just making conversation with my buddies.    

  25. You guys mentioned they used the same song again….but I swear they answered this question on paper quality very recently…..ah but they’re human 🙂

  26. Here’s my exapnded view on Gaiman and Kubert’s DETECTIVE COMICS story.

    I really enjoyed both issues. I enjoyed them both a lot. But when I was done with both of them there was something nagging at my mind telling me that there was some nebulous piece missing that was keeping me form absolutely loving them. I’m not sure what that missing ingredient is yet. That might be somehting I only discover with time and a few rereads. Or, perhaps, with time and rereads I will discover that nothing was missing and that I love the story. But as of right now I "merely" really, really like it.

    As for the show, I know Josh and Ron quite well and I know that when they have worked themselves up into a lather talking about the negative aspects of something, if I am going to jump into the buzzsaw to try to change their minds I better feel truly passionate about either the book or about my wanting them to change their minds. Here, I knew nothing was going to change Ron’s mind. He didn’t read the first issue; he doesn’t really like Batman. The importance of what he was reading was pretty much lost to him.  Josh, I know very often changes his mind about things (usually in a more positive way) after some time has passed.  So having only "merely" really, really liked the two-parter rather than loved it, I let them have their fun.

    And at this point I still prefer part one.

    But that’s just me.

  27. Totally agree with the iFanboys (Josh especially) on Detective. Just because something references childhood doesn’t mean I have to stand in awed reverence of it no matter how overly melodramatic the writing or how forced the metaphors seem to me. Just because something’s metatextual doesn’t mean it’s profound. Just because something isn’t "plot-driven" doesn’t mean it’s interesting–especially not when the "characterization", for which the writer has apparently sacrificed the plotm seems so stilted and false-emotive. I still liked the comic a lot, but certain elements of it seemed like Gaiman just going through the same motions I’ve seen him go through too many times before.

    A reviewer over at comicsbulletin said it better than I could by writing that Gaiman’s whole production here was "an affectation rather than an innovation. It’s a conglomeration of ghosts telling the same story over and over again, just with different costumes–all to get the rather singular point across that Batman never gives up until he dies. Then his reward is to be reborn/rebooted to do it all over again. It’s not inspiring. It comes across as empty and meaningless".

    I still give it a 4/5, though. Because at least this comic’s trying to do something special, at least it’s trying to say something, even if what it’s trying to say isn’t original or super meaningful; at least it isn’t typical, even if it is somewhat typical Gaiman. I think it’s important to realize that Gaiman’s apparent "failings" (which some of y’all are lucky enough not to interpret as failings) are more interesting to talk about than a lot of other writers’ successes. Discussion and disagreement is the mark of a work of art that’s at least "important" if not masterful. But I wonder when we’re going to get sick of comics whose themes are about how "superheroes are myths!"? I think the subject is starting to get more than a little stale.

  28. See if your going to do a Wolverine show this wednesday you should’ve done a promotional crossover.

    You guys and Comic Book Club just listen to Pete LePage praise Wolverine for an hour….ah…..I’m jamming needles into my ears already.

  29. Good analysis of Viking.  I agree with the confusion aspect.

  30. @phillipgraves – Ex Machina #40 (the last issue) was my Pick of the Week when it came out, and my favorite issue of last year. It’s not my fault they don’t come out that often.

    @iliash – I guarantee you that my favorite album, or novel, or movie, or whatever doesn’t have nearly the emotional resonance for you that it does for me.  You can’t fault a guy for not being carried away by the things you did. 

    @TNC – I’m a comic book reviewer.  People who aren’t you might be interested in hearing my opinion on Thor.  I gave it. It’s not a hate filled screed. It’s my opinion. No one said you had to agree with it. I didn’t say anything about your mother, but I talked about a comic book. It hardly came out as the rantings of a touched, biased person. If it bothers you that much, don’t listen. This is all I’m saying on that subject.

  31. @TNC: iFanboy Fun Fact – We went to college with Pete.

  32. @Flapjaxx: On the last point, I actually agree to a point… Except with Batman. The very nature of the character and the history of the character lends itself to this sort of thing perfectly. And I honestly can’t think of a place where it has been handled like this before.

    @Conor: Thanks for the clarification. I definitely have a clearer idea of where you’re coming from now. And yeah, there really is no getting past those pesky gut-feelings are there?


  33. Oh and @Josh: I absolutely take your point. But then, I’m sure I mentioned that I understand and respect the subjectivity of these matters. I just wanted to present a counter-argument from another point of view.

  34. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Ah, man, Viking. I was heartbroken when I got confused in that first sequence. The art was sort of absurdly good looking. Just so, so, beautiful. I’m going to pick up the next issue or two and see what happens.  

  35. Fair enough. It also probably sounded a lot more like negative criticism since I was coming from the point of view of "why it wasn’t" Pick of the Week.

  36. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Here’s a question:  Someone who knows more about Marvel’s trade program than I do, do you think they’ll do one of those 12 issue hardcovers for Guardians of the Galaxy (like the Nova HC) or should I just bite the bullet and get the two paperbacks? I fell behind in issues.  

  37. Didn’t the ifanboys say that there should be a story prominantly featuring batman’s mom about three months ago?

  38. @Josh. Thanks for giving Thor another try. I know there were plenty of people in the "You Demand It" thread that kept reccomending it. It can be really hard to give something a second chance, be they books, movies, or people.

  39. No DD?

  40. I was kinda sad that ex machina didn’t get any love.  

  41. Thor eats babies. So does Detective Comics. So there.

  42. Finally got past the Thor part of the podcast. Although I enjoyed the issue, I completely agree with most of your criticisms. The movie references and the wikipedia thing were just… too much. I enjoy the series, but it’s far from perfect. I was hoping that the events in 600 would kick some energy into this series. If anything, the Kelda romance scenes felt really strong. I was really surrprised you guys didn’t talk about that.

  43. DAMMIT!!! Aaron’s run on GR is ending? I was just about to jump on. What was his first issue? Is it issue 1 of this series?

  44. Just checked it on the ol’ Wiki. Started at #20. I might go back and get those.

  45. @conor: No way. That is just mind blowing…..seriously…

    @josh: Again I stressed that I dont mind you giving an opinion on Thor or JMS. You did a very calm, and intelligent manner to stress why you didnt like this particular issue. My problem is that you’ve stressed your opinion on the subject already; way too many times. We already knew your feelings of Thor and JMS, and even if you stated you came in with an open mind on the issue….I just think you reached a conclusion we could’ve seen coming a mile away.

    Again I am not stressing your opinion doesnt matter, nor should you say your opinion. It’s just overkill….that’s all I’m saying.

  46. EDIT: Sorry ment to say ‘nor should you not state your opinion, you should’

  47. TNC: I _know_ I’m not hearing "why do you keep beating this dead horse? you’ve already stated your opinion" from _you._ I cannot be reading that right. Something something Deadpool.

    I am so, so relieved to hear people calling Vikings confusing. I read it, and I kept hearing how hotly anticipated it was and thinking, "This gibberish? How can that possibly be the case?" all the while trying to make a face that said, "My, but the emperor’s clothes are resplendent! Smile! Nod!"

  48. @Jimski:

    Something somthing something something?….Something wrong…..Something something something Thor……Something something Deadpool….:)

  49. Debating my next large comic pirchase, the nova HC, or the third invincible HC.  

  50. @Jimski. It was pretty, but hella confusing.

    @iFanboys – You totally missed The Sentry getting kneed in the balls in the newest issue of Incredible Hercules. I thought of you guys when I saw that panel. 

  51. did any one purchase the wolvie omni for the show?

  52. @Gabe: Nope. Didn’t need to, we had more material on hand already than we could fit in the show.

  53. Great show guys. 

  54. I think…that I could do without Thor ever being mentioned on this website ever again.  I would be fine with that.  I love the book, but I know that this constant arguement that some users are bringing up is more than likely turning others off from checking the book out for themselves.  I think I’ll make a promise to not mention it so much anymore. 

    I will say one more thing though.  I think it is incredibly interesting that the iFanboys completely do not like it at all.  Its fine, at this point I don’t really care either way because everyone has different taste, but it really is amazing that the things you find annoying or contrived in the book I find hilarious and interesting.  It’s not often that I disagree so much with you guys.  So when it happens, I really find it fascinating.  

  55. Fascinating drake?

    Or annoying? 🙂

  56. Cool show! Though, I’m disappointed in your casual dismissal of Viking. I found it pretty easy to follow and connect to. Especially that there was an awesome character sheet in the back. Oh well, different strokes. Ron mentioned the awesome dress of the book and that he’ll stick with it for an arc so that made me feel all good and happy 😀

  57. @TNC-Fascinating.

    @JJ-I think once people get passed the first scene in Viking, it is pretty straight forward.  I’m sticking with it too.

    @Ron-I love date issues too.  The lines that Scrap’s date used were hilarious.  That guy is just slick, knows how to get in dem pants.

  58. As long as Viking is $3 and has that excellent format, I’ll stick with it.

  59. @drake: You loved it?

    Or you hated it? 🙂

    (I could do this all night….damn you old Simpsons episodes)

  60. I also found Viking confusing and was glad to see that I was not the only one.  However the book looks as I believe Ron put it "fucking amazing".  I found myself just lost in looking at the pages.  I’ll keep reading it fornow mostly due to the art more than anything.  And it’s $3 without an ad to be found, which helps the sensation getting lost in the world and the art.

  61. I am also one of the (apparently many) JMS Thor fans, and really, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Everyone has different tastes. As Conor put it, the varying beauty of humanity. I think the key is, don’t let other people tell you what you like or don’t like. The iFanboys don’t care for Thor. It’s their opinion. I don’t find that to be any more annoying than any other opinion. Just because Connor doesn’t like his Dr. Doom checking wikipedia doesn’t mean I have to stop reading Thor.

    To be honest, I find it much more annoying when people constantly agree with each other without reason. I’d much rather have Josh start every PotW podcast talking about why he hates JMS’ Thor as long as he has reasons to back that up.

    So, in summation, read what you want to read. Don’t let me tell you that the Rolling Stones are shit (they are) and stop listening to them. Don’t start listening to The Beatles because I say they’re the best band ever (they are). Do what you want to do. Sheesh.

    *Looks down from soap box*

    Wow, I was standing a lot higher than I thought…

  62. The gravy discussion this week had me in fits. Great Job!

  63. HEARTLESS BASTARDS!!! (kidding!)
    Honestly, I forgot it was written by Gaiman, in a way. I mean, I obviously saw his name on the cover, I knew I wanted to read it 75% for Gaiman’s writing and 25% because I’ve been following the whole RIP story (well, attempting to at least, thank you very much, Mr. Morrison), I chuckled a bit over how my two favorite writers in comics have written the two "Whatever Happened To the…" stories (for anyone unaware: the other being Alan Moore’s "… Man of Tomorrow"; which I just ordered the DC Stories of Alan Moore book and impatiently await its arrival). But, by the time I opened to page one, my mind just quickly recapped the last issue and made speculations on what this all was (such as Tom Katers’s theory that this is all caused by the Omega Beams) and then I just jumped right in. Maybe I subconciously knew that it was written by the Sandman guy, but for some reason I didn’t think that way of either this or the 1st issue. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even like the 1st issue so much at the time, so I don’t think it’s a case of bias for Neil Gaiman. At least not for me.
    And, hey! The Goodnight stuff was great! I don’t think it was meant to be taken incredibley seriously. I thought it was very funny, sweet, and a nice, warm, cozy way of ending the issue. I only just now thought of it (NOT during the issue; I didn’t think to draw such comparisons then) but it’s exactly how I felt at the end of Sandman.
    (This isn’t an attempt at reinstigating what appears to be a revolt against the iFanboys earlier in the comments; simply voicing my two cents just as you lads did in the podcast. Your two cents, however, being the ones in charge of this whole shabang and being the loudest ones in the room w/ your fancy podcast, are worth more. Like the rest of the worlds currency vs. the stinky dollar.)

  64. I did not like Gaiman’s Detective as much as everyone here as well. I liked the first part, but this didn’t do as much for me. It was good though. Hopefully, Battle for the Cowl will fill the void 😀

  65. Viking was way too confusing for me.  I couldn’t even finish it.

  66. My feeling on the Gaiman ‘Caped Crusader’ story is that it really could have been one long issue.  Breaking it up into two parts made it feel weirdly paced and unbalanced.  I don’t know if I could have been sold on this ending, anyway, but it felt like so much of this second issue was devoted to the ‘good nights’ and the metaphysical stuff, which might have been accomplished in fewer pages.  Incidentally, because someone mentioned it above, I’m one of the people who has said I would love to read something focusing on Bruce Wayne’s mother, but I don’t really think that this comic counts.  It isn’t about Martha as a character in any way, or even about her and Bruce’s relationship, but some abstract idea of ‘mother.’

    In other news, I think you guys have sold me on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’  And it’s taking all my restance not to go and catch up on ‘Scalped’ in issues, after reading the 4th trade and then hearing this review.  I don’t know how people who systematically trade-wait do it!

  67. Scalped reads really well in issues.

  68. @Paul: Spot on in your Thor asessment. I didn’t like the wikipedia thing, but I can easily get over that.

    While the first couple of pages in Viking were a bit confusing, the rest of it is pretty straight forward and I’ll definitely keep reading it. The over-hype hurt this book.


  69. I’m really upset about Viking. The one book that my store gets shorted on had to be that book. Despite having not read it yet, I think I’m with Ron on this one. I’m just in love with the overall idea. If I don’t like it after an entire arc, then I’ll stop there, but I’m in it until then.

  70. Having to read "Goodnight, Moon" semi-nightly to a toddler certainly did not endear Detective to me.

    This was my first Dynamo 5, and I have to admit that I am sort of stunned that people love it as much as they do. Maybe my issue was a misprint; inside where the April 2009 issue was supposed to be, I had a reprint of "World’s Cheesiest" from 1983. Reread the junkies’ dialogue as they’re smashing the ATM.

    But see, other people read the same thing and find it to be a delightful throwback. Not everything is going to be for everybody.

  71. Does anyone else think that Viking #1 stunk? I’m not saying that because I cannot think of a better way to say it wasn’t as good as it could have been. I mean it litterally smelled bad to me. Anyone else? I don’t know why, maybe it was just my copy? But something about the printing or the paper or something just enraged my oldfactory senses. Add confusion to that and you end up with me flipping through the last 4-5 pages and just looking at the insanely beautiful art.

  72. Damn you for not liking it Jimski…damn you

  73. No love for "Mamushi The Rabbit"?

  74. @josh  You’re not helping!  But seriously, I might pick up those SCALPED issues, even though I have the first 4 trades.  This is a book where I can justify double-dipping.

  75. Just read ‘Tec 853. I can see why some would do cartwheels for this book. And I’m with them as far as the art goes. Not being a big Batfan this didn’t turn my crank. I prefer to read stories in which Batman does things as opposed to commentary on the Batman character.

    For now, I’m taking a Batman break. Wake me up when we back to Bats doing things.

  76. This week coincedentally included no less than three titles that have had shipping delays: Neil Gaiman’s Batman story, Thor, and Kick-Ass. You guys talked about Batman’s reasons for being late and came to the conclusion that it was excusable, but what about Thor and Kick-Ass? Do you think that these titles are on its way to Astonishing X-Men or Planetary style lateness?

  77. @jimski: Your not alone on Dynamo 5…..although I read the #0 issue and not the current one…

    @ohcaroline: Your right it’s not a comic is about Martha; but it’s probably the most use of that character in probably…..forever?

  78. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @comicBOOKchris – The lateness on Thor (hell, JMS books in general) and Kick-Ass (Old Man Logan too) is well documented. No need to harp on it every episode though.  

  79. This episode confused me. 

  80. (holds doll out)

    Where did ifanboy touch you horatio?

  81. @josh

    fair enough! i forgot you picked issue 40 as your pick of the week before

  82. @TheNextChampion

    *Points to my brain*

  83. I haven’t heard the podcast yet.

    But find it sad how Josh condemns JMS for writing "Pompously" yet Alan Moore gets a pass even when he lectures you for entire issues?!

  84. @KickAss: Maybe you should listen first. That’s not exactly what Josh said.

  85. Where did I say "pompous"? It doesn’t sound like a word I would use, and you haven’t listened to it, so where is that coming from.  It’s in quotes.

    Seriously, why isn’t it just OK that I don’t like something, and you do? There are plenty of people here who like the books that I don’t like, and we’re all OK with it.

    Alan Moore and JMS are different writers. I like one more than the other.  And no, I haven’t liked everything I’ve ever read from Alan Moore. I sounds like you’ve got an issue with Alan Moore.  And you know what? Great.  Don’t read him.  It doesn’t bother me one bit.

  86. Hey let’s all just remember that everyone has their own opinions. It’s just that my opinion is better than your opinion. That’s just my opinion, though.

  87. @josh and conor

     speaking of northlanders…is that any good? is it worth picking up? or did you drop it?

    just wondering because i havnt heard anything about it for a while.

  88. I’m refering to a comment from Josh in a past podcast as I remember it.

    I usually listen to the podcast late since I receive comics late.

  89.  I think when you heard "pompous" you misheard him. I believe at that time they were comparing comic book prices to the price of gasoline and I think Josh said something like, "I bet Thor doesn’t have to pump gas because he can fly with his hammer." Or actually it might have been when they were discussing JMS’s brief stint in pornography and Josh was discussing the title, "Pump Ass 12". Hope that clears things up.

  90. @Philipgraves068: I read it in trade, so I’ve only read the first one. I quite liked it.

  91. I read the first arc of Northlanders in issues, and it was OK.  I like the idea that each arc is totally new, so I’d like to try others eventually.

  92. I didn’t love the first issue of Northlanders, but later picked up the trade and it became one of my favorites.  If you can get past the anachronistic dialogue, it’s quite good.

    Josh, make an I hate JMS t-shirt and wear it on the next video podcast.  That would be hilarious. 

  93. You guys pretty much put to words exactly how I felt about every issue (except Thor which I don’t read). Scary.

  94. I think that some of these comments have taken us to a weird area that I don’t like. If I want to read arguing and such I’ll go to Newsarama. I think it’s great that these guys don’t like everything I do and vice versa. It’s why I keep coming back week after week. If I wanted to listen to just my opinions, I’d just listen to my podcast every week. 

  95. Okay, let me preface this before beginning. I’m a JMS fan, but, my first encounter with him was with Amazing Spider-Man, I’ve only just this past October started watching Babylon 5. I know that run is held in fairly low esteem, but that’s the Spider-Man I enjoy. I’m someone who felt that Thor (and JMS in general) gets a short shrift  from you guys, so after all the ballhooying about how much "Josh railed on the book in podcast" I came away from listening to it going. "Wow, he actually gave it a fair shot. It’s just not for him."

    So let me be the first to say, Thank you for attempting to pick the book up and giving it a (third?) chance, Josh, Conor and Ron. I get it. It’s not *your* Thor. I had the exact same feeling when Hal Jordan was killed off and I was told by friends "By Kyle’s Better." To me, he’s not. Now, I’ve come to accept Kyle, but I still think he’s the 5th best lantern. So, I get it. I get where you’re coming from and thank you for having a thoughtful dissection of why you don’t like it, even if I don’t agree with it. For my money, your reasons for disliking Thor have far more basis then just not liking the "Goodnight, Moon" homage in Detective. 😉 And I get your reasons for disliking Thor, but I love the new relationship of Blake and Thor. In all honesty, THor was a character I always wanted to love, but felt that (except for Simonson, Lee & Kirby) was hampered with terrible writers. (And I’m also a terrible Walt and Louise Simonson fanboy!)

    Also, Conor, JMS did not write in Doctor Doom crying in the 9/11 issue. John Romita JR. added to the art, he then asked JMS for approval and JMS said "All right."  Maybe his tacit approval of this damns him for all the time, but that was not the scene as he originally intended. I’ve seen this talked about a number of times and it may have been the subject of a "Comic Book Urban Legends" over on CBR. But I will give you Doom was off in this issue.

  96. @PraxJarvin: He’s the writer. If he says "No, take out the tears" the tears come out.

  97. Hey, all I know is that I had an hour and a quarter commute this morning and listening to you three guys sit around and shoot the shit really helped the time fly by.  My only complaint about this episode would be that I had to drive the same route back home and I only had the one podcast to listen to.

    I guess Conor’s "happy discussion thread" from a few days ago has still rubbed off on me or something.  🙂

  98. At the end of the episode, Josh says something about how if you give up one comic book a month, you can afford the iFanboy membership. That’s not really how I do things, so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could download an iFanboy membership torrent.

  99. @dredscott33 – it’s like you’re just *trying* to start more arguments.  Jeez!

  100. Yeah! That’s my job dred….and dont you forget it! 🙂

  101. What in Sam Hill is going on in this thread?

  102. a whole lot of nothing

  103. So after thinking about it I decided that the confusing geography in the first scene of Viking #1 was intentional. Why? Well, all the other scenes are quite clear. The eel fishing scene has an establishing shot and we always know who is where. The hunting scene is the same. So is the last scene and the one in the barn. This shows that the writer/artist team are quite capable of coherence. As for the first scene, It’s fairly easy to put together by being observant. The longboat unloading dudes on the shore is the key to why dudes seem to appear out of nowhere. I believe the idea is to show how sudden and violent this world is. One minute you’re listening to some dudes whining about farting and constipation the next minute people are spearing each other in the intestine. Finally it’s made clear that all this murder is supervised by the two ring leaders and in fact they partake in the bloodletting. It’s a great way to establish the chaos and how the duo of Egil and Finn fit into all of it. I think the scene in question may have suffered from the unexpectedly angular syntax with which the reader must wrestle whilst deciphering a tumultuous sequence of events.

    Now that I’ve had time to mull it over, I think the jarring first scene may now be my favorite from the issue.

  104. Ron mentioned 2000AD, so my work here is done…

    Also totally agree about Vikings, I was very disappointed, it was like a 9th century Final Crisis.

    Kick-Ass rules. 



  105. Guys, don’t let a few people bring you down.  The silent majority don’t give a flying f#@!@ whether or not you like Thor or JMS.

    All of this Thor talk makes me want to reread the legendary Simonson Thor run (highly recommended) and the beautifully drawn 12-issue run by John Romita Jr. a few years ago (underrated).  Josh, have you read the JrJr run?  I’m thinking it was written by Jurgens.

  106. I loved that Thor run.  It’s my favorite in recent memory.

  107. Now I know I’m an Invincible fanatic… I skipped about nine minutes of this show so as not to get spoilers for something that happens twenty issues from where I am…

  108. Keeping in mind that Conor is on trades with Invincible, as are many people, I was pretty light on the spoilers for the issue, so you could probably listen without too much problem.  But then, you’re safe like you are too.

  109. Best Thread I’ve ever read. First one I actually read from beginning till now. I love Drama, and Thor, and torrents, and goodnights, and JMS! =P

  110. HOLY CRAP!! i could have SWORN I posted something earlier. =| I’ve been listening to the podcasts in bulk again and I think it’s gotten to the point where I might simmer down the listening.

    Anyways that aside:
    –  POW Invincible 61: XD! Can someone say "Dragon ball z"? <_< … Yeah I’m as embarassed I made that reference as the next guy.
    –  Viking: I don’t know why… but it reminds me of Walking Dead… and I like it… God help me…. there goes my budget…
    –  Batman/Detective Comics: I laughed my ass off at the last few pages. XD The part where Alfred and the others make up stories about Batman was actually effective to me, especially Alfred’s. You know… I think I’m going to accept that as my continuity. It’s all been a sham. Batman was all roleplay XD.
    –  Ghostrider 34: Liked the story. Hate Danny Ketch. Liked the character reference/recycling. Hated the art. Actually Ghostrider 31-32 was pretty good in terms of artwork. But to each his own I suppose…
    –  Kick-Ass #6: I waited a month for this??? This? Really? No… I wanted more… more. Seriously… The first one made me go "HELL YEAH!" This one… yeah the betrayal was nice. The origin story was ok… but god help me if I read another bubble making a comic-book pun this week… It’s getting tiresome is what I’m saying. It was "meh" until Big Daddy made that corny "origin" joke. Other than that it really wasn’t about Kick-Ass… I guess the cover indicated as much =|
    –  Scalped 28: O_o.. gooooood.
    –  GoG & Dynamo 5: witheld I’m not caught up!!! =|
    – Thor: I tried this one… and just like Ron, my disdain for the mainstream Thor was recemented. I prefer Ultimate Thor… don’t ask me why. 

    @Josh: XD. I thought Conor was going to stop the chat at some point, so you could accurately talk about what you were talking about in Invincible. (See invincible for my thoughts on it)

    Oh and if you’re wondering why I didn’t talk about or mention Supergirl… the story concept turns me off. Like watching msnbc (zing =|).

  111. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    skrull kill krew assumes you’ve read the avengers initiative secret invasion arc. 

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