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Pick of the Week #180 – Green Lantern Corps #35

Show Notes

Running Time: 01:06:14

Pick of the Week:
00:01:38 – Conor is vindicated as Ron picks Green Lantern Corps #35 as the Pick this week.

00:11:22 – Somehow, when Captain America isn’t in the book, Ron digs it, like in Captain America #49.
00:14:55 – Both Conor and Ron loved The Amazing Spider-Man #591.
00:19:03 – Mitch Breitweiser kills it in Sub-Mariner Comics 70th Anniversary #1 and Josh loved it.
00:23:03 – Action Comics #876 impressed the heck out of Josh.
00:26:08 – Everyone can agree that the middle of Incognito #3 was fantastic.
00:28:28 – Ron wants more Zee, like in DMZ #41.
00:29:47 – Josh welcome a crossover in Fables #83.
00:32:24 – Conor feels his 1st issue Pick of the Week is vindicated with G.I. Joe: Cobra #2.
00:33:30 – Josh is a bit bored with The Walking Dead #60.

User Reviews:
00:36:33 – FACE reviews The Transformers: All Hail Megatron #10 and it was a huge community Pick of the Week.
00:38:55 – JesTr says The Punisher #4 is a different take on the Punisher, but it’s refreshing.

00:44:23 – Patrick from Missouri got his membership pack and is happy.
00:46:33 – Pat from Chicago, IL needs some help finding an old video episode of iFanboy.
00:49:20 – Will from Tennessee has a theory about the lack of single issue category in The Eisners.
00:52:10 – Dave from Denver, CO bought a prose book by accident!
00:54:37 – Anonymous wants to know if 100 Bullets #100 is a good jumping on point.

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  1. THE MISFITS!!!    you guys get major cool points

  2. Southern Accents rule.  I’ve neen rewatching old episodes too. The sneeze is the Kingdom Come episode is awesome.

  3. Ron should have been Reading GLC since GLC Recharge #2. Ron if you need to get rid of a Book, get rid of GL over GLC.

  4. To answer Josh’es question fully, first youhave to know that the Five Invertions(the Empire of Tears) who were in Alan Moore’s Version of Abin Sur’s history could use the blood of beings to see into the future. Atrocitus was one of thr Inversions and used the Blood of someone back in the Second issue of rage of the Red Lantern’s Arc of the Regular Green Lantern Series, to see that Sinestro had a Daughter. Now if you read the GLC Sinestro Corps issue where Sinestro faught Natu this also foreshadows that Sinestro is her Father. Of Course this issue confirmed what everyone who was a big GL fan’s thoughts. It was either Natu of Katma Tui.

    Sinestro’s Armband has been in and out of Continuity, many artist don’t draw it, and EVS forgets it sometimes.


  5. Glad Josh pointed out how confusing the first couple of pages were in GLC. I had problems following a couple of scenes in this book. The shot of Yat and his dad was one of the worst panels I’ve seen in a long time. It didn’t totally kill the book.

    Also, Josh is right. Sinestro’s daughter is hot.

  6. I guarentte you that Peter either remembering or getting some knowledge of OMD is not the first time in this issue. I’ve read enough of the BND material to know either it’s joked about it (most likely as an in-joke on the writer’s expense). But Parker has stated a couple of times about how people dont remember what transpired…..

    Whether that means he fully remember’s Mephisto’s mind wipe or very little is something I dont know. But I know it isnt the first time he’s talked about this.

  7. Action Comics kicked ass this week! I didn’t think I’d enjoy it at all, but I figured I’d give it a shot because of Rucka. I hope this book stays focused on Nightwing and Flamebird for quite some time.

  8. @josh: How did you miss all of those components of Frank Castle’s outfit in Punisher #4?

    It’s clearly presented that he has a Cap shield, Iron Man gloves, and Hawkeye’s quivers…..that’s something I dont think you could miss that easily…

  9. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Josh it’s commendable that you can praise Fables without spoiling the stories for comic fans who haven’t tried the series yet. I think Conor would enjoy the WWII horror fantasy of the 5th Fables trade "The Mean Seasons."

  10. When Norman Osborn doesn’t remember Peter’s identity in New Ways to Die, he thinks to himself something along the lines of, "Whew! It’s working." He is almost certainly not remembering the Mephisto thing, though. Something else happened that they’re going to get to later. And that issue will probably bore me a little bit too.

  11. @Jimski: That’s one I was thinking about. But there were two other’s I remember quite clearly….I think both from NWTD as well.

    One has Ben Reilly saying about Osborn (and I’m paraphrasing here): ‘How could anyone not remember who Osborn really is?’ and then Peter states, as he’s nervous for some reason: ‘Yeah….yeah how can anyone forget?’ That seems to be more of an in-joke then him stating anything.

    But then there was another issue where, and I dont remember the situation, where he states: ‘All right it’s working! Nobody remembers at all I’m Spider-Man!’….That might be the same line you pointed out Jimski. But I know they have done more references to OMD.

    It just bugs me that, if your gonna change the status quo….fine do it. But dont hammer it over our heads and keep pissing off the fanbase that have hated the change. I dont think the Brian Trust is nessicerally trying to piss the fanbase off. But just stop with the references and just get back to the story. Every arc it seems like they take a jab at us about OMD.

  12. I didn’t have the Punisher issue in front of me and I didn’t linger on it that long, so if I made a mistake, so be it.

  13. @josh: I didnt mean to be sound angry about it, just thought it was funny you missed it.

    Either that was a Captain America shield or the world biggest elbow pad. 🙂

  14. And I didn’t mean to sound indignant.  I didn’t think you were being mean. Sorry if it sounded that way.

  15. @josh: No offense taken.

    Although that might be the first time I’ve ever seen you not geek out about a Hawkeye related object

  16. No offense but Im a bit surprised it took you guys this long to realize that Geoff Johns likes to make villains into nazis, not only Sinestro(yeah hes had that haircut and arm band since Sinestro Corps) but also the future Justice Leage in the Legion story in Action Comics a while ago, i mean they were so blatantly neo nazis and they all also had red arm bands(with a superman symbol instead of a swastika). Geoff seems to have a thing with making villains into subtle allegories for nazis, nothing wrong with that, I think its kind of interesting, but I thought it was really obvious a while back.

    Also, I thought Incognito #3 was definetly the best issue this week, I loved the first issue and I agree it just keeps getting more and more awesome

  17. @jonor, con & rosh – don’t mistake my passion for this issue of AHM as absolute zealousness. This one was off the charts, but it had a lot to do with the ‘interior’ art. I just hope you guys took the time to flip thru and see some of Guici’s finest. At the time of this writing AHM#10’s POTW percentage has plummeted to 4.2%. SELL NOW!!!

    Thanks for spotlighting me!!

  18. Another great show. Action Comics was awesome this month, I can’t wait to keep reading more. I might have to hunt down the first two issues of Incognito, sounds interesting.

    I’ve got the first trade of Fables right now that I plan on reading through. Should I just read straight through the trades, or could I jump into this crossover dealio?

    Also, whatever comic randomly ends up on my doorstep, I have decided that I will scour the ends of the earth to complete the set, if applicable.

  19. I think William K Scurry Jr. deserves the page for his name.  

  20. You *could* jump on with this Fables arc, I suppose, because I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy the store.  But with this particular title, I wouldn’t want to ruin the reveals of the earlier issues, so I’d read that one straight through.  But it’s certainly doable. It’s an exception to the superhero book rule, but read the trades.

  21. Invincible Iron Man 2nd Ptg Larroca Var #11 was my pick of the week. I don’t know why you iFanboys never talk about these types of comics.
  22. @30:00

    Proves that Ron secretly loves Fables.


    Also @rustyautoparts

    Read the trades. Awesome.

  23. @TheNextChampion – there’s an arc planned where Spider-Man wants to go to Mars and weird stuff start happening to him. That will reverse the mind-wipe. I think it’s due in August.

  24. @peterporker – but get a penalty for not using "Elmore Judd – Rats".

  25. Alright, I’ll stick to trades. Also, how much of Fables should I read before I start on Jack of Fables?

  26. You can read Jack any time, but he leaves Fables at some point "Never to return," after his time as a hollywood mogul.  It doesn’t really ruin anything though, so whenever.  It’s a different book and tone than Fables.

  27. Good episode.  Me like

  28. As soon as this episode it drew a big dumb smile on my face and it has yet to go away.  thanks for the misfits and the awesome show as usual guys!

  29. @rusty

    I actually enjoyed Jack more than Fables until the last arc. It’s very "tradtional", more adventurous, but very fun.

  30. uhm… isn’t 100 Bullets #100 the last issue of the series?

  31. @JumpingJupiter – no. There’s a season 2 called "100 Bullets: Even More Bullets".

  32. Nice show.  I really thought Josh was going to throw his mike down there at the end.  Always a good time.


  33. I got 100 Bullets #46 in my member pack. Thanks Conor!

  34. @Josh, I was just curious where it was you thought the Office went down. I always felt it should have ended at the end of season 3. Season 4’s beginnings were so horrible I was about to give up, but Holly at the end of that season saved the show. However, now I’m done with it. Parks and Recreation too…

  35. I’m actually watching through it right now, near the end of season 3.  I think I’m going to write about it somewhere, so look for that when it’s done.  But yes, Holly was the best thing about that season.  In short, I think it peaked with season 2, and was very good for season 3, and ran out of purpose with 4, and is vaguely aimless now.  However, this week’s episode was excellent I thought.

    Anyway, not the place for this probably.

  36. Bring back the writers! (Only kidding. ;)) May I suggest a battle royale with Around Comics Lucha Libre style! Bring it! Seriously though, I’d love to listen to a crossover roundtable discussion involving both shows. Hilarity and antics would be sure to ensue, I’m sure of that fact.

  37. @ Ron & co. – Thanks for the response to my vm! I downloaded the Y podcast but still haven’t figured out how to get it onto my ipod though. My commute is the only time I really have for video podcasts. Oh well. I guess I have to accept it: I’m old and technologically inept. 

  38. I still love The Office to death, but of course it’s not going to be as fresh as earlier seasons.  What show is?  Not Seinfeld, not Simpsons, not Cheers.  It’s still better than 99% of the rest of TV.

  39. @Chlop-Actually, its going to be called "100 Bullets: Bullets with a Vengence"

  40. @drakedangerz – that’s the spin-off series. It contains only 50 bullets but because they are so vengeful they hit two people – the bullet goes through the first one and hits the second. Each issue contains lots of panels where the main character calculates how to do this in white chalk on a chalkboard, and in the last panel he takes the shot.

    We find out if he succeeded in the recap in the next issue – so it’s filled with cliffhangers. 

  41. Whoever did the music…. BRAVO !!! Love the Misfits with Danzig.

  42. Walking Dead #60 was depressing. I think my mood is influenced by Rick’s which is probably going to lead to therapy 😐

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