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  1. And another amazing cover!

  2.  I must admit that i quite like this book in spite of the fact that it seems to suffer from a sort of dated narrative style. It seems to simultaneously tell a story that reminds me of my younger days and tell it in that watered down "hey look at me rip off John Hughes!…oh, and it’s the mid-nineties!" kind of way. Jeez, now i feel like a right bastard.  Anyway, i did quite enjoy last issues wild night of excess and the all too familiar falling for the wrong girl stuff. Later.

  3. Something about this book just keeps me reading it — I just can’t figure out why I like it.

  4. This book is insane.

  5. This book is nutty, but after 3 issues now, it’s failing to really grab me. I’m having trouble suspending disbelief for some reason. I mean, nonstop hyperviolence? Sigh. Whatever, loads of violence stopped being inventive a long time ago. Dropping.

  6. It lost me with this issue, I doubt I’ll be picking up the next one

  7. I guess I am again in the minority on this one. I loved this issue, and i I think the story is really devloping. I read all 3 issues in a row, and I have a good idea what is going on. however If I just read #3 i would be very confused. again this is an excellent comic and if I may say the best "indie" in print.

  8. Loved it. Loved it loved it loved it.


  9. I also loved this issue.  I was unsure about the series until this issue, but now I’m onboard for the whole thing.

  10. i hate this. i dont know why i bought this one. ill prolly buy the next one. i dont know why.

  11. awesome issue. if you like crazy shit . read this book.

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