The end is here. Sacrifices have been made. The most dangerous and successful attempt at the extermination of mutants is upon us. Who will walk away?

WRITER: Mike Carey, Matt Fraction, Zeb Wells & Chris Yost
PENCILS: Terry Dodson, Greg Land, Esad Ribic & Ibraim Roberson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.2%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I’m actually super happy that this is a cool down issue. So often companies rush from event to event without giving the characters a chance to breathe and react.

    Maybe they’ll play softball or something…


  2. I have a feeling this is going to be less "Event cool down" more "Follow Rogue and Magneto into Legacy! Catch the new heartfelt family sitcom: Summers of Hope! in Uncanny X-Men! etc. etc. etc." Maybe Cable’s arm will come to life and teach us all a valuable life lesson.  

  3. So how long until one armed Robo-Cable shows up?

  4. @Prax Surely you are not suggesting that Marvel would develop and sell an issue of a comic book for the sole purpose of marketing other comic books! I am aghast. Shocked. Shocked that there is gambling here at Rick’s.

  5. @JimBilly4 Well played, sir. Oh, I’m hip to what Marvel’s doing. I haven’t been a fan of the "Save just enough of the story that needs to be resolved to put in a one-shot that’s main goal is to hawk the new stati quo for each of the books book" since they did it with War of Kings. It’s unnecessary and leads to bad storytelling. It also makes me feel cheap and used. 😉

  6. @prax – dammit you’re right.  multiple writers/artists is never a good sign

  7. The saddest thing is I will buy it anyway. Even if I 100% know it is not going to be good. It is part 14 of  story I bought the other 13 parts of. Even if it is just a coda, I am going to get it. In fact, as this event has generally been very successful (At least from my vantage point. I also noticed all the books in top ~30ish of books sold in Previews) I would be very surprised if more "untold tales of 2nd coming" didn’t pop up. Which I will also buy. Alas, I am weak.

  8. I’m really not excited for the post secon coming "relaunch".  It seems like just when Marvel gets the x-books right, they feel the need to shake it all up.

    I suppose Kyle and Yost are gone for the foreseeable future?

  9. Yes, Kyle and Yost are off too TV land. 

  10. …well good, because reruns of The Cosby Show and Betty White simply aren’t enough!

  11. I have loved every issue of this event. All it needs to be perfect is to KEEP CABLE DEAD.


  12. @ Diabhol  Yeah, I’m sure Cable is 100% dead and we’ll never see him again.  (Please read the previous sentence as if it’s dripping with sarcasm)  ; )  I’m sure your realize how unlikely that is yourself, but keep hoping. 

  13. If what praxjarvin is saying is indeed correct, then this entire story will lack a true denouement and will just end with, more or less, advertisements for other books. Now even though I haven’t been as critical towards this story as others have been (despite all the flaws), if this is how this story in fact ends, then I will be severely disappointed.

  14. Cable is a Time Traveling character like Barry Allen and others so he will be back and that’s part of why I love comics. If someone has a good a idea an old character can come back and have a new lease on life. (See Bucky and Jason Todd)

  15. hot damn! Esad Ribic needs to pencil more often.

  16. @ABirdseysView: I agree I love Ribic’s work but I like it when it gets treated with paint more than just the standard pencil job.

  17. Well this whole crossover was pretty much dissapointing. The opening one-shot was fantastic but as it went along it dragged and I lost track of character and where they were and what was going on and ended with a huge thud. All of the ‘we don’t kill’ speeches in this were incredibly forced and contrived and by the third one I was annoyed. And after all the hoopla of Hope I’m extremely disapointed. So basically she’s the Collective from New Avengers years ago? Sigh. How much money can we throw at Grant Morrison to come back and fix this shit? Or even Joe Casey? Because I think as of right now the X-Men has hit the wall.

  18. This was a great finish to a mediocre crossover. Shame they didn’t keep this level of quality throughout. A streamlined version of Second Coming would have been great. Alas, we have what we have. This issue makes up for a lot of the storytelling problems in the last issue. (Including the "If you’re dumb, this is what Hope’s powers are" scene with Prodigy.) Some missteps, some boring parts but on the whole it feels lot more well put together. 4/5

  19. @PraxJarvin:  I agree with your review, right on.

    The X-Force reveal would have been awesome if I hadn’t already been reading the latest comic news so instead of being wowed I just thought, "oh, that’s where they got the image of X-Force for their article."

  20. Surprisingly solid finish. I thought it was a good crossover, marred mainly by standard issues of 4 writers and more than 4 artists trying to interpret tell a single coherent story. The biggest flubs for me were Fraction, who just does not get a healthy percentage of the X-characters. Team books are not for him.

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