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X-MEN #2

• The school is on lockdown…but if the bad guys can’t get out, neither can the X-Men!

• John Sublime is back, but is one of the X-Men’s scariest villains not who we should be afraid of?

• Who or what is Arkea?

Story by Brian Wood
Art by Olivier Coipel
Cover by Olivier Coipel & Amanda Connor

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I wasn’t planning on collecting this series, but the first issue blew me away. So I am in for the ride!

  2. Love this book. So excited to see more!

  3. The last issue was stunningly beautiful and very well written. I love the team Wood has assembled, so I’m definitely in for the long haul. 😀

  4. Loved the first issue and cant wait for MOAR!!!

  5. Anyone think young Jeannie will ever be in this x-women centric book?

  6. Looking forward to this. Really enjoyed the first issue.

  7. Hoping that this issue improves from the first. Cause it was fun to read but it had a lot of issues considering the creative team involved. So here’s hoping.

  8. I really liked the first issue, even though I was totally out of my depth as to what was going on. I can only name a few X-Men just from seeing them so there were times when I kept wishing someone would say “hey, NAMEOFPERSON” So I could say, “ooooh right… her.”

    That said, it was certainly a fair mix of “things are happening” and “people are talking about things”. So, I may stick with it.

  9. Already the series that I look forward to the most every month. Too excited!

  10. JML ( says:

    Not really digging this. I think if there’d been a little more time taken in the first issue setting everything up and establishing where all these characters are at and just generally letting the whole thing breathe a bit, I’d be into it more. The characters also seem very reactive so far. These are all problems I thought Wood pretty deftly avoided in his Star Wars and DMZ stuff that I’ve read, so I’ll give it another issue and see how he wraps this up.

  11. I said this last month and was told she had northstars powers, I didn’t think northstar could help stop a train by dragging his foot but whatever. In this issue rogue clearly has flight and super strength and durability, so either she randomly? has Ms Marvel powers back again or maybe Wonder Mans powers stuck from Uncanny Avengers 5 for some reason? I’m confused, still liked the issue but I would like to know what is up with this.

    • I agree (I agreed with you last issue too, so no surprise there)…I think someone should send a memo to the creative team that Rogue’s powers have changed. They don’t even bother trying to explain who she “borrowed” from in this issue.

      I would be totally fine with her getting her Ms. Marvel powers back BTW…Rogue got a lot more use when she could do the Ms. Marvel stuff, except absorb energy (she instead absorbed powers and memories in addition to flight, strength, and invulnerability). There is no need to revert her back to “Ah can’t touch you Remy!” though. Please, God, no.

    • I agree her having the powers back is fine and helps flesh out the power set on the team. The I can’t touch anyone certainly doesn’t need to come back for sure.

      I really tried hard to not sound like the minor plot thread of continuity guy but this is bugging me. Been reading the x-books since regenesis and makes me feel like I somehow missed it. Sort if like if I picked up a super man comic and he had his electric powers back in issue 1.

    • Yeah, I hear you…No one wants to be “that guy”…But yeah…getting the powersets right is kind of a big deal.

    • I definitely understand and agree with the complaint, but I’m having too much fun with it to really care. This is the first time in a long while that I feel like I’m reading the Rogue I grew up with, and I absolutely love it.

      Though I could totally go the rest of my life without reading another “can’t touch anyone” story. They bled that dry in the 90s.

    • I chuckled when she complaned how heavy Beast was, after smashing through a steel wall.

  12. Much better! Fun read all around and Wood has a much better voice on these characters. That, and figuring out who the villain is now, you got a compelling person to read up against these girls. Speaking of which; my only issue still with this is why these girls are together apart from being at the school. Nothing really compelling to make this a separate X-team. But hey, the art is sure damn pretty and also more improvement from Coipel and Morales. I gotta think some of the anime-influenced facial reactions are more from Morales cause I don’t remember Coipel doing any of that in his Thor run.

    Anyways, this issue definitely made me wanna keep reading this since it improved so much.


    • I’m not sure this is meant to be viewed as a distinct team. I think it’s really like you say… they’re just the ones at the school when this all goes down.

      In general, it seems like the rosters of the various X-teams are all pretty story driven these days, and I think I prefer it that way. I originally jumped in during the Blue/Gold era and didn’t mind it at the time, but the multiple-squads approach seems a bit contrived these days, especially when there’s so much overlap with popular characters (Storm, Rogue, and of course, Wolverine).

    • The multitude of teams separating my favorite X-Men is part of what drove me away in the 2000-present period. I wholeheartedly agree with you that this way is the better way to go.

  13. This was awesome. I never even considered how much fun a book full of X-Ladies could be, but I guess that’s why I’m not a writer.

    The story’s certainly got my attention, but that artwork … sweet Jesus, I love Coipel. I seem to recall reading that he wasn’t sticking around for long. Anyone have info on that?

    • Looks like David Lopez is up next followed by Terry Dodson.

      However it doesn’t sound like Coipel is off the book, probably just need the artists to jack up the amount of issues they are shipping.

    • Thanks. Love me some Dodson. Good to know Coipel’s not off for good.

  14. Great issue. I love how this team is interacting together and slowly gelling as a cohesive group. Love how Kitty and Rogue took center stage. This book is turning out to be quite amazing.

  15. “You can’t bring a baby on a mission!

    Listen, the baby is probably going to die no matter what if it hangs around us, who cares where that is.

    Good point, bring the baby along.”

    That’s about how I interpreted that scene.

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