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  1. Behind by a month or so on this book because I reserve it at my "home" shop while I’m away at school. But I should be able to pick it up tomorrow and catch up! (Yay for Spring Break)

  2. Can’t wait!  I love how much time Yost and Kyle are spending developing the villains

  3. …not sure about this anymore…

  4. WHen I read this book I feel like something cool is always ABOUT to happen. Then it’s over.

  5. And Quesada’s campaign to end the popularity of Nextwave continues! :-p I kid, I kid.

    Decent issue, felt a bit like filler, though. Same with Cable recently. it feels like "We want an April event!" "But we’re ready for March!?" "April!" 

  6. Wow, this was possibly one of the worst things I have read in mainstream comics in years

  7. Jackson Hole is my home town and I can tell you, the town square really looks like that, except there are arches made of Elk Horn over four entrances. Either way, it was kinda spooky to see a comic book blow up your home town.

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