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  1. Future storyline, please end. Future storyline, please end. 😉

  2. The only reason I would want the future storyline to end is so we wouldn’t have to listen to you complain about it every issue. 😉

  3. Looking forward to this, and even more to 200.

  4. @skeets It’s just tough to have characters I love and have collected for almost 199 issues saddled with a boring, overlong storyline that’s had me on the brink of dropping the book month after month. Were David a lesser creator, this book would’ve been dropped a year ago. As it stands, I’m sticking it out to get to 200 and than reevaluating it. 

  5. I was just messing with you man, I <3 anyone who buys this book… even those doing begrudgingly.

  6. Its not that i dont like the future elements of this story, but I think that the future plot has been spinning its wheels in the mud for too long, and that it definitely should have been shorter. This also made the present storyline much more interesting.

  7. I’ve enjoyed the "future storyline" but I am ready for it to end, I’ve found it a little difficult to keep track of with all of the weird things that have happened, I think this would be a good arc to read in trade though.

  8. The future storyline is killing me.  I really can’t take much more of it.  So yeah, please end….. like 10 issues ago.

  9. I haven’t read this issue yet but I for one really enjoy the future story line as much as the present day one.

  10. Considering this says its a conclusion to a year long story, I take it I should wait until 200 to jump on?

  11. Yeah, I don’t see how anyone could not enjoy old man Doom.

  12. Pretty good issue. It would appear we’re done with the future story line for sometime, though I have to say that felt like a lot of story for what is ultimately a little pay off and next to no bearing on the next few issues which look more based on returning to the "Detection" aspect of the concept. I gave it a 4/5. The issue had its moments and I liked it despite by disinterest in the story…. but…. it contained one of the biggest pet peeves I have with X-Men since Deadly Genesis. Scott Summers hurt’s Ruby! This shouldn’t happen!  The summers are immune to each other’s powers. Sigh… Still, not a big deal.

  13. @Slockhart  Looks like 200 will be a good jump on point.  The only way I would say to pick it up here is if you are an Xfactor fan from the beginning of the current series.  Because it does actually answer some questions about Layla Miller’s origin, which is a mystery that’s been hanging around the Marvel U for years now.

  14. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    That quote by Voltaire’s percipient.

    I liked the lead-in to the case of the Invisible Woman’s disappearance. Valeria Richards is odd, and she floats.

  15. I’ve been pretty anti-Peter David lately with his "wow" endings, but I’ll give it to him with the Layla thing.   

    I’m still down on this book overall though, the future timeline was awful

  16. This issue was slightly better than previous issues because there was a bit more focus on Layla.  I gave it a 3/5.  If Layla was the focus, it would be a 5 easy.  PAD has created 2 of my favorite characters in the Marvel U in Madrox and Layla, but the future crap killed my interest.  I guess I might give 200 a try, but this book is hanging by a thread. 

  17. @400yrs Just a point of clarification, David didn’t create Madrox, Len Wein and Chris Claremont did back in ’75. However, David has gone a long way in making the character more than a supporting player.

  18. And Layla first appeared in House of M making her a Bendis creation (I think)

  19. @cutty Oh, duh. I completely forgot that she appeared in that travesty. 😉

  20. What happened to Doom? He appears all evil and I’m like oh shit, the shit’s gonna go down now, then just kinda disappears from the rest of the book.

  21. Doom is a genius. He got while the getting was good. He is now terrorizing a New Jersey IHOP during the 4:30pm dinner rush.

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