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  1. You know, I was still enjoying X factor for what it was before Stroman come onto this book. But I just cannot stand his art. However good he was before, he’s a horrible artist now. Eyes do not go there! Shame, I’m having to drop this book since it’s got nothing to do with the writing.

  2. I’m going to pick this up, but this is this books last chance.  If this issues isn’t better, I think I’m done.  Sad.

  3. This book is also on the chopping block for me. Can’t stand the Stroman art and the story has been dragging on the ground since we lost Layla Miller.


  4. it makes me so sad to say i’m about to drop this book too. i love madrox so much.


    stroman’s art is killing me. however, that isn’t the only reason i want to drop it. the loss of layla was huge. that one shot for her last month found me literally jumping for joy.


    peter david has a very short amount of time to fix this before i call it quits. 

  5. Yeah, for me they’ve got this issue and the next to turn it around. I continued to like this title longer than most–through the Arcade storyline I was pleased with it–but the Secret Invasion crossover was obviously bad, and now they’re still continuing with the Longshot/Darwin stuff, which I don’t care about. I liked seeing Stroman’s art at first, and while I still don’t hate it, it’s wearing on me. My reason for dropping the book would be like 60% due to David’s storylines, though, which I’m fast losing interest in.

  6. STROMAN BLOWS hes the main reason i dropped this book awhile ago. Besides Deadpool i think Madrox ranks up there as my favorite character in marvel. I completly loose out and just hope one day this book gets good again or like Deadpool Madrox gets his own book.

  7. I always wonder: How do people who drop books know if a book has gotten good again? Dropping a book because you didn’t like the art for two issues? Ridiculous.  I’m no fan of Stroman, either, but I gotta give the guy more than two issues to hopefully find a groove.  There have been dozens of artists that I hated initially who grew on me over time(Adam Pollina, Bryan Hitch, Terry Dodson to name a few).  The only thing that concerns me is that Stroman’s art doesn’t appear to have changed much from his run in the 90s.

    I’m actually diggin’ the Darwin/Longshot stuff.  X-factor’s been in Detroit now for what? Two issues? Three maybe?  And that whole time they were hijacked by this whole SI crossover.  So people are going to drop the book before PAD has a chance to do the stories he set the team up for?  Come on.

  8. @shogunt  It’s not the art that’s causing me to most prob. drop this book.  Although it’s not my favorite art, it’s really the storylines.  This book is dragging.  It’s now going anywhere.

     As far as finding our if it’s good again??  I’ll keep an eye on the comments make here on ifanboy.  If there are more positive comments and stuff, I’ll flip through the next issue and make my decision to maybe jump back on.

  9. @shogunt: I dunno, I liked Stroman’s art ALRIGHT in the ’90s. I don’t like the current stuff. I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison but it seems to me like he’s changed some for the worse.

    @SDcomicfan: You dropped X-Factor "awhile ago" because of Stroman? Do you realize that he’s only been on the book for two issues so far? He was on the previous volume of the book in like 1992, which is to me is may more than "awhile ago". If you have been an X-Factor reader for that long, though: RESPECT.

    @zattaric: Yeah, I’m (probably) going to be dropping it due to the storyline as well. PAD has this issue and the next to prove to me that it’s a good thing they’re in a new locale. So far nothing about it is doing anything for me.

  10. So…I think I might stick around after all.  I liked this issue. (art aside)

  11. I dunno zattaric.

    I always thought I’d follow PAD to the ends of the earth… and Stroman’s lazy, incomprehensible pencils makes me feel like it’s the end. I’m out of Factor for a while.

  12. I gave this issue a "5".  I loved the read, and I love Stroman on this book.  Here’s my review: 

  13. Question:  Peter David is referred to as PAD, what does the A stand for?

  14. i was pleasantly surprised by the story. i will continue to read this book. david saved it even though stroman is trying to kill it. case in point: the close up of longshot where there is an eyebrow where there should be an eye….


    come on now, that is just lazy. i will continue to read and hope and pray that stroman’s hands succumb to frostbite or something. 

  15. I just now registered, if only so I could comment on Stroman’s art.


    I’d been out of the comic reading world for just over a decade and upon returning, I had a friend who demanded I read X-Factor.  So over the course of the last month, I’ve read the entire new run from 1 to 35, and had to agree with my friend, this is one hell of a good title.  Then tonight, I read the last seven issues and I just felt my heart plummet.  Stroman has seriously damaged X-Factor, as well as the person who decided to place him on it with David.  I get the artwork, and perhaps, the X-Factor of the past (which I can’t recall anymore…good? Bad?) worked with it…but with the storylines and writing developed from the first issue to this year and the artwork that for the most part consistently accompanied it; the Stroman art was literally painful.  

     The familiar faces I’d come to identify fondly were ripped away and replaced with charicatures that most of the time failed to portray any likeness other than the outfit or the color of the hair.  While Madrox wasn’t always serious, the writing and the art took itself serious and offered us something worth caring about and looking forward to the next issue.  

     I now dread the next issue.  I read, but can’t look at the path the art has taken in X-Factor.  I’m not quitting the book, but I’ll be suffering through it, reading the writing and squinting my eye at the artwork trying to imagine it to be something more deserving to what X-Factor at least tried to amount to up to now.  Otherwise, I’m distracted by the artwork of someone who obviously cares more about his personal style than at least trying to extend a modicum of continuity from the consistent artwork that preceded him by about 30 issues.  Perhaps it’s Marvel’s fault as well, to callously replace one artist with another who’s style is so far out of left field as to create the illusion of two comic books some how meshed into one.

     I don’t know what else to add, other than I feel let down and saddened by the punch to the gut I feel every time I look at the lines that are supposed to represent the characters I’ve grown to care quite a bit about.  I’ll go on picking up X-Factor, but more out of a duty to what it represented, then what it is now.

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