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I’m going to try and look at the current “X-Factor” objectively. One of my favorite runs on a comic book, ever, was the David/Stroman mid-90’s “X-Factor”. I strongly preferred that book to the current volume’s recent noir kick. So a few issues back, when I opened up “X-Factor” to see that Larry Stroman had returned (and he brought Val Cooper with him, no less) I became giddy with fanboy glee. My hope was that the book was on its way back to its mid-90’s glory days. So while many are critical of Stroman’s art, to me it’s like coming home again.

So I’m trying to step back and be objective about it. To be fair, I hated Stroman when he started the book back in the day, as well. “This doesn’t look like Jim Lee,” I’d cry. Of course, I also hated John Romita Jr. on “Uncanny X-Men”, so let’s say that my tastes weren’t as well developed back then. But then Stroman left. And a succession of boring, by-the-numbers artists (including Joe Q., who was totally wrong for the gig) came on the book. And I realized how well Stroman’s art complimented (and added to) the quirky nature of this team. With Stroman, X-Factor was unique. Without him, they were just the X-Men who worked for the government. So I realize that Stroman is an acquired taste, and I realize he is never going to be in the Pantheon of Great Comic Book Artists. In fact, looking at this issue… hey, I’m not blind. I see the oddly shaped figures, the weirdly featured faces, the disproportion and bad hair of the team…

I just don’t care about any of it.

And here we have Peter David doing what Peter David does best: taking C-list characters and making you care about them, making them matter. In a way, this is something that he and Bendis have in common. Only PAD does it by raising the characters up, Bendis usually tears them down. Did you ever think that you were going to care about a team that includes Multiple Man, Strong Guy, Siryn, M, and (powerless) Rictor? Hopefully, the team will soon include Darwin and Longshot. Then we will be in some business!

So, for me, David/Stroman on X-Factor is like ham/swiss on sandwiches. Ham? Always good. Swiss? Kind of pungent on its own, and full of holes. But when you pair it up with ham… mmmmmm’! Them’s good eats!

X-Factor! Mmmmmm’! Them’s good eats!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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