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Wonder Woman has returned home to London…but leaving Paradise Island doesn’t mean leaving the gods behind, as two of the most powerful deities of the pantheon have come to town – and neither of them is leaving without being crowned King of the gods!

Featuring guest art by Tony Akins (JACK OF FABLES)!

Variant cover by CLIFF CHIANG

Price: $2.99
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  1. Great cover, but that creature looks like a dumb animal, not sure it’s evil enough to deserve a giant trident in the face!

  2. “Wonder Woman VS Chtulu” would be the appropriate cover blurb for this issue! 😉

    I love the cover though, it’s weird and epic at the same time!

  3. Do I detect a hint of tentacle porn?

    • Why did you have to mention it and why did I have to double-check for that tentacle… WHY!? 0_o

    • lol

    • Well, Azz has shown in this series that he’s very much willing and able to go for the subversive sexual jokes. For instance, Hera refers to Paradise Island as a “cockless coop”, Aleka speaks of Hermes in these terms: “What foul stench hangs between the shanks, perhaps I shall take my blade and separate the offence from the offender.” And finally Aleka also mocks Wonder Woman’s rusty vagina before they duel. Azz also went on record to say that his favorite Wonder Woman stories are the Marsdon ones.

      So I choose to interpret this cover as completely deliberate and intentional. I find this story has a very intense sexual charge – moreso than Winick’s Catowman but that’s another matter – but Azz hides it in oblique dialog and compelling action. On the surface, it’s there as well. A major plot point involves Diana’s birth from an illicit sexual encounter, which was portrayed in not so little detail. Thus, It’s entirely conceivable that Chiang – as Azz’s collaborator – is also infusing his work with sexual symbolism. Personally, I think it’s an excellent approach.

      See the first 2 Alien movies to witness sexual symbolism in film at its most horrificly efficient. In fact, because Azz adamantly insisted he was writing a horror story leads me to believe this Wonder Woman series is very much about sex. The genre of horror has more in common with sexual themes than one might initially think.

      For this and many other reasons, I think this is an important and seminal Wonder Woman run.

      Extra points to anyone picking up on that pun.

    • @JNewcomb: Completely agree that this book has a sexual charge to it. I remember when I read the dialog you referenced above, and it was definitely a “oh no you didn’t!” moment for me. It reminded me of bawdy dialog of Chaucer and Shakespeare.

      On one hand, the sexual themes of this book are unexpected in today’s overly-sanitized, politically-correct world (especially for a corporate-owned intellectual property, such as Wonder Woman.) On the other hand, it makes complete sense that a story about Greek gods would be sexual. After all, Zeus is the biggest philander there is, and this story is essentially about the relationships of his offspring, both legitimate and illegitimate. Tip of the hat to Azz for going there.

    • @JNewcomb: Well said.

    • I agree with you guys, but I don’t think the sexual undertones are ‘unexpected’. In our society, politically correct as it usually is, I’ve come to expect both sexual themes (tastefully done, in this case) as well as overreaction to sexuality no matter what.

      It’s a great run, though, by the way. It’s just a great comic, first and foremost, whatever its themes.

    • Agreed and interesting stuff. I don’t agree that it’s more sexually charged than Winick’s Catwoman. Granted, she’s often in too much peril for her book to be purely sexually charged, but classic Catwoman (which is present here) as a character, well it doesn’t get much more sexually charged than her. Not just because it’s more overt, but in general.

    • Wouldn’t creem your jeans just yet ! This book has seemingly been more about the relationships between parents and their children, and though that does figure some birds/bees conjecture, I think the sexual humor has been more of an indication of the adult perspective taken by the author, than any sort of ‘subversion’.

    • @Maty: I agree with your main point but personally detect multiple theme layers. One of which being sex.

    • Great thread. More of this please, Internet.

    • More of this at my blog. I’m a bit of a cerebral dude.

    • And yes, it’s a shameless plug, so shoot me.

    • Tentacle bondage at the very least.

    • @Walt: Meow!

  4. There are going to be Gods fucking around the streets of London ? If this isn’t the best way to bring in John Constantine in a Wonder Woman story arc I don’t know what is.

  5. LOVE this title!

  6. Interested to see the art for this issue, i’m not really familiar with Tony Akins.

  7. Been waiting for this one since I saw the Fantastic cover at NYCC!

  8. Looking forward to this story as well!!! I’m not sure about the art, but it seems that WW’s universe is gonna get a little bigger with this one!

  9. Just checked out the preview. It looks fun but definitely suffers from a lack of Chiang art.

  10. I was worried about the absence of Chiang but the previews look great. This Akins guy is more than just a zero carbs diet.

  11. I am most curious about this Lennox Works character. Is he a god? Is a John Constantine wannabe? What are his powers? What’s his interest in Zola and/or Wonder Woman?

    • He looks to be half-god like Diana (although not like Diana as he’s probably not also of Amazon descent). I love his character and am very curious to see what kinds of power he has hidden away. Like all half-gods, it’s got to be something cool. I’m hoping it’s more interesting though then just invulnerability.

    • i’ll take a guess and say he’s another of of Zeus’ kids. it would be interesting for Diana to have a half-brother.

  12. I gotta be honest… I didn’t know what the hell was going on during this issue. It took three reads to hit every key point.

    I don’t know anything about Constantine so was this guy him or is he just some random new guy?

    And why the dead horse thing? It foreshadowed Poseidon but it’s not like Posiedon was fighting or something and the animals were getting killed.

    And I think the issue needed a good edit. Some of the grammar was terrible. And I’m not talking about anything Lennox said. Can someone explain this to me:

    Zola: “… I think you’re missing some of the other things Lennox said.”
    Diana: “Like what?”
    Zola (over page): “Like that all winner took was the day.”

    Is that a typo and should be ‘the winner’, in which case winning what, WW2? Or is ‘Winner’ a god like War, or…

    There were a few times where I had to reread things several times just to work out what the characters really meant.

  13. Wonder Woman’s speech pattern (or tone of voice) was off in my opinion. This issue left me wanting more, compared to past issues. The interaction between Wonder Woman and Zola was really odd and felt out of place. Also; does Wonder Woman actually say “cool” during that conversation?

  14. I think this issue was the weakest of the arc so far – but it’s still head & shoulders above most comics on the shelves! I still enjoyed it. The art was okay but it really made me miss Chiang. And yes, that cover is totally shokushu goukan!

    • Ya I agree about this being the weakestq issue so far and along the art actually made me give this 3 stars this week. I’m still looking forward to more Wonder Woman to come though they can’t all be winners

  15. i was concerned about the fill-in, but the art turned out just fine. am eagerly awaiting chiang’s return, though.
    this take on poseiden was incredible.
    lennox seems like an interesting cat, but i wonder what his angle is. a bid for the throne with WW’s unknowing help? his motives….seem dark

  16. I love that Zeus’ sleeping around has left all these demi gods peppered throughout the world.

    Prediction: Lennox hooks up with Zola by issue #9

  17. In a strong week (WW, Batman, UXF & DD) this issue really was top of the pile for me, yes it’s a shame to not have Chang’s exceptional images in this issue but Akins put in a fine effort, the slower paced scene at the beginning had some week panels but once the action kicked off on the bridge the work really stood out and was suitably grand, this book is great. Glad there is finally a WW story that is delivering on the characters obvious potential.

  18. I have been loving this series, but I really just didn’t like this issue at all. Definitely the weakest issue yet.

  19. Good series and I really like the characters and the plot. Very excited to see what happens next. I understand fill in artists, and I would always take that over rushed work, but man I missed Chaing on this issue. Giant Posiedon spread page was the only thing that was good for me in this. Outside of Giant Posiedon I really didn’t like the artwork.

  20. Azzarello has found the perfect angle for a Wonder Woman book for my tastes. I love all the wild interpretations of Greek Gods. They’re making something familiar feel unexpected. Tony Akins’ art looked good. He added a touch a Cliff Chaing to his style. Not quite the on the same level as Chaing but still very good and I’d be happy if Akins remained the fill in guy.

  21. I’m starting to lose interest in this title. This was a good issue but it just isn’t holding me like the pre-52 series. I’ll see how this plays out but I might have to drop it.

  22. Lost some momentum on this issue, I did not care for the giant beast and I guess it’s supposed to be Posiedon?? That left me a little confused and this guy that just walks up to WW and freinds and the cafe really confused me as well. I do not know who he is supposed to be or is he a new character?? The artwork was ok, just felt a little weak just like this issue only gave it a 3 maybe 3.5?? Just remember not every issue can be a knock out although that would be a perfect world, there is a lot of set up here I think? To the next issue……


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