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Hera, Queen of the Gods, does not take her vengeance lightly – and if Wonder Woman is so foolish as to stand in the way of her whim, then Wonder Woman is her enemy.

But it’s Hera’s daughter Diana should truly fear – the goddess of discord is coming to Paradise Island, and murder always follows in her wake!

Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 12.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Is this woman going to wear pants or briefs? I believe this will be the driving question behind the DCnU’s first Crisis level event.

  2. Gonna be interesting…

  3. This is a make or break issue for me to see if i will continue with this series, i did enjoy the first one though despite some confusion and im rooting for this one not having read Wonder Woman before.

    This issue will have to get me more intrested though to continue.

    • This is exactly my feeling. I tried this out after hearing how good it was… and it was pretty good. I don’t really think that the quality of the story had that much to do with the character of Wonder Woman. The same story with some other main character would have worked just as well. The art was pretty need though.

      As Neeks says it’s going to be a “make or break” issue.

  4. Really diggin’ this book…love the direction and the art is primo!

  5. Last issue was just okay but the art was terrific. I really want this to be a good comic.

  6. This looks like it could be shaping up to be a great run. I enjoyed both the story and the art in the first issue, and am sticking with this for the long run.

  7. Glade to see this book was great, even more so after that odessy story arch.

  8. Can’t wait for more of the horror story element to come up. I love taking a character like this and putting them into a truly creepy environment.

  9. I signed up for 8 of the new 52s and I have yet to read a single issue. I’m hoping to get them all sent to me later this week so I can start making some cuts cuz there’s no way to justify pulling that many series you’re not reading.

  10. This book reminds me of Swamp Thing. Both books were by talented writers, loved by a lot of folks here, but but kinda left me cold. I want to love them, I do. I will probably give this another shot, but if I don’t warm up to it soon, I’m not in for the long run.

  11. Loved the first issue and the preview for issue #2 looks even better.

  12. Oh my Gods, the art they showed from this at NYCC was so fantastic! I am obsessed with the first issue, cannot wait for this!

  13. One of the best books I read last month hope this one keeps me wanting more.

  14. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    What a funky cover. I love the new dawn sky. And the perspective is really psychedelic. The women look like giants.

  15. Last issue kept my interest with the tempo cranked up to full, hoping this one does the same!

  16. Man the cover art is worse than the first one. Sorry I am not a fan 🙁

  17. Weird cover, but I think I like it. It took me two readings of issue one to come around on it, and now I’m quite eager for issue 2.

  18. I’m liking this take on Wonder Woman. I’ve never been a huge fan in the past but this is really great!

  19. I love this! That spread of the Diana vs. Aleka fight was splendid!

    And Azz is showing us how you do the sexy in a Wonder Woman comic! This book had sex all over the place!

  20. Very good. Cliff Chiang is incredible.

  21. I was on the fence, so glad I picked this up! I’m definately in for the long haul now, hopefully Chang sticks around

  22. Was enjoying the first issue….now though I guess I’m not a WW fan at heart. If you are liking this book, just ignore my comment.

  23. I’m not getting the massive appeal here. The art is great I’ll give it that but I have no idea what is going on half the time and the other half I’m bored with trivial dialogue that doesn’t seem to matter. Reading this makes me feel like I’m reading background lore for World of Warcraft. I really want to give this a fair try so I’ll stick around for another issue or two but man I’m having a hard time getting into this.

    • With so many comics coming out every week I can’t understand people reading something they are not enjoying, especially if the lack of enjoyment stems from personal taste and not a lack of quality. Maybe AZZARELLO’s style isn’t for you, which is perfectly fine, but don’t read something just because everyone else says it’s good. I love this series but not everyone has to. Read what you like buddy.

    • It’s greek mythology man. Perhaps this is why you’re having trouble following it. Go school yourself!

    • @glwarm76 Yeah I plan on dropping it in the next issue or two if I still don’t like it however I’ve always wanted to understand more about Wonder Woman since she is a critical part of the DCU and really want to give this a fair try by completing at least one arc. There has been a few times in the past where I’ve been against a comic but after a few issues it grows on me and i’m hoping that is the case with this one.

      @JudgeJoyce I have a master’s degree and spend quite a bit of my spare time reading historical non-fiction so I’m pretty sure I dont need to “Go school myself” to understand this comic as you so pleasantly stated. It’s not a matter of ignorance that is the root cause of my problem with the story. It’s that the plot seems to be written in a light geared towards existing wonder woman fans IMO. I have absolutely no attachment to this character and feel like an outsider looking in at this book. I’m hoping over the next issue or two they will spend a bit more time with who she is as a character instead of just all this who begot who stuff. At that point I might find more of an attachment to the character of wonder woman herself. Time will tell though.

    • thompsonvile- I understand what you are saying and thanks for sharing your take. I also have been reading all of the books from the relaunch and there some that I find just awful and I try to express myself and well there are people on here that take great offense and sometimes a little to far I think! I can name four or five books right now I dropped from my pull list and I still find myself buying them by Friday just so I don’t miss anything I think. For example:

      Frankenstein- After two issues is starting to get slightly better than a 1 rating.
      Blue Beetle- Issue #1 for me was just horrible.
      Resurrection Man- Made a full turn around for me in #2, liking it.
      Omac- After reading both issues and taking a lot of heat for my imature comments I still do not find it a very good fit for me.
      At this point I could go on and on, the fact of the matter is you can and will buy what you want and/or read what you want. Then we all like to come to IFanboy to comment on these books because we are all big comic book fans and here they give us a place to have a voice to be heard. What writers, artists, inkers, etc really go here to check on comments about their work is unknown and what companies check is unknown? At least IFanboy gives us a spot to voice or opinions and I for one say thanks and Conner and I seem to be arch enemies. I do not know what I did however; I love the banter between us when we clash. This is also some things you will get from all of the other fans on here as well although; I have been called imature, uneducated and if you have something bad to say go into details do not just say CRAP! Well I say crap only because it is in my mind and I do not feel it is worth going into detail. I have never attacked anyone one on here with personal comments like the ones some people spew however; I will argue about the books and the characters till the day is done.
      So I am babbling again; just remember this site is for all of us comic fans and our voices and is supposed to be a fun place to argue about our likes and dislikes with others. I for one love it!!! Thanks IFanboy!!

      Just Sayin’,


  24. Pick of the week. the reveal of MegaStrife was awesome:)

  25. Well things just got a whole lot more interesting. I am curious to see how the new spin on Diana’s birth will play out. Overall I am happy to say, I’m a Wonder Woman fan now. Azzarello is crafting an intriguing tale, and Chiang’s art is a treat for my eyes. Good stuff.

  26. I love how the gods are now more villain-like. Each one is unique and distinct.

    I’m very surprised no one is freaking out at the references to vaginas, lesbianism and sexual promiscuity.

    • I believe that’s because the new Wonder Woman has not been exploitive, unlike another recently relaunched book with a female lead.

      Btw, you didn’t mention what I believe was a reference to testicles being lopped off. I had to read that part three times asking myself “Really? Is that what she means by that? Damn, I think it is!”

      Very good writing. Great art!

    • I agree with this if you add two little words in there: “I believe that’s because the new Wonder Woman has not been – perceived as – exploitive”

      Because it’s about perception in my opinion.

  27. Didn’t really dig this one as much as the last. I think it tried a bit too hard to overcome all the “not-story” of #1 and it made the whole issue a bit unbalanced.

    It gets one more issue to convince me not to drop it.

  28. Well the verdict is in for me on this title, if it continues like this im commiting for the entire run with Azzarello.

    This issue to me was much better then the first, i have more a sense of direction where this story is going now, i understand who the characters are more and am no longer confused and the art is still fantastic including that 2 page action sequence where she is fighting the other Amazon… just beautiful.

    My stack isnt done yet but this is battiling it out for POTW with Batman at this point

  29. Just wanted to say that this was a really fast read. Ten minutes for me. I didn’t feel cheated, but I did want more, so I’ll be back for the next issue. I’m having to make some really hard choices about what to continue buying from the new 52 and this is a title that I now consider an ongoing pull. Whereas I did not buy WW before. Good work, DC.

  30. One thing I really wanted DC to change was them dropping those dumb tag phrases on the covers. It’s bad enough there has to be barcodes on covers, the cluttery words don’t help the cover art at all. Stop doing that DC.

  31. I never thought I’d read a Wonder Woman series. How many of us thought that.

    Two issues in, I’m falling for this book. I only got it digitally on a whim as I read the first issue. Wow. I’m now looking at what I can drop to include this on my regulars list. Probably a different DC52 book.

    I’m just a little worried this series is going to start being a comic version of xena-warrior-princess

  32. Great issue with beautiful art. I feel that the story is a bit hard to follow sometimes, requiring me to backtrack and follow the word balloons. The storytelling problems go to Azzarello, not Chiang.

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