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  1. Holy shit!

    I’m sorry but that might be the worst pencils I have ever seen for a cover. What does it have to do with the summary? Logan’s claws are like 2ft long…..yuck

  2. Oh cool, maybe I’ll check out this new Wolv-

  3. @TNC – hey, did u read Weapon X #2 ? One part logan has like 15 claws per hand. Another point hes standing around doing a toast at a bar and hes taller than everyone by a foot. And now, apparently they have abandoned that canadian fad (which i knew would never catch on) and are going for a more oriental feel for the character.

  4. I think I will pass on this. Wolverine seems to be a little over used right now for my taste.

  5. How many books is wolverine on now with this 10???12???more?

  6. Is this a one-shot or a new ongoing?

  7. man this was baller, picked it up on a whim

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