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It’s been nearly a year since crime novelist Victor Gischler’s first Marvel comic was released, “Punisher Max Special: Little Black Box”. I enjoyed that one shot so much it actually led me to seek out some of Gischler’s novels, “Gun Monkey” and “Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse” which were also quite good. So, when I noticed he had a Wolverine one shot out I had to pick it up. “Wolverine Revolver” was written perfectly, however the art was a disappointment. In fact, the story was so fun and in the character of Wolverine this could very well been my pick of the week with a different artist. I hope Gischler gets paired with a better artist for his upcoming Punisher Max arc and new Deadpool series.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. Good review.

    If the art didnt look so shitty for this then I would love to try this out. Since, like you said, Gischler is doing the next Punisher MAX arc and Deadpool. But the art….blah 😛

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