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Victor Gischler has went from an unknown to once a month read for me. Never heard of the man six months ago; but now I read his arc on Punisher MAX, Deadpool, and now this current one-shot. I can say one thing about this one shot: Don’t judge this by the cover. I did that and I’m sure many people did just looking at this ‘shocking’ peice of art. Considering the cover artist is the interior artist, I was not looking forward to this. Then I opened the comic:

Suprise, suprise! This was actually a good looking comic….for the most part. It’s a nice painted look with Das Pastoras and his style gets easy to look at once you get deep into it. What I should state is that Logan looks absolutely terrifying with his hair in this. Sure his hair has gone wild at points, but it looks like he’s the bride of Frankenstein at points. With the characters itself (more so on the faces), I really like what I saw. Very realistic but somehow he made it a little bit cartoony to make it not so photo realistic. Background are amazing especially when we get into the open landscapes of Nevada. Another con though is that once this blue monster reveals itself….it’s really hard not to see how ridiculous this thing looks. It got distracting to look at this thing and him bleeding glue doesn’t help much either.

As with the story for this one-shot; ‘Meh’ is a good key word for this. It starts off well enough with Logan participating in a russian roulette gambling ring. Once Logan takes care of the monster and drives through Nevada, that’s where I think Gischler lost a lot of steam. This really ended suddenly and I was left with ‘Where’s the rest of this story?’ type of feeling. No real big moral or message with this. Just Logan beating the shit out of a monster. That might sound intriguing for most Wolverine fans. But for me, it left me pretty hallow.

I can’t stress on how bad this cover looks. But once you go into this and look at the art; Pastoras’s art is pretty good to look at. It’s just a shame that the story is pretty lean and leaves no really meaning at the end. In the end this is just another Wolverine comic for Marvel to make money off of. At least you got something nice to look at while reading this shallow Wolverine story.

Now I wonder why I hate ‘Old Man Logan’ so much when it’s almost the exact same way like this one-shot?

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Great cover!

  2. Are you being serious?

    I can’t tell anymore when it comes between us. lol

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