• Things get worse!

• Wolverine & Kid Omega go to an intergalactic casino to win enough money to keep the Jean Grey School going!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Nick Bradshaw, Walden Wong, Jay Leisten, Norman Lee, & Cam Smith
Colors by Justin Ponsor & Matthew Wilson
Letters by Rob Steen
Cover by Nick Bradshaw & Morry Hollowell

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 14.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Looks like Wolverine has won out over Cyclops at least on my end. Last issue of Uncanny made me drop it and last issue of Wolvie made me part of this title. Seen the preview to this and I must say the artwork is pretty damn good and I hope they can scam the money from the aleins and Kid Omega and Wolvie don’t get busted. Which; you and I already know thats where this is going and let the all out brawl begin.


  2. Didn’t issue 5 come out just last week?

  3. warning flag: 5 artists!

    Hopefully it won’t derail my love for this book

  4. love this book, it’s not had a bad issue yet.

  5. Honestly Bradshaw saved this series for me. I hope he sticks around for a while. I could have enjoyed the first 3 issues so much more if bachello didn’t draw it.

    • Wa………..what?
      You don’t like Chris Bachalo?

    • No sir, not at all. His forearms bigger than bodies style just isn’t to my liking. His work just reminds me of something a middle schooler would draw in art class. I love the new hellfire club to but those first 3 issues were painful.
      I hope Bradshaw sticks for a while. He’s not my favorite but at least i can really enjoy the book now and not mind dropping 4 bucks on it.

    • You have good points. His art definitely isn’t for everyone, I just love the uniqueness thats tied to it. It just has this general affect to it that makes everything seem like it’s got a reason for being there, like everything on the page has a purpose I suppose. Not to mention the characters just have a great energy.

    • yeah, i’m with TheRealVenom on this one. I really dont like bachalo at all.

  6. Dare I say best Marvel book out right now? I think I dare.

    • I think you’re right. Be before this I would have easily said Fantastic Four but in 5 short issues this has jumped to the very top of my Marvel stack.

    • Fantastic Four is my second favorite as well. Journey Into Mystery, Daredevil and X-Factor round out my Marvel top 5.

    • I agree on the top two. Then i’d say Ultimate Ultimates(despite the title), Ff, and Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha and Omega. Honestly I’m not reading that many Marvel titles right now…

    • I’m one of those who refuse to acknowledge Fantastic Four and FF as separate books. To me its a bi-weekly series which drops “antastic” and “our” every other issue to save on lettering costs.

  7. I have struggled to get back into an -book. The last one’s I really enjoyed were the Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon runs. Whenver I looked at what was happening in the x-books I was always put off by the maze of events and new characters. I decided to give Wolverine and the X-Men a shot because it was a new title and by Jason Aaron. Boy am I enjoying the heck out of this! It’s such a fun, light hearted titled. It may not feature the x-men I know, but I am really digging the new characters and fun story telling!

  8. I subscribed to both Uncanny and Adjectiveless, in this year of AvX, to save some cash.

    The main thing keeping this on my LCS pull list is Jason Aaron. The price isn’t helping.

    I’m officially over 4-dollar Architect titles at retail. Not that I pay retail. Ever. Well, sometimes. Still…

    This title is teetering on the budgetary brink. Is it worth the drive to the store?


  9. I can’t wait till Bachalo comes back to this book Bradshaw just doesn’t do it for me, the way he draws women is repulsive and wolverine looks like a baby. I do enjoy his backgrounds though so maybe he could stay and draw those in place of bachalo’s photoshopped photo back drops

  10. This issue had me at “Lurg The Living Casino.” I loved this issue of Wolverine and the X-Men! Pick of the week!

  11. I missed #3 so I’ve been waiting for a reprint of that to come in. I got that today along with this issue. After reading the last three issues of WatX in a row it’s safe to say it’s still awesome. The cast is great. The only other comic that makes me laugh out loud this consistently is Chew. There are times when every single panel will get a laugh for a couple pages. Nick Bradshaw is a great choice on art.

  12. This issue was amazing. I mean I’ve liked this series before, but not as much as a lot of other people. But now I am completely invested. This issue was just that awesome. Best issue so far.

  13. Kid Gladiator’s line about Kitty’s hard made me literally laugh out loud. I can’t remember that last time that’s happened. POTW!

    Between this, Legacy and New Mutants, it’s a great week to be an X-Men fan!

    • Wich is the best X-book right now i need to cut my list i can keep maybe two X-books so i need to make a choice

    • It depends on what you like, but I think popular opinion on this site would say Wolverine and the x-men and Uncanny x-force are the two “best” X-books going right now.

      But depending on your specific tastes, I think X-men legacy and New Mutants are strong books, I continue to hear the x-factor is strong, and while Uncanny isn’t totally amazing at the moment it’s far from the worst book on the stands and is packed with pretty epic action smashies.

  14. Interesting that Marvel has 3 comics in the Top Five by pulls on iFanboy, and 5 comics in the Top Ten.

    • Why is this interesting?

    • 5 comics in the top 10, makes it 50/50 mate

    • I agree it’s interesting. Since DC launched the New 52 they have dominated the top pulls. Batman, Batman & Robin, Detective, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Action, JLA have all regularly had near if not well over 1000 pulls a week. Nice to see Marvel making a comeback.

    • JesseG: I guess you haven’t been following the news, but DC had been leading sales in the Top Books category, while Marvel had been leading in the Dollar Share category.

      Although iFanboy’s readership is but a small corner of the Internet comic book community, it is interesting that even in this small sampling, Marvel has books topping the Most Pulls list again.

      Especially considering many of the comments made about Marvel on this very site when the January numbers were announced.


    • @player1: Marvel never stopped having books top the pull list. Their popular books remain popular. This particular week happens to see a bunch of their more popular books (around here) released.

    • Conor: So stipulated.

      I hadn’t noticed any Marvel books on top of the list lately, and my rather unscientific weekly glance at the Most Pulls list has shown quite a bit of DC on top recently.

      Also, with some of the comments that accompanied the January sales figures, I thought it interesting that DC should slip so much in one month. I guess Marvel isn’t going belly-up, I guess DC doesn’t always publish the “best books” and I guess the reboot’s effects are starting to be lessened, if not completely nullified by Marvel’s response (double-shipping, more trial balloon series, etc.). As you said, it depends on who releases what on any given Wednesday.

      Again, this is more in response to the naysayers, Marvel-haters and Chicken Littles out there. Both companies produce a viable product. From time to time, one or the other will be atop the charts. Neither is more inherently evil than the other. And I guess a $3.99 book can do as well as a $2.99 book.

      As I said: Interesting.


  15. Such a good book

  16. I love Kid Gladiator dishing out heartburn.

  17. Good stuff. It’s still early in the year, but Broo may very well end up being my favorite new character of 2012. Can’t wait to learn more about him.

    Anybody know who this Brood Wrangler is? New guy? Old guy? New version of an old guy? Help me out.

  18. Jason Aarons scripts are filled to to the top with so many awesome one liners.
    It’s purely awesome.
    Purrrrrrreeeeeeeeeellllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome.

  19. Son of a B#tch!! Again they forgot to put pull this title for me, now I gotta go back to the shop and get it. Well I guess thats kinda good I have read all of my other books for this week before Friday, that is a rare for me. It sounds like it was a really good read this week and I am kinda curious now on what is going on with Kitty’s PG issue? Check back tonight after I give it a read.


  20. Well I finally got a copy of this on Friday and read it Sunday. It has taken me way too long to read this and I have to say it was one of the better books for this week. I would really have liked to see the explanation of how those Brood got inside Kitty or did I miss it earlier in the series? The casino with Wolverine and the kid were pretty fun, so the worm died because there was too much telepathic powers going on or did they get a bad worm? I gave this issue a 4 and Wolverine and The X-Man are now my official X-Book from here on out!!


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