• Kitty Pryde is pregnant?!?

• A billion Brood?!?

• How could things get worse?

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Nick Bradshaw
Cover by Nick Bradshaw

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 28.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. the best superhero comic out right now

  2. Curious to see what the twist is with Kitty being pregnant…I mean, there has to be one in this case.

  3. Well lets see what this whole pregnancy thing is about? That little brood got her PG some how? She is really the Queen of the Brood now?
    This is not a bad title and right now I am leaning towards this and dropping Cyclop’s X-men. It can be only one with the budget tightenting now so this month I will need to pick one X-Book.


  4. Not to be the turd in the punch bowl but I actually dropped this series. The story is OK, a bit light for me, but what killed it was the lazy art/color in that every sky shot is just a pasted stock photo and reused through multiple issues then a new stock photo sky for an issue or two. It is just lazy and the main characters or main focus of each panel itself is wonderfully detailed but slowly the backgrounds and other details have been dropping away issue by issue. I just can’t support it at $3.99.

    • There’s actually been a new artist since last issue. I personally really enjoy Bachalo’s art but it is definitely an acquired taste. Bradshaw brings a much more traditional feel to the art.

  5. Best Marvel book out now. But UXF is a close second.

  6. This title is iffy for me.

    We’ll see…

  7. What is with artists and/or creators loving hentai? Not only does that cover freak me out but it gives a really wrong message if you don’t understand the context. Even in context it still is wrong to look at.

  8. This comic is fun all around, that’s good enough for me.

  9. Never been an xmen fan. (Avengers all the way)Never read an xmen comic. At first the only reason why I picked up issue 1 was because I love Chris Bachalo, every thing I see him work on is amazing. So when issue 3 wraped up I told myself that’s it, no more xmen. (even though I found myself really liking the characters) But with issue 4 even though Bachalo was gone, it was still a 10 for me. Jason Aaron really is an amazing writer, and I can’t wait to see what happens to the teenagers attending the school. There isn’t a single one of them I don’t enjoy, from Broo to quiere. As long as the Aaron keeps a focus on the atendess of the JGS and not so much of there headmaster (he’s got his own book) Bachalo or no Bachalo I now consider myself to be a huge fan!
    “HA! I’ll take it either way!”-Kid Gladiator

  10. I love this book, but $3.99 with that dumb shit banner… I might just get the hc. Marvel, as a business, makes me sick.

  11. Well I forgot to pull this again, I am going to try and get to the store today so I am not a week late in reading it again.


  12. Good issue, reminds me of the old fun X-Men days.

  13. This was a blast! Because of this series I went and bought all of Morrison’s New X-Men run on ComiXology and now reading through them since a ton of the characters in this came from or were developed in his run apparently. Great stuff 5/5!

  14. Kid Gladiator rules!

  15. What impresses me the most about this series is how all the characters somehow are present (with dialogue included!) without making it feel forced. Well done.

  16. this whole issue could been in best panels of the week

  17. This was tons of fun. Again. Between some of my all time favorites, the dangling threads from UXF, and new additions like Broo and Kid Gladiator, Aaron’s assembled quite a terrific cast. Reminds me of the old days when Xavier’s was a school first, super team second. Haven’t had that since Millar’s Ultimate X-Men. It’s great.

    Bradshaw’s a talented artist, no doubt about it. I can see why he was chosen. His style fits the kids perfectly. But his adults bother me. Wolverine should never look quite so cherubic. Love his Beast though. I can live with it.

    4/5. POTW (albeit in a rather mediocre week)

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