• Kid Gladiator goes after the Avengers single-handedly!

• The X-Men from Wolverine’s school see the events of AVX and have a choice to make…

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo
Cover by Nick Bradshaw

Price: $3.99
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  1. But I’m not ready to read AvX yet!

  2. I totally love this book when Bachalo draws it. Just kinda love it with Bradshaw.

  3. Bachalos back early!!!

    • lol whenever i see Bachalo on the cover it makes me not want to read it, but the storys so awesome, so i push through the clutttered mess of art and wait until Bradshws back

  4. This book has been steadily improving during AVX. I hope it continues that way with this issue.

  5. This series is great even through all of the AvX stuff. But I am so ready for September to come so we can have stories that are not involved with this event.

    • Me too, but we really don’t know what the post-AVX Marvel line-up looks like just yet… it’s entirely possible this book won’t exist after September. That’s not what I’m hoping for, but there are lots of intriguing rumors floating around right now!

  6. This is the best part of AVX, this issue was the best of AVX so far. I am only reading the main mini AVX so i can’t talk for VS or the others but this was great. Bachalo is great, i always liked him but in the past i found his panels too busy and a little claustrophobic but his stuff in this title has been great and getting better.

    • I feel the same way about the art. In theory, I’ve always loved Bachalo’s art, but recently it’s been giving me a lot of eye fatigue. This issue didn’t do that.

  7. BACHALO!! What a pleasant surprise. Loved this issue. It’s between this and Batman Inc. for my POTW. Bachalo makes these grand smack-downs so fucking exciting, and to see him play with the Avengers was a treat. I like Bradshaw a lot, but this title just feels right when it’s Bachalo’s turn.

    Nice to see some focus on Rachel during all this Phoenix nonsense. I was happy she made the choice that she did. Aaron’s doing a phenomenal job of tying this in without sequestering those of us who aren’t reading AvX. I feel like I’m getting all I need to know between this and Uncanny.

    “See, that’s the thing, Kid. It ain’t supposed to be fun. Guess your daddy never taught you that. … You should’ve stayed in school.” Has anyone ever written Wolverine better than Jason Aaron?

  8. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Bachalo! Crack past the cover and you get to look Rachel Grey dead in the eye… yeah, that’s the stuff. Comix junk!

  9. Am I the only one that doesn’t like Bachalo’s art? He has no business trying to draw Logan and Beast just looks like a blue teddy bear, but I love the way he draws Cap. Stick him on Captain America and bring back Bradshaw. I LOVED THAT ARC WITH BROO!

  10. I don’t even know what to do with this book anymore.
    When Bradshaw is drawing and there no no shitty tie in, its a stellar 5 star book.
    When Bachalo is on i can’t even make it through 4 or 5 pages before putting this back in the bag and throwing it in the long box. I don’t think i’ve rated a bachalo drawn book more than 2 stars yet.

    Quite a pickle. half the time its amazing, the other half its birdcage liner.

    • See, I’m the exact opposite. Well, not exactly. I think Bradshaw’s ok. I am not a fan of his anime faces. But he’s good otherwise. But when Bachalo is on the book, it leaps to a whole different level. I’m not even a huge Bachalo fan. Had some serious issues with some of his past work. But this has been incredible, IMO.

  11. This is always fun to read, whether it’s Bradshaw or Bachalo. May not always be my pick of the week, but it’s always the book I read first.

  12. I like both artists but I’m ready for AvX and all crossovers to leave my titles alone. Forever.

  13. Wow! Bachalo killed it in this issue!

    The only thing that kept it from being amazing was the 4 different linkers giving an ever so slight inconsistency. Not that any of it was bad at all. Just some better than others. Whoever inked the pages with Rachel and Hope should ink Bachalo always. Those were some striking pages.

  14. This and Daredevil are money well-spent and comics from Marvel (with the occasional Amazing Spider-Man) worth reading. My only gripe is when they are participating in another stupid crossover stunting momentum in the title’s progression.

  15. Every Bachalo issue results in the same debate over his art – amazing

    I think this is the sign of a true artist – he has such a strong and individual style that it is not to everyone’s taste – a classic love it or hate it experience.

    As an artist I think the worst response you can hear is “it’s OK …”

    Love him or hate you can’t deny that the guy makes an impact – as polarizing as that may be to the iFanbase

  16. Loved the spotlight issue on Rachel Grey; she is a great character and often underappreciated. Who would have thought that she would end up as a hound again thanks to daddy dearest? Speaking of, it is clear by now that Cyclops and his ilk are nuts, which kind of sucks for the x-men because now they are the bad guys, or the naive ones, or the losers in this fight. Aaron has done a great job writing the tie-ins.

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