• Cyclops comes to the Jean Grey School!

• Will Wolverine’s X-Men join Cyclops against the Avengers?


Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Nick Bradshaw & Walden Wong
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Cover by Nick Bradshaw & Marte Gracia

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.4%


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  1. I wanna see Bobby Drake kick some major ass.

    Ross needs to be taken down a peg.

  2. Bradshaw is back!!!!!!

  3. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I started reading this series because of AVX and I plan on sticking around because of the continuity with Uncanny X-Force. While I haven’t had an opportunity to become attached yet to any of the students at Jean Grey, I’m already in love with the eccentric campus. I hope the kids are ready for a battle with the Death Commandos.

  4. The solicit is partially from the last issue. Weird.

    • Correct solicit:

      AVX TIE-IN!

      • Kid Gladiator goes after the Avengers single-handedly!

      • The X-Men from Wolverine’s school see the events of AVX and have a choice to make…

  5. Carp… Now I have to take back my “Why is Wolverine such a D-bag in AvsX?” Damn you Marvel. lmao.

    • Also, I never thought I’d say this, but Iceman’s kind of AWESOME!

    • I’m also really glad that this fleshed out Wolverine’s behavior in AVX 4, but then it makes me wonder if this is the best use of a tie-in.

      It seemed like many folks read AVX 4, got annoyed at Wolverine’s apparent about-face (among other things), and said “Bah! Who are these characters? I’m done with this event, screw you Marvel”. As they do.

      But had this issue shipped the same week as AVX 4, or had there been some way to give Wolverine’s change of heart a bit more screen time in AVX 4 (I’m not sure there was), Marvel might have been able to keep those readers on board.

      That said, sales of this title probably track closely with the main AVX title, so maybe Marvel can assume that most AVX readers are also WATXM readers.

      All in all, the events of this issue seemed kind of crucial to understanding the character development in the main story, and I’d imagine that has an effect on a reader who is only reading the main series.

    • I was thinking the same thing. But I’m sure the X-Men readers are glad this story came out. But for those who are Avenger reads might miss out on his behavior. Then again, the Avenger reads might want to know whats going on with Wolverine as well. Wolverine is on to many teams. It just hurts to think how he can be in so many places at once.

  6. I really enjoyed this issue.

  7. Great issue! “No watching X-Men battles in class” 🙂

  8. This title and Secret Avengers were much better before AVX stole their plot line. Two of Marvels best writers right now are forced to take a break from their great stories. These books have been good but before they were great. I am enjoying AVX for what it is but wish it would leave my other books alone 🙂

    • I understand the sentiment, but I don’t think it’s realistic when the event is about the Avengers vs the X-Men.

      Since Jason Aaron has been involved in both AVX and WATXM from their inceptions, I’m not sure you can make a case for him being “forced to take a break” — presumably, he knew the score when he signed on to both books and has been building his arc accordingly.

      It would be far worse if AVX was happening and no one in WATXM acknowledged it — Wolverine and Beast are involved in both teams, so they can’t sit it out. Rachel is a former Phoenix avatar, so you can’t keep her on the sidelines. And many of the JGS students are connected to Hope, so they have a unique position too (will the Avengers come to take ME away some day?).

  9. I have come to realize that my problem with this series is neither the humorous theme nor even Wolverine’s continuous overexposition. It’s Chris Bachalo’s art; I can’t stand it, it is just too convoluted and it’s like he tries too hard. I thought that issue #11 was very nice and Nick Bradshaw’s characters looked cute LOL.

    Please check my mini-review here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  10. I said I would be a harder critic and I am, I gave this issue a 2 and thats all. The artwork was pretty good and I get the idea of whats going on with the crossovers and all, I just got lost at a few battles like they were just forced and then jumped from one to another just like that. Not a very good issue however; it was still readable.


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