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Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Nick Bradshaw & Walden Wong
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Cover by Nick Bradshaw & Marte Gracia

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

How much would you like it if Nick Bradshaw was he penciler for Avengers vs. X-Men instead of Kubert? Bradshaw’s art is worth the $4 and for those that prefer action than story you’ll get just that. This iisue takes place before Hope and Wolverine steal a rocket ship from A.I.M. This part of the story I didn’t really care about, but there was an awesome panel where the X-Jet (not sure that’s what it’s called) is shot down and Wolverine’s hand and part of his jaw is burned off and you get a good look at his adamantium skeleton. What I did care about was the other segment that involved Iceman, Angel and Rachel Grey fighting Hawkeye, Iron Fist and Red Hulk. Unfortunately these were only a few panels long all together. If there would have been more panels with Bobby and Rachel fighting the Avengers this issue would have been great, but there was too much of what I didn’t really care about. One thing though; is it just me or is Rachel Grey’s hair getting shorter and shorter? Also, how hard is it to see Wolverine in full costume in a X-Men book? He rarely wears it in Wolverine, and in this he has it on for a few pages, but the mask is burned off.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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