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  1. It feels like it’s been a couple of months since the last one, and we’re only halfway through?  Good thing this has been… good.

  2. Yeah, its been a long time.  The price to pay for having McNiven on it.  I’m ok with the lateness though, I have plenty of other books to keep me happy 🙂

    P.S. Crazy excited to get this issue!!

  3. Why was there a wait?  Also was it bad that I did not realize it was a long wait between the issues

  4. Is this still holding up?  I’m not the hugest Millar fan by any measure, but it sounds cool enough that I’m pretty sure I’ll try it in trade.

  5. @JonSamuelson – Yes, it is.  It’s fantastic.

  6. I can also handle lateness when the issues have been UBER fantastic. McNiven is coming close to be my favorite artist and the Marvel porn that is in this book is too much for words.

    Hears to more Raptor eating!

  7. @cyberauron-McNiven’s art takes him a while.  It’s no surprise really.  Just looking at it makes my hand hurt!!

  8. Marvel Porn, haha.

  9. A while back on Word Balloon, Bendis was talking about inserting reverse easter eggs into his interactions with Wolverine and Hawkeye. he was going to just look for anything that the two of them talk about and reverse-engineer it as a callback. Anyone who’s been reading closer than I’ve been notice any of this, or was he just giving Millar a hard time, like hw always does?

  10. I doubt its McNiven alone making this late. All of Millar’s books have had delays (except 1985, which I will sorely miss).

  11. I can’t decide what I should drop, this, or Captain Britain.  It sucks because I enjoy both of them.

  12. @J4K3-His other artist are Hitch and JRJR and Tony Harris, all of which are also known for taking longer on their pencils; plus JRJR was working on Spider-man.  Millar has already stated that all his scripts are turned in for all the Marvel work he is doing this year, except for Ultimate Avengers, which hasn’t launched yet.  AND…Hitch stated a while back on the Millarworld boards that the pencils for FF were taking him a little longer to finish than he would like.

  13. @Kory-Don’t drop either!!!!  This one will be done in another 5 issues or so, you can drop it then 🙂  Plus if it keeps this schedule you’ll only be buying one issue per quarter!

  14. @Kory do not drop any. If its this week skip Old Man Logan. There is going to be a dozen printings in between this one and the next one

  15. So  you can save money this week and pick up old man logan next time

  16. I’m in a bind because I have to drop at least 5 titles from my pull list because I simple can’t afford all of them anymore.  It sucks because of the 20 books I read a month, I enjoy pretty much all of them.

  17. I’ve really been loving this run. It takes two of favorite Marvel characters and throws them into one of my favorite genres (post-apocalyptic).

    Great Concept. Great Story. AMAZING Art.

  18. @drakedangerz – I don’t know where you are getting your info, but John Romita Jr. is widely known as one of the fastest artists in comics.  He can handle two books a month if he wants to.

  19. @Connor-OK my bad about JRJR, but the other artist are well-known for taking longer on projects.  As for the rest of my info, I got it from interviews with Millar and his website.

  20. How long do I have to wait for the trade?

  21. does mark millar ever sleep?

  22. @sleeperhit – If the rest of the issues come out on time, at least five months.

  23. @conor – That is a big "if", given the track record.  In other words, sleeperhit, don’t hold your breath.

  24. if the first couple issues are any indication, the trade will be worth the wait.

  25. @robertorex

    he must, cuz where’s War Heroes #3?

  26. i waited all that time for that. talk about a transistion issue

  27. These stories have been reading fast, but I don’t mean that as a criticism.  This was a very fun comic to read, with amazing art, and it left me wanting more!  Every time I see Wolverine on the confirmed ship list now I get excited, and I actually read this one in the parking lot (before heading back to work).  And it delivered again, as far as I’m concerned.

  28. Yeah, this did read pretty fast… I’m just thinking about how absolutely butter-smooth this will read in trade. I’m enjoying every issue, though. This wasn’t the strongest of them but certainly had a few of those little jaw-dropping moments.

  29. Are there only 2 more issues?

  30. @cutty – This was part 4 of 8

  31. I’m torn on who should win artist of the year. The art in this gets better and better! That huge layout when they are driving in South Dakota…it looked like actual scenery.

    Gary Frank? Steve McNiven? Gary Frank? Steve McNiven? Oh I cant choose!

  32. Loki’s bones crushed under the Baxter Building? Fuck me in the goat-ass! Nice work, gents.

  33. I laughed so hard with that Loki scene.  Great issue!  Can’t wait for the next one

  34. @Champion – I’ve gotta go with Coipel and Laura Martin on Thor.  But Frank and McNiven are right up there

  35. @Cutty-Ottley and FCO on Invincible for me.  But McNiven and Reis are up at the tip top for me.

  36. The question is how many references can we make to how many corners of the Marvel U. Spider car Spider car does whatever spiderman can!

    I have to say when they got to the final page I screemed nooooo you can’t stop now. 


    Loving the arc. Pure goodness

  37. Speaking of the Spider Car, is this thing freaking indestructable, or what? I mean, seriously, how much damage from falls can this thing take, not to mention the passengers that are riding within it. I understand that Logan can regenerate, but how can an elderly Hawkeye sustain the jaring impact of a fall potenitally thousands of feet deep when the car lands upside down in a crater? No problem, just flip it over and keep on driving. Hmmm….

  38. Hows this been so far? It sounds really good. Though, I wasn’t that big a fan of Millar’s first run on Wolvie and I’m finding it hard to enjoy any Marvel comic that isn’t Ult.Spider-Man or have Jeff Parker’s or Ed Brubaker’s name on it.

  39. I enjoyed the Mt. Rushmore page.

  40. @Kory – That page was phenomenal.  I guess they are assuming Obama won’t be added to the Mount.  I have gotten the impression from many that they should have already started working on adding him. 

    (Not trying to start any kind of polical discussion or state that one party is better than the other [they both suck], just trying to make a joke.)

  41. You know for a land ‘dominated’ by super villains, it sure is in dispair.

    I mean I really see no other ways of seeing the villains have won other then the mentioned Mt. Rushmore page. Kingpin wasnt really that big of a leader and the Hulk area isnt much of a threat either. So either the Dr. Doom areas and the Osborune land are the heart of the new America.

  42. That’s the whole point.  The villains aren’t gonna set up an organized government

  43. Yeah, the fact is that they finally "took over the world" and the realization that most of them are not fit to rule over other people.  Thats why their respective territories are in shambles; the fact that these guys are not leaders.  Perhaps the rest of the U.S. will be run more effeciently, but who knows

  44. I agree, villains aren’t going to be consumed with setting up a functional government.  All they want is the power & money that comes with ruling the world.  And the chicks, can’t forget about the chicks.

  45. Spider Girl is HoT!   THe previous issue when she takes out the new Kingpin with the shotgun instantly made me want to get all the installments and the Trade (that trade is going to be a MUST HAVE!)

  46. @Kory, Drake, cutty: Yeah but isnt Doom and Osbourne suppose to be competant leaders? Hell I know they are megalomanics and they practically slave anyone they work with (or in Doom’s case the people)….but I would imagine they have some sense of leadership and control. Dr. Doom can control an entire country and in Emperor Doom he ran America pretty well (he just got annoyed by the paper lol). So we havent seen those areas yet, I’m at least guessing that area of this U.S. is better then what we’ve seen so far.

  47. @TheNextChampion-I’m assuming that, at the very least, Doom’s part will be pretty advanced.  He has already shown that he could rule is own country with an iron fist, so I’m sure he will be ok.  But you never know.  Might not even be the original Doom, just like that wasn’t the original Kingpin.  Doom and Osbourne could be dead for all we know.  Like I said, I’m just waiting to see what Millar has up his sleeve

  48. @WinTheWonderboy

     I agree about Millar’s first run on Wolverine.. I absolutley hated it… This is soooo much better 🙂

  49. I thought that Millar’s first run on Wolverine (Enemy of the State, Wolverine #20-25) was a powerful story with great John Romita Jr art and some very well written scenes.  Overall I felt that Millar made Wolverine WAY too powerful and the story – as a Wolverine story – really rubbed me the wrong way.  I think one reason that this has been more enjoyable for me is because it takes place outside of normal continuity so I’m not as touchy about characterizations that might not be what I was expecting and I can just relax and enjoy the story.

  50. I thought Enemy of the State was an awesome ride.  Tons of action, explosions, blood, and NINJAS!!  That being said, it was basically a summer blockbuster movie.  So yeah it was fun to read, but left me wanting more in terms of story.

    This story, I feel, has more meat on it.  And in the end, will give us far more insight into the character.

  51. Old Man Logan and 1985 have been the most fun marvel stories this year.

  52. I LOVED Enemy of the State.  It was one of the first thing I read after coming back to comics after about a 15 year layoff, and I read the entire trade in one sitting

  53. who wants to bet me Logan killed a whole lot of people at once, villians, x-men, normal people and that’s why he went into exile?

  54. Who wants to bet me that #70 doesn’t ship till 2009?

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