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This issue suffered a little bit from being part 4 in an 8 part story. It was full of action but felt short and left me wanting more story. But you cant fault a book for leaving you wanting more.

Simply put, if you aren’t reading Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan storyline, you hate Marvel comics. The story runs through Wolverine #66-73 but this isn’t just a Wolverine story. It’s a post-apocalyptic thrill ride that has something for just about any fan of the Marvel U. Wolverine and Hawkeye take center stage as they trek across the former USA, now carved up into territories governed by various villains. But Old Man Logan has big implications for Spider-Man fans as well, assuming this future vision has any connection to present-day 616. In any case it’s a great story with beautiful art by the team that brought you Civil War.

Still on the fence? Two words … “Spider-Buggy”!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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